Hotel "Ulusoy Kemer holiday club" (Turkey, Kemer): description, services, reviews. Ulusoy Kemer Holiday Club 5*


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Kemer is a large entertainment center in Turkey which is visited every year by tourists from different parts of the world. The prices here are relatively low, but the level of service pleasantly pleased. There is a lot of great hotels are always happy to welcome tourists. One of them - "Ulusoy Kemer holiday club".


This hotel is located on the seafront, close to the centre of the small settlement Geynuk. The bustling Central part of Kemer from here literally 20 minutes drive away it is 7 km away. As for the nodes of the interchange, the nearest airport is 45 kilometers from "Ulusoy Kemer", and you can reach it on one of the hotel comfortable bus.

As for the weather in this part of the coast of the Mediterranean sea not too hot, guests can enjoy a milder air masses of the Mediterranean temperature. Here throughout the holiday period, there is a huge number of Sunny days, which also pleases tourists - they often mention in their reviews about the rest.hotel Ulusoy Kemer Turkey

General information

"Ulusoy Kemer holiday club" - the hotel is quite large not only on its territory, covering an area of nearly 43,000 square meters, but also by the number of rooms in the Fund. It was built in 1989 and since then it has been made a number of different reconstructions of the whole site in General, and some parts of the buildings. At the moment his body in the form of bungalows are beautiful buildings that can attract the attention of tourists.


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All available at "Ulusoy Kemer" the apartment is located in a small Bungalow, which are built on one, two and three stories. Each of them has a separate room or set of such. In total, the hotel is the attention of tourists with 465 apartments of different categories: "economy", "standard", "family" and "Suite".

All apartments have a private bathroom, equipped with everything you need to maintain the state of cleanliness of the entire body. It also has additional furniture intended for storing bath accessories, robes and towels which is provided to each tourist.

The apartments have personal air conditioners installed in each room separately.Ulusoy Kemer holiday club


The Rooms of "economy" is provided at the hotel 40. Each of them is in one room designed for couples. In total, its area is small - only 12 to 14 sq. m.

Given the minimal quadrature is a furniture set which consists of a double bed a bright colors, pair of hanging shelves near the bed and a small wardrobe in which to lay the brought things. If you want, here you can watch the TV that is connected to the system satellite broadcasting.

Tourists who stay in these apartments, note that you can have a great time together, being, for example, in the wedding journey. Seasoned tourists say that the Windows of these rooms you can admire the beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea.


Rooms of "standard" is also designed to check a couple of guests, but they, unlike the previously rassmotreni the category are more space - about 20 sqm. it also has a large French bed, pair of nightstands and a wardrobe. In such apartments also feature a balcony and some with outdoor terrace where you can sunbathe. If desired, these apartments can accommodate two children in their Teens - they are completely free to establish places to sleep.


This group of rooms intended for occupancy of four guests, among whom may be children. Total area of 32 square meters divided into two rooms, each of which consists of a bedroom with a large bed, a couple cabinets for small items and a large wardrobe closet. In all rooms there is a large TV with satellite broadcasting. If necessary, guests of these apartments can use the electronic safe, telephone and Minibar, the range of which is updated every day with cool soft drinks.

The Hotel in their reviews about the "Ulusoy Kemer" (Turkey) noted that these apartments have access to the garden during the whole year is full of tropical flowers, which undoubtedly pleases the eye.hotel Ulusoy Kemer


Apartment Suite offer terms superior. They are presented in quite a large area - 42 sq. m, which is also divided into two rooms, one of which is living area and the second area.

In the bedroom there is a big bed European style, lined with expensive hypoallergenic linen and orthopedic mattress. In addition, there is a large mirror, a dressing table, seats for personal belongings and a couple of tables. The room has a considerable number of dark and dense fabric, which gives the overall picture of the interior an expensive look.

In the living room part set furniture set that consists of a large sofa and pair of armchairs. Between them is set to lowthe table is made of toughened glass. There is also a plasma TV, safe and Minibar. Staying in the room guests can use a telephone, which is connected to the international line.

