The metal from which primitive people made jewelry, was a natural origin


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The primitive Period in human history - a very brutal time. It was a real test for people's survival and further development directly depended on their activity. Nevertheless, even in these circumstances people have sought to diversity, though in primitive form.

the metal from which primitive people made jewelry

What is the role of jewelry?

While trying to understand and comprehend life and the desire of primitive people you need to keep in mind that the level of knowledge of the era was at a very low level, all the actions of the people were associated in their view with numerous good and evil spirits. The second could hurt people. And to guard against their treachery, people have used various magical rites. Even primitive decoration iiali exceptionally utilitarian properties of protection against evil beings, the evil eye and other negative phenomena, which abounded among the people.primitive decoration

People did not immediately learned to use metal for their needs, if you spend periods, all the camp is clear. The stone age is conventionally divided into three stages: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic. It is clear that the basis of all of the goods were stone, the turning point was the Neolithic period, when people gradually learned to work with copper. And although it is softer than stone, however, lends itself to forging and gives you the opportunity to give it almost any shape. Therefore, for the manufacture of products best suited to the metal of which the primitive people made jewelry. In addition, many traditions have endowed the copper magical properties repel all kinds of vermin.

Raw material for jewelry

The Decoration of primitive people, do not claim sophisticated aesthetics and finish, although there are many different pieces of art. Of course, the priority was the residence of the ancient people, because it determined a person's appearance. According to the legends of many peoples of the sacred metals - gold, from South America to Eastern Europe, he is considered as a frozen embodiment of a solar light can disperse the darkness, in which lurk the evil spirits. Therefore, the metal of which the primitive people made jewelry - this gold nuggets, in the absence thereof was widely used copper. Many of the burial mounds on the territory of our country are replete with such ornaments.


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Inability to use a period in the late prehistory of alloys of different metals has led to the use of native copper, gold and silver. Accordingly, in various places it was more of a metal, which went on decorations. In General, the primitive people tried to use it very sparingly, but this did not concern the tribal leaders, they are even in their graves used metal jewelry, as a talisman in the other world.decorations of primitive people

Diversity of primitive decorations

The Decoration of ancient people were different in form and quality. However, in all parts of the Earth in the graves can be found hand and foot bracelets, they also played a magical role and prevented the people from his wounds, which are most susceptible to these body parts. Whatever the metal of which the primitive people made jewelry, he always had to carry traces of magical effects. It could be a variety of writings, images, geometric shapes. Noteworthy is the fact that the modern tribes of the Amazon have interchangeable sets of jewelry for different occasions, which differ both in the form and applied with the images. It is on these tribes, ethnographers and other researchers check their guesses and assumptions, since some of them still have that original attitude to nature and the world, characteristic of all people in the age of antiquity.

The Metal from which primitive people made jewelry, and showed their social status. A large variety of metal jewelry talked about the high status of the person wearing them.

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