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In 1941, German engineer Konrad Zuse created the first computing machine Z3, which has most of the characteristics present in modern computer. The main difference from previous designs was the possibility of programming. Came the era of computers.

History of computer games

Although computational machines were created primarily for use in military and scientific fields, people almost immediately thinking about how to adapt them for entertainment purposes. And now, 10 years later, in 1951, the UK was presented to the computer, created for the game "Him". Thus, the game "Nim" became the ancestor of the whole direction in programming. In 1969 it was performed the connection of two remote computers over the network: that was the birth of the Internet. Since the 90-ies of the past twentieth century has seen the most rapid growth in the popularity of the world wide web, and now, in 1996, launched the alpha version of the first truly successful online game "Ultima online". In 2009 the Belarusian company Wargaming began testing, and in August 2010 released the official release of the game called World of tanks, in English - “World of tanks” quickly became popular in the former Soviet Union and around the globe.

premium account world of tanks

Briefly about the game

WoT (World of tanks) allows the user to experience in combat armored vehicles of the early-mid twentieth century. While the performance characteristics of these tanks as close as possible to the original. The game uses not only the actually existing instances of technology, but also experimental models, some not even embodied in the metal. There is a constant development of the game, new modes of fighting, appliances, held a variety of events. Tankers who are interested to fight alone, you can try a platoon and company battles, and to join the clan. This game is free, but for a more comfortable pumping equipment, crew and accumulation of credits stipulated premium account World of tanks purchased for real money. The cost of this service is tied to the dollar, but you can pay in any currency.


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Premium account World of tanks

world of tanks free premium

For those who want to invest money in your game account and thereby increase the effectiveness of their fighting may be advisable to buy game gold. Him purchased a premium account on World of tanks for a period of from one day to one year, which allows the results of battles to fifty percent more gaming experience and credits. If you consider that the cost of ammunition, equipment and repair of tanks remain the same, the yield of the fighting increases significantly. It should also be noted the possibility of obtaining prizes in special promotions that holds World of tanks free premium, premium tanks, additional equipment — here is a partial list of what you can win by doing certain tasks. And the prize for winning the competitions, announced on the official website of WoT, and often the game gold. For example, in 2013, in connection with the fifteenth anniversary of the company «Vargeyming” was played free premium account World of tanks for a period of 15 years.

Tanks for the farm

premium tanks world of tanks

Talking about the possibilities of more rapid earnings (farm) in WoT, mention should be made of special premium tanks World of tanks. The advantage of these machines is that they have a higher yield, as well as the ability to transfer crew from other vehicles of the appropriate class and nation without penalty. This allows you to earn in-game currency, at the same time pumping experience of crew members from other tanks. There are premium cars of different classes, levels, and Nations. Their special feature is that the characteristics of these tanks a bit not up to the characteristics of the pump machinery at the appropriate level. The reason for this is the company's policy is “Vargeyming”, which is that for the money it was impossible to purchase equipment in excess of that obtained through the game. Those who do not want to invest in the game your money can buy a premium car, participating in numerous actions of the company. For example, in December 2013-January 2014, had the opportunity to earn a premium Soviet heavy tank is-6, and in may 2014 — the average American Т26Е4 "Super Pershing”.

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