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All we ever commit reckless acts. As there are ill-considered actions and what can cure them - learn on.


What is a rash action

Hasty action and hasty step, hastily decision is all it can be called rashness.

Examples below.

If you are not familiar with Natalia, we suggest that as soon as possible to correct this rashness.

His judgment was hasty and certainly reckless.

It was a rash and reckless act.

Synonyms of the word "reckless" can be called "Opasny, erroneous, improvident, reckless, thoughtless, careless, heedless, reckless, rash, careless, thoughtless".

Not a deliberate and reckless act

Rashness – it is a commitment to act at random, too rashly. People under the influence of this traits is not able to weigh all the “” and “against” before making a decision.

In mythological dictionary Noel, the term "recklessness" is a picture of a young girl in a light shirt, which walking on the ground, looking up at a butterfly and not seeing the abyss before him.

That is, to interpret this term so as if a person does something, focusing on their interests, desires and not seeing the whole situation completely.

rash and reckless

Recklessness in the examples

There are a few secret friends of haste. It is important to know in person. Indiscretions are nothing if paired with them are as follows factory:

  • Vozhdelenija;

  • Lubopitstvo;

  • Spescha;

  • Dobrodetel.

So. The desire to get something in lust often pushes people to reckless acts. Can be impulsive unfamiliar to marry the girl or marry, not knowing all the qualities of the spouse. At random it is possible to buy all the shares of a bankrupt company, buy on sale half of the goods, write a letter of resignation at work, and in the morning to Wake up and not understand why they did it...


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This quality of personality, as recklessness does not act alone. The same can be heard in a famous saying about the trouble that does not come alone.

Examples of indiscretions in Union with the foolish can tell ambulance workers. Know how much willing check every day, can I put in my mouth a light bulb or put a pot on his head? Such curious people don't always successfully get the household items back and therefore become patients of the ambulance.

not deliberate and reckless


Sometimes the lust to possess something which could overshadow the eyes. A man with a passion to win the object of his dreams, commit reckless acts.

Scammers have long known that when a man driven by greed, it is very easy “breed”. It is only important to connect to this as an action in haste. And voila - a rash act on the part of the cheated gambler client committed.

As an example you can consider the option, when you stop on the street, allegedly offering to urgently buy almost for nothing gold jewellery. The trick of the fraudster in this case is to rush the decision should be taken here and now. You are buying a jewel, because greed to get an expensive metal at a ridiculous price takes precedence over you. But, as we remember from childhood, the only free cheese is in a mousetrap.


No good deed goes unpunished

Oddly enough, the rashness can be a friend not only negative qualities, but virtues.

For example, you wanted to donate money to the orphanage, and instead transferred the funds to the Bank account of a con man claiming to be a volunteer. In such cases, do not act recklessly. And it would be better if you won't trust the intermediaries, and will personally take financial assistance to those people whom it is intended.

The Man who is trying to help solve the problems of another person to sincerely believe in your good deed. But it might well be that the host support is not particularly needed, and you simply use for any selfish purposes.

Kindness is, of course, a very good and valuable quality, but we can not fail. Trust all, without checking, at least - naive. Even in the Church the Scriptures there are rules that say who should help and who better to avoid.

The Cure for rash actions

The Main means not to be deceived and too gullible is the attention to detail. Never make decisions “hastily”. Got to do some thinking, especially, if in doubt about anything. And then your solution certainly will not recklessly.

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