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In the modern historical field employs a lot of extremely interesting people, but one of the names found in the Internet space more and more often. This Yulin Boris V. – historian and scholar, is extremely popular today due to their informative online videos, as well as a military expert, economist and political scientist. Surely you are already familiar with many articles, videos or books by the author.

Boris Yulin


Boris Yulin – the historian whose biography is not well known. But maybe that didn't matter. Here are some facts that are known to the readers: Boris Yulin was born in the city of Khabarovsk in 1961, graduated from the local school, and then carried military service in the army. Has two higher educations: graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute, and then the Moscow regional pedagogical Institute. Maintains its historic forum on "the Alley", the author of the very popular live journal. Anyone interested in the history, perhaps we should be Boris Mironov and his work.

Military historian

Yulin Boris Vitalyevich

His historic career Boris Yulin began collaborating with historian Svetlana Samchenko. First wrote about the armored fleet of the First world war and Russian-Japanese. For the most part, Boris Vitalyevich was always interested in military equipment, this can be seen in his bibliography. And although the books they were created not so much (about them later), but many small arguments, discussions, posts, videos and interviews with this historian appears in the Internet space regularly.

Other activities

I Wonder what Boris Yulin – the historian, who has collaborated with several companies - developers of computer games, conducting military historical advice. And he himself, writing as the readers of his page in LiveJournal, often likes to plunge into the atmosphere of virtual battles.


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In addition, Boris Yulin is very interested in pedagogy in Russia and problems of its development. He has long worked in his Alma mater on the development of new methods of teaching history. And yet joined the list of co-authors to a modern textbook on Economics. It's hard not to agree that the topic is now extremely relevant.

The writer has its own ruble on the Internet, called her Boris Yulin “Razvedoprosa”. There it is in the form of an interview to answer your questions about Russian and Soviet history of the notorious Dmitry Puchkov.

Boris Yulin historian


Judging by this historian speak Network users, the detractors he had enough. The most controversial topic that was touched upon by Boris Yulin, Ukraine and its contemporary politics. But the views of his videos rack up very quickly, and subscribers on his page in social networks quite a lot. Constructive critical reviews, there is very little, and therefore it can be concluded that to ignore them is not necessary. Better self make up their minds, acquainted with the publications of the author.


Boris Yulin razvedoprosa

Today Boris Julin is the author of numerous articles and books on national history. With more than just his works, he focuses on the military aspects. If your interests are in historical science coincide with the interests of the author, then you should see a list of books that he has created during his career. In a word, the author again returned to science and was working on serious projects, because we can expect soon to Supplement the list of bibliography writer. Boris Yulin, whose books are very famous in the Russian historical community worthy of the attention of the reader.

Battle of Borodino

The First book that I would like to discuss is “the battle of Borodino”, released in 2008. Edition small (only 176 pages), but large-format and illustrated, and belongs to the category of rare, vid circulation amounted to only 4 thousand copies. The book was presented in Moscow, it is now possible to find on the shelves of major bookstores or to read the text in the online library.

Boris Yulin book

The battle of Borodino - the most massive and bloodiest battle of the Patriotic war of 1812, it is often described as the main battle in Russian history, and it is often said that it is a symbol of Russian military glory. She is the devoted hundreds of paintings and colorful descriptions in literature. Only here disputes that arise about the battle of Borodino, still very much. And even if you do not touch the works of Western historians. What's the real statistics on the balance of forces before the battle, and what are the losses on both sides after it? Still researchers are unable to agree. But the most important, ironically, is the question of who did win. Were arguing about in the nineteenth century, argue, and now.

So what's different about the book Boris Yulin from the numerous writings on the same subject? The fact that the author approaches the issues from a very unexpected source. Opinion the writer is very fresh, innovative, many, perhaps it will seem like fiction. But Yulin is very lucidly explains his position, reinforcing its historical sources. After analyzing the plans of Napoleon and Kutuzov, their decisions regarding the battle, he relates this information with the original maps, not forgetting to describe the weapons of both sides. The corollary is non-trivial.

Initially, the author wanted to call it otherwise: "Borodino. To stand and die." But publishers are reading the text, decided that a more concise version is more appropriate. The book is replete with quotations historical society, as well as themselves the commanders of the Russian and French armies. All quotes are author's comments, and reference material you can find interesting facts about the weapons of both sides. And this is no exaggeration, as the author is well versed in this matter. Surprised readers and the abundance of illustrations that are appropriate to complement the narrative, some of them are drawn personally by Boris Vitalyevich, such as the schemes of some of the battles in stages.

Boris Yulin historian biography

The critics Reviews was very sympathetic.

"Myths of the great Patriotic war-2"

This book Boris Yulin wrote in collaboration with other contemporary historians. It came out in 2009 and won positive reviews from critics. Although detractors at the publication abound.

Why not just invent the modern pseudo-historians to denigrate the Soviet period of Russian history. This is especially true of the history of the great Patriotic war. This book is created in order to refute the terrible slander that is spread on the pages of magazines and on the airwaves and on the pages of online publications. Holy war – they call these terrible four years to denigrate the generals or the facts – is low. It is necessary to honor its history, defending the truth and memory of our ancestors. To defend the past, but not to slander him – that's the purpose of this book and its authors.

Boris Yulin Ukraine

"Economic security"

The Book is entirely new, written last year, has a large circulation and unconditional popularity among professionals in the economy. This tutorial was created by a group of authors, including Boris V. Julin.

This is a very good guide to the economy, which is devoted to very actual problem of economic security. This tutorial is the consideration of security, it acquaints readers with the basic strategic and regulatory documents. Importantly, this edition meets all the parameters of modern educational standard. And would be relevant for the in-depth study of the subject.

Yulin Boris V. – modern unusual author with unusual views. Definitely should get acquainted with its works, to broaden their horizons.


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