Tourists say very convenient location of the rooms of this type: they are in a Bungalow and have direct access to the garden, where you can admire the beauty of nature.

Children's Services

Often the tourists themselves represent in their reviews "Ulusoy Kemer" as a hotel designed for families with children. All this is due to the fact that his site provided a number of conditions for comfortable stay of this category of hotel.

In particular, in the open area there is a large pool which is made subject to all safety requirements. If desired, kids can visit the gaming club, which is open at a certain time, but many parents make the comment that if you want you can hire a nanny for your child, and whose services are billed hourly.

In his comments, the parents, resting in Ulusoy Kemer with children, note that almost all rooms in a basic furniture package includes bed, which is great for teenagers up to 12 years. Also, if desired, you can rent a baby carriage.


Fans of water procedures every day, going outside on the poolside terrace is furnished with plenty of sun loungers and parasols. It is located in a very picturesque place, which is a green flowery garden. Near here there is also a bar in which tourists have the opportunity to taste delicious cocktails and refreshing drinks are also offered here and a number of snacks for in Ulusoy Kemer

The pool is in the middle of Sunny terraces, its area is just over 1000 sq ft, and the water is constantly clean, because what always follows staff. Throughout the day it heats up under the influence of sunlight, as in NIS is not installed, the system of automatic heating. The pool has slides, the number of which is equal to 4. To visit the aquazone at any time from 7 am to 8 PM.Ulusoy Kemer


In a large number of reviews submitted by guests "Ulusoy Kemer", stating that there is a wonderful gym in which there are a considerable number of aggregations is designed to work with different muscle groups. You can visit it only on a paid basis. In an open area the hotel features several sports fields, which are perfectly equipped for playing volleyball, football, basketball, and in one of the buildings there is a hall equipped with tables for playing table tennis.

On a paid basis, guests can visit a billiard room, a stay which is paid hourly. For a fee you can also use the services of an instructor in Windsurfing and try to master the sport, which, as practice shows, the tastes of many.


SPA-center of hotel Ulusoy Kemer deserves a lot of attention among the crowd. It, judging by the reviews, I love to visit the representatives of different age groups who love to relax and strive for the perfect state of his health. The SPA center is paid, and regardless of the type of services rendered.

Guests love the large massage room, which is equipped here. Guests remark that it has a light, unobtrusive interior, staying in where you can really relax. It employs a team of professional massage therapists experienced in relaxation.

Also, the SPA has an excellent thermal area, which also says a lot of rave reviews. Tourists here are offered a sauna and traditional Hammam, where a team of parmasters. There is also a small pool with Jacuzzi.


In the opinion of tourists about hotel "Ulusoy Kemer" people are saying that its walls are of excellent dining options serving delicious dishes prepared in the traditions of European cuisine. Special attention is given to the Italian restaurant, where every day is buffet, and served it three times a day. To visit you need to make prior reservation.

In addition to a restaurant, hotel "Ulusoy Kemer" (Turkey), there are five bars, one of which is right in the restaurant, the other in the housing, and the rest by the pool. It serves light snacks, salads, desserts and, of course, drinks of different types.

Tourists say that the establishments of this hotel are offered in a separate menu, light meals, and a children list.ulusoi kemer


The coastline is less than 180 metres from buildings and adjacent to the "Ulusoy Kemer". In the description it says that the beach is covered with fine and soft sand that is favorable for families with small children, as noticed by tourists vacationing with the whole family.

Guests can sit on comfortable lounge chairs under umbrellas and use inflatable mattresses. The beach area is fairly well landscaped: there are several public toilets, changing rooms and showers.Ulusoy Kemer Turkey reviews


The tour Price in the "Ulusoy Kemer" to Muscovites on the average costs 65 000 rubles in case if the tourists want to relax together for seven days. As noted tour operators, this price includes flight from one country to another, transporting tourists from the airport to the hotel and rent rooms of class "standard".

If necessary, the price can include additional services which are available in the "Ulusoy Kemer", but seasoned travelers are advised to book them on the spot, as the hotel and the price is much cheaper than the operators.

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