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Every year in late August or early September, the residents of Barnaul celebrate the day of his glorious city, however, celebrating yet another anniversary, many among them are not quite sure how old Barnaul marks really. The fact that on the date of the founding of this castle history is silent, but the official date on 1730.

Plant akinfiy Demidov

According to historians, the beginning of the Barnaul initiated by akinfy Demidov-Builder of a smelter on land leased from the state land. In 1730 on the banks of the rivers Ob and Barnaulka appeared two hundred souls bonded peasants, Demidov transferred to the Altai. The mission of these peasants was laying plants. This is a serious event may well serve as a starting point when seeking an answer to the question of how old Barnaul.

However, the construction of the plant began on September 29, 1739, And some researchers believe the beginning of the Foundation of Barnaul this date, especially because it accounts for the first written mention of the city of Barnaul, and then this year was rich in creative developments, namely: the construction of a dam and the laying of the discharge channel. That's why the townspeople in the city Day often there are disputes about how many years to Barnaul.

how old Barnaul

In a period of rapid activities Demidov was supposed to build a wooden Kremlin with fortress, that copper-silver smelting plant was safe. But for objective reasons, the construction did not take place. The same enterprising merchant Demidov, along with the good endeavours could not resist the temptation secretly to smelt gold and silver. And since all the secret becomes clear, in St. Petersburg it became known.


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Development of the mining cities

1749 was marked by the transfer of the office of the mining district to the Barnaul works of Kolyvan. The plant became the property of the Imperial family with all its consequences. Production increases, the state of the factory filled up by mining engineers and officers, who came from the Urals. Among them was Ivan Sliders, inventive talent which adequately served the Fatherland. In 1766 it was here, in the Altai backwoods, has passed the test of its steam machine.

how old Barnaul performed

But five years later, in 1771, Barnaul deservedly was granted the status of a mountain city. This date also gives reason to wonder about how many years the city of Barnaul.

Having Received a powerful impetus to the development of Barnaul began to grow qualitatively and quantitatively: in 1764 appears technical library in 1779 it was opened mining school, an increasing population, built neighborhoods, the architecture of which significantly influence Petersburg. By the mid-19th century the city became important for Siberia's cultural and scientific-technical center.

Shopping centre

By the end of the 19th century, the ore reserves were depleted, serfdom remained in the past, the management of the plant has not coped with these challenges, and 1893, the plant has ceased to exist. Develop other industries, and in Barnaul there comes a flourishing of trade, the city became a center of relatively advanced agricultural district. Since 1915 was commissioned Altai railway, further contributing to the economic development of Barnaul. The development in the social sphere provided by local merchants, among whom were many philanthropists and public figures. Their efforts have opened educational institutions (there were 29), a municipal hospital, built churches, a monastery. The concern about the moral health of citizens in 1914, a resolution of the city Duma was closed all brothels.

how old Barnaul this year

In 1917, in addition to social upheavals, brought to Barnaul 2 may a devastating fire that burned half the town, suffered irreparable architecture, people lost their homes, were killed.

In the country

The Cataclysms of revolution and Civil war, the Barnaul suffered, like other Siberian cities, undergoing one power, then another. Only from December 11, 1919 with the arrival of the red Army in the city was finally established Soviet power.

In the new environment Barnaul has evolved, like all Soviet cities in the context of the electrification and industrialization of the whole country. In 1923, earned Barnaul power station, in 1925 – radio. In 1929 in Barnaul appeared first buses, 1931, marked by flights from Novosibirsk and other nearby cities. The base of a large melange plant was held in 1932 And in 1937 a spirited Barnaul received the status of administrative center of Altai Krai. And if to consider Barnaul as a capital of the region, the question of how old Barnaul, here too appropriate.

When came the Great Patriotic war, Barnaul, as all the TRANS-Ural towns, had forged victory in the rear. After the war there was put into operation in many industrial enterprises.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union was in the historical past, came the "nineties", Barnaul, like all industrial cities, suffered from the new trends. On large factories, mills was threatened with bankruptcy, and Barnaul, a former industrial center, had to step on a different economic path. For the city, the era of trade, construction, blossoming sphere of services. Externally, it is changing in the stalls, offices, luxury housing in the center of the devastation on the outskirts.

In the early 2000s, the city gradually, synchronously with the country, the Barnaul is selected from the economic crisis. Thanks to investors improved somewhat, the industry prospered in private business, was the reconstruction of the facades of buildings in the city center.

how old is g Barnaul

But nowadays Barnaul again became the industrial, scientific, cultural and educational center. The city adequately passed difficult way of development. How old Barnaul this year - 286, 277 or 245? Do I care if he older or younger than nine years or forty-one years? Today, in 2016, he is handsome, full of hope, filled with smart and hardworking people. It really is fundamentally, how old Barnaul marks?


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