Twin cities. What this means in the modern world?


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In the Soviet ideology, except for an exaggerated patriotism, a bigger role for the thesis of the friendship between the peoples of different countries and continents. This picture is very smoothly blended with the phenomenon of sister cities. That is for the Soviet people? Do they have analogues in the world practice?

twinning Cities that itTurning to the dictionary, we read that the twinning phenomenon is very ancient past, related to tribal customs. People (men and women) who have no blood ties, with the purpose of mutual support established communication between them, in fact, close to related. People say - called sister called brother. From this reasoning emerges quite answer the question about what it means "twin cities". This city, which can be in different States and on different continents, but have close, friendly relations. There is even a world organization of United cities and in 1863 the last Sunday of April is celebrated as the world day of sister cities.

twinning Cities of MoscowAfter the Second World war, to strengthen the links between the Union, but still very different countries of Europe, America and the Soviet Union, a new level of cooperation resulted in the concept of "sister cities". What this meant in the hard times of the cold war? First, the opportunity to learn more about life, culture, customs and traditions quite distant to we humans, the inhabitants of foreign cities on the other side of the iron curtain. Secondly, it was a way to tell the world about yourself, to represent the true values that we teach in our society - friendliness, peacefulness, mutual respect. An interesting case of the origin of the friendship and sister-cities relations establishment between Stalingrad and Coventry, the English city, whose residents supported the population of the destroyed and burned, but survived the city on the Volga. They sent a telegram with words of support, and then embroidered the cloth, which is kept in the Museum of Volgograd. It was the first event that marked the beginning of such phenomena as the twin cities. This is a touching situation, sincere and open, I think, be no doubt. In a further and more prosaic reason was given the opportunity to intermarry cities, such as the similarity of the name, geographical location and even industrial enterprises.
What does twinning citiesThe Phenomenon is called "twin cities", was quite common in the USSR. Great Soviet encyclopedia indicates that the 100 cities of our country had such close and friendly connection with the 200 localities worldwide. For example, the twin cities of Moscow - most of the other capitals, there are only 88. In USA this is one city-Chicago. Between these cities there are cultural and economic ties are manifested in festivals, joint events, exchange of experience, trade relations.


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With the globalization and convergence of various countries, perhaps this phenomenon and obsolete. The younger generation rarely uses in his speech the phrase "sister cities". What's in it for the modern world? Most likely, the phenomenon has changed considerably and acquired pragmatic normalization of economic ties that can bring mutual profit. But still need to dig in the archives and learn about the causes of twinning relations with other cities with your first place of residence. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

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