What is that language? The problem of profanity


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The Usual spoken language may be unacceptable, just people don't ask enough. The result is an adult one can only wonder where children learn "bad words" and why they are to such a degree attractive. What is profanity, why is it spreads quickly and how to deal with it?

what is profanity

The definition of the term according to the dictionary

Academic definition can be formulated in the following way: profanity is speech in which there are obscene swear words. While bad call not only obscene language, but coarse language designed to insult and offend the interlocutor.

Crafty attempt to separate the Mat from “allowed” curses actually intended to blur the line between acceptable and unacceptable vocabulary. What is swearing really? In a broad sense, it can be intentionally hurtful speech, even if it is not a pejorative. Often rude expressions is divided according to the degree of admissibility, and on the basis of this is taken a subjective decision to censure the speaker or count, that it rests in a precarious bounds of decency.

profanity homeroom

What is profanity from the point of view of a teenager?

Many people acknowledge with regret that the children of a certain age willingly unipivot his speech with swearing. Why is this happening? The rebellious teenager is the simplest principle of “rebellion for rebellion”. What should be a tool to achieve a purpose, was adopted for the very purpose, shifted emphasis. If a teenager ask why he so willingly swears, most likely, the answer is a vague explanation in the style of “ran — I ran".


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If before the teenagers raised the topic of “Profanity is a bad thing”, he once again receives confirmation that adults do not understand. The desire to teach good whatever became adults leads to the opposite result. We must recognize that abusive lexicon is present in everyday life, and in such quantities, without costing swearing man looks strange and suspicious.

theme swearing

Teacher in the role of the teacher

The school's educational function must take on a homeroom teacher. Of course, this does not mean that other teachers remain in the side is teamwork. What can the teacher do to overcome the prosperous among the students swearing? Class hour devoted to this problem, can be carried out on the basis of the methodological literature. However, the work on the subject is not restricted to the lectures on the theme “Children, swearing is not good!”. Help only systematic work, and personal example here is of great importance.

Conversational standards

Accepted standards of communication suggest that abusive vocabulary inappropriate. In the category of swearing is not only the classic Mat, but also the vulgar names of sexual organs, bodily fluids, names of certain animals, birds, trees, objects. If you analyze abusive lexicon, then one can only marvel at its diversity. For example, there is nothing flawed or shameful in poultry chicken, but if you call a chicken woman, adding at the same time that the bird is wet, it is unlikely she will take it as a compliment.

A Kind of profanity virus is spreading very quickly. Swear words are picked up by even older people, children hear every day from a dozen to hundreds of swear words. No lectures about the inferiority of this style of communication does not work, because in this case the theory is not confirmed by practice. The herd instinct keeps those who are trying to stop the stream of curses. However, you can bring weighty arguments against profanity.

cussing presentation

Energy words

During the research, scientists have confirmed that the sounds have a energetic nature that affects others. Confirmed that the bells are able to reduce the number of pathogenic organisms, and included the glass of water, classical music improves its structure.

Discordant combinations distort this structure. If for some time to blame the water, when it freezes it gives flawed composition. Snowflakes get crippled, they lack the slender symmetry. What is the profanity from the position of energy? It is a destructive message into the space, designed to carry the evil literally at the molecular level.

virus of profanity

Using obscene language in everyday life

The Abundance of battle around us and sometimes rolls over. If earlier in works of art obscene language put into the mouth of the negative characters to emphasize their poor quality, now it is suddenly a kind of symbol of “coolness”. The problem of profanity is substitution of concepts. Bad is declared good or at least acceptable, acceptable. Parents do not see anything special in the fact that they abused their children, and then require them from the cultural speech, but it is mutually exclusive phenomena.

How to instill in children the culture of speech?

Lectures, educational talks and outright intimidation when you release the curse, the child is punished, often with abuse from the punishing adult, working only partly. Rather, they do not work as I hope educators. Children just do not explain what is actually swearing. Presentation of the battlefield as an integral part of the lexicon of the “great people” overwhelms the surrounding reality.

It is Worth remembering a simple truth: children learn by observing adults. If others do not use foul language, then the children will not be, simply because you will not see the example that I want to pursue. Of course, the child may pick up the habit of swearing from the outside, but here, parents and caregivers should be wise. Why Teens are rude? “to show them all”. What to show and why — this question is unlikely to be able to answer at least one teenager. They want to confuse the interlocutor, to bring him out of balance. If this does not work, it is not a good tool will soon be forgotten, so it is not necessary to raise a cry due to the fact that the child is cursed. Calm surprise could work much more efficiently.

the problem of profanity

What can you say in defense of the abuse?

Not to say that profanity unequivocally condemned by all sane people. Is believed that swearing helps some reduce emotional stress, to blow off steam. This point was brilliantly articulated H. G. wells in the story “a Set of curses". It describes a person who is engaged in the collection and systematization of all kinds of battle. Enthusiastic and passionate, Professor Gilston, risking their health and life even hired servant in Calcutta, and kicked him out without paying salary. And all this solely in order to, numb with happiness, to record the abuse, which infuriated the Bengali poured his vile employer for several hours.

Wells described the abuse “emotional vomit», that is, a tool that helps to wring out the poison and survive. Emotionally expressive swearing - it's just shocking air. The man who heartily cursed are less likely to hit him, and the one who is forced to endure and keep, it can kill you. Of course, a brilliant writer laughed at the situation with the profanity in my story, but I think readers will surely find it food for thought.


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