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All men by nature are very curious. Therefore, it is always very interesting to know what others are doing for a personal computer. View browsing history in several ways. It all depends on what exactly you need. You can see the history of pages viewed on the Internet or track, which led people correspondence, and so on. You can see what programs run on your computer, what is the history of browsing sites.

history view

Can occur a different situation. For example, you read some interesting article on the Internet. You liked it, but you haven't added it to your favorites. To find again that page did not work, especially if you get caught in it accidentally. In such a situation the browsing history. It is possible to see the list of all visited Internet projects. The browser's browsing history includes the browser cache and cookies.

How to view deleted history

history browsing

In order to know the browsing history of the sites, you can use a special program. Example: DiscDigger, Easy File Undelete, Recuva. After downloading and installing program to run and download a special file called Places, which the sqlite extension. This is the browsing history of Internet projects.

You Must know that if the user deleted the list with the help of specialized programs, then restore it will be very difficult. In this case, the browsing history will be lost forever.

To read them in the browser need to press Ctrl+H. All history is saved in the memory of the personal computer as files. When you delete it, you, in other words, removes certain files from the hard drive. You just have to know where they are located.


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view history

If you are using the Explorer browser, the file is located here: C:UsersпользовательAppDataLocalMicrosoftwindowshistory

In Firefox: C:UsersпользовательAppDataRoamingMozillafirefoxprofiles

In Google Chrome, the file is located here: C:UsersпользовательAppDataLocalGooglechromeuser DataDefault

Here it is necessary to replace “user” in the name of him whose history we need.

Another interesting program to view history

Consider another option, through which you view history. You can use the program called Punto Switcher. This program has a very convenient feature. It's called "Keeping a diary". There is a record of everything the user did on your PC. To this access was only you, you can set a password. You need to remember that this file must be periodically cleaned, otherwise the program may not work correctly.

How to delete history websites

Any installed on your computer, the browser maintains a history of visits and movements of users on the Internet. This is the default behavior and can be viewed by anyone. If you need these records to delete, the browser itself provides such an opportunity.

delete browsing history

Consider how to do it in the most popular browsers

  1. If you want to clear the history in Opera browser, it is necessary to execute such actions. Open the browser menu and find the section «Settings». Here you need to choose the option “clear private data”. In the settings window of the installer are hidden by default. You must deploy them by clicking on the link “settings”. You need to set the checkbox next to “Cleanse the browsing history”. Also we should be careful not to delete something essential.
  2. In Firefox, do so. Find the section called “Tools”, and there we will need a string “Settings”. A new window will open, and we need the tab “Privacy”. In it, click on “Clean immediately”. Next will open a window called “the Deletion of unnecessary data”. In it check to the label at the point of log. Choose what you want to delete and click on the button “Remove”.
  3. If you have an Explorer's story in it called “browsing history”. To get there, you need to menus find a section called “Service” and select the line “clear”. This will open a new window and there we find a “clear history”.
  4. In Google Chrome you can do this: use the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Del. And you can do it differently. Go to the “Tools” and find the button "clear browsing data documents”. The browser deletes the history and the depth, which can be specified independently. This can be done in the drop-down list. Put a tick in paragraph “Clear history” and click on the delete button.
  5. If you're using Safari, then there is a separate section called "History". It is located in the browser menu.

How to delete the history in "Yandex"

"Yandex" also provides many opportunities to users. It saves each visited Internet project. If necessary, you can see history, and download history.

To delete the visited web pages open the browser and click on the icon, which is similar to wrench. It is located right at the top after the address bar. Find here a paragraph “History”, and there will be a list of all visited pages. Put a check on those pages that you want to delete and delete them.


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