Consistent and inconsistent definition in the Russian language


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The proposals are known from the school course of Russian language are divided into two categories: major and minor. In contrast to the main parts of the sentence that constitute the grammatical basis of secondary members may be missing. However, their role in the language: no add-ons, circumstances and definitions of our language would be inaccurate, and inexpressive.

The Definition of – this is one of the secondary parts of the sentence. Its General grammatical meaning — a sign of the subject. The questions that are answered by definition, exactly the same as the adjective: “what?” and “ whose?”.

inconsistent definitionBy the Way, this similarity becomes a difficulty for students when performing parsing.

Accustomed to the fact that most often, the definition is an adjective, students mentally put between them an equal-sign. But! As an adjective can be another part of the sentence, and the definition is expressed by different parts of speech.

To do proper parsing, it is necessary to remember that there are two kinds of definitions: consistent and inconsistent.

The Definition can be consistent or inconsistent depending on the type of subordinating relationships between words.

Agreed definition forms define the word communication on type approval. Simply put, both words denoting a subject and its sign, are the same gender, case and number. Agreed definitions in the sentence are adjectives and participles in full form, participle, as well as ordinal numerals and some pronouns.


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Example: Careful (Im.p. mn.h.) pedestrians (They.p. mn.CH.), observing (Im.p. mn.h.) rules of the road, cross the road only at the green (V. p., M. R., ed. h) signal (V. p., M. R., ed. h) traffic lights.

consistent and inconsistent definition

It Should be noted that the separation of the agreed definitions is regulated by a number of rules and usually does not cause difficulties.

Inconsistent definition subject defined word the most common type of control and less – contiguity.

Inconsistent definition – is a feature of an object, which can be expressed in the following ways.

  • A Noun and pronoun in oblique cases:

(whose?) his novels I learned from a friend (whose?) father.

  • Syntactically indivisible phrase:

Hugo – writer (what?) with a capital letter.

  • Simple comparative degree of an adjective or an adverb:

Read (what?) aloud develops the imagination.

  • Infinitive:

I had a wish (what?) to read a novel.

Inconsistent definition is

As an inconsistent definition expresses a sign more specific than consistent, it often has the added value of the circumstances and add-ons.This inconsistent definition is outlined optional, it has no strict rules for separation by commas on both sides.

If the author puts on an inconsistent definition of logical stress, then the separation is justified.

Punctuation marks between the definitions required in the event of their homogeneity, even if in the same row are definitions expressed by different parts of speech.

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