Cyprus in January. Whether to go for a vacation to an island in winter


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January in most places in the Northern hemisphere is the coldest month of the year. Alas, this applies to Cyprus. Although the winter on the island in the Mediterranean sea pleased northerners warm. Perhaps you are relaxing in Limassol or Ayia NAPA in the summer, I thought: what is Cyprus in January? To answer your unasked question in this article. Yes, this is not the place for a beach holiday. Coast blissfully deserted. You can walk on the pebbles, which licks the surf, and without seeing a living soul. If you're seasoned, you can even take a dip on the Epiphany day at sea. Still not the hole, plus sixteen. However, in January the Mediterranean sea is often stormy. But if you are fixated on a beach holiday, Cyprus can surprise and even astound you.Cyprus in January

The Weather on the island in January

Mediterranean climate – hot, dry summers and wet warm winters. It's not the tropics, and if you think whether to go to Cyprus in January to swim and to get a bronze tan, then we have to disappoint you. To enjoy the warm sea and hot sand of beaches, is to go to the Caribbean or South-East Asia. But snow in Cyprus you will not see. Is that rise in the mountains. And it's worth doing at least once. Snow-covered pines, and a view of the green coast and the shining sea – will make for a beautiful photo! As for the temperature at seaside resorts, in January in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to eighteen degrees Celsius. You can go to light jacket. But at night the temperature drops to eight degrees Celsius. Cyprus is famous for 330 days a year the sky over the island are clear. Only unfortunate thing is that the remaining 35 days have for the winter. In January, you can expect about eleven days of rain. Note that the Eastern part of the island is drier than the West. So relax in January preferably in Protaras.Holiday in Cyprus in January


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How does Cyprus in the “season”

But do not think that the island in the middle of winter you can see only boarded-up stalls but closed hotels, as anywhere in Gelendzhik or Anapa. No, there are always tourists. Just in the winter. But a holiday in Cyprus in January promises to be a budget. After all, those hoteliers who have decided not to close for the winter, conduct a desperate hunt for the client. How to claim reviews, it is not necessary to book “Deluxe”. Order a “standard” - still you as a rare guest accommodated in a room of a higher category. Prices in hotels in Cyprus vary according to the season. And in January, they reach their “bottom”. As for restaurants and taverns, many of them continue to operate in normal mode. After all, the locals also love sitting with a glass of wine.Cyprus in January, the responses of tourists

What to do in Cyprus in January

During low season, the island begins to finally live her life. Not ostentatious – for tourists, and very original. It's time to rent a car (or take the bus) and ride through the small villages. Cypriots-a people extremely religious. And even though Orthodox Christmas is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, the second month of winter holidays, too. On the sixth of January in churches baptize with water and the solemn Liturgy. Well the day of Epiphany to be in the Church of Panagia tis Astino (near the picturesque village of Kakopetria) or in the monastery of St. John Lampadistis (near the capital of Nicosia). Cyprus in January – it is also a wonderful opportunity for shopping. Christmas discounts officially in the country, but in fact, many stores reduce the prices of their goods. Best place for shopping is Nicosia. In the capital the inscription: “Sales” can meet not only in large stores and in boutiques. Holiday in Cyprus in January reviews

Ski holiday in Cyprus?

In January - misleading reviews about this every year – on the island the snow falls. After all, Cyprus is, the mountains. Despite the modest size of the island, two of the array. They stretch almost parallel to each other. To the North rises the mountain range of Kyrenia, before, and at the southern end – the mountain range of Troodos. The highest point of the island – Olympus (1951 meters above sea level) - Cypriots themselves called Chionistra, that is Snow. The name speaks for itself – no global warming not to ruin a ski holiday. The ski season starts on the island of Cyprus in January and ends in March. The first ski tourism appeared on the island in the Troodos mountains is still under the dominion of the English. Many tourists praise base on the slopes of Olympus.whether to go to Cyprus in January

Excursions in Cyprus in January

Perhaps when you are vacationing on the island in the summer, in front of you constantly had a dilemma: to lie on the beach, or explore ancient and medieval landmarks? And the first option is often won. After all, to go on a tour in the heat, walking under the scorching sun in the ruins of the ancient cities so tiring! And another thing Cyprus in January. Reviews claim that most tour Desk winter work normally. It's time to go to Paphos and other places of interest on the island. By the way, some of the natural attractions of Cyprus are opened startled eyes of tourists in January. For example, the lake in Larnaca in the summerdry. And you fly there in winter flocks of pink flamingos. In January of ripe oranges, tangerines, lemons. Citrus are blooming, and the smell of orange blossom envelops the island, the breathtaking aura.


Cypriots-people, who loves to have fun. And the lack of influx of tourists is not a barrier for noisy celebrations and parades. As already mentioned, Cyprus in January celebrates the feast of the Epiphany. For this reason arranged mass celebrations, like us on Shrove Tuesday. In Ayia NAPA in January, the festival kicks off “Cultural winter”. Every Thursday in the municipal concert hall of the city held performances of dance and singing groups.

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