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Athenian society in the sixth century BC, has undergone a number of changes. This time  got the name “the great period of Athens” and was characterized by the increase of the population which was engaged in trade and craft. This new type of people who are different from the aristocracy of that time, called demos, which means “people”. Demos at odds with the aristocratic strata of society trying to come to power, which was necessary to combat the plight. A huge role was played by the reforms of Solon, the results of which was equivalent to a political revolution.

Solon was one of the seven sages of Greece. He was a famous reformer, changed the idea of the political life of Athens. Established with its participation democracy has enabled the society to become more developed. What preceded this? Historians describe this period as follows. Economic conditions in the attic deteriorated for a century, and discriminatory policy of the authorities against the common people of people forced to live in poverty and eke out a poor existence. Farmers are constantly living in debt, not knowing where to find the money to provide for his family. They were placed in such conditions under which the exit was not visible. Poor people  had to mortgage their land, sell their children into slavery, and even themselves to lay. This all led to the mood of protest in society and social upheaval. Any questions of the common man, asked the owners, were ignored. The conflict between rich and poor is exacerbated. Unhappy was not only poor, but also a bit rich and not very notable people. Ahead society is waiting for reforms salty.


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The Last point of patience of the people was the defeat in the war with Megara for the possession of the island of Salamis. It happened in the 7th century. Interesting is the fact that after that, Athens was forbidden to mention the name of the island. But there are always people who violate the bans. It was Solon, who became the mediator between the demos and the aristocracy. He was respected and those and others. He wrote poems, which were differently perceived by people. Reading them in the square, he called out to the consciousness of the Athenians, urged them to wage a war with Megara. Fearing severe punishment, he  has dismissed the rumors about his madness. He later headed the army and Navy, and began the second war with Megara. At this time, Athens emerged victorious. It brought him popularity, he became a mediator in the solution of social problems. Then followed Solon's reforms. What are they like?

First, he abolished all debts. It was the first reform of Solon - saffia. The peasants were able to reclaim their land. In addition, introduced freedom of the will. This has been undermined by the main role of the nobility. The main purpose of the sage became a democracy in Athens. Its role in social progress was recognized and appreciated.

Following the reform of the Salon concerned the monetary circulation in the country, she helped to provide bread for the poor inhabitants. There have been great changes also in politics and social structure began a census and accounting of the income of citizens. The Areopagus was the highest authority in the country, and pentacosiomedimni entered into its composition. Solon's reforms touched the jury. The court has now become available to everyone that pointed to the democratization of Athens. The importance of the work of the Athenian sage large. Of course, not all made by Solanum, satisfied all categories of people of the Athenian society, but the fact that it was put into practice, it is possible to compare the political revolution, it changed the  political system. The efforts of such figures, the wheel of history is spinning faster.

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