Why the Interim government delayed the solution of the agrarian question? The activities of the Provisional government


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After the February revolution of 1917 came to power the Provisional government, which lasted from early March to late October. The first time a new authority enjoyed a very high trust and credibility among the population and political parties (except Bolshevik). However, the most important agricultural issue, the Interim government has not decided what lost support and was overthrown quite easily.

why the provisional government delayed the solution of the agrarian question

The inheritance of the Land

To resolve the issue with the land under the government was established the Main land Committee, the majority of which were built at the party programmes of the cadets. The Committee declared the reform, which was aimed at transferring to the peasants the agricultural land in use. By default, it was assumed that the transfer may be either confiscation or alienation. The latter gave rise to numerous disputes: dispose of with purchase or without it. When evidence of differences, however, the authorities have not discussed on official level the issue.

So why is the Interim government delayed the solution of the agrarian question? The reasons should be sought primarily in the composition of the government. Many representatives of the cadet party, who were members of the main ruling body, themselves had large land holdings which were not ready to leave. the agrarian question the provisional government

Basic provisions

It was Decided to prevent the fragmentation of holdings, providing products, industrial farms, and also plots the landowners who gave large yields, and had high performance. In the end, large farms are expected to leave their owners.


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In General, the reform stipulated the possibility of alienation of land, but the peasants had to pay heavy ransom. In addition, to land could usually someone who already had their private sector. Large plots remained for their owners, if they provide the land-use in two times higher than the average private farming.

Why the Interim government delayed the solution of the agrarian question?

The Explanation lies in the fear of the authorities to shake the foundations of private property. Therefore, to take serious steps which would in any case violate the rights of landowners, no one dared. Do not forget that Russia at that time was an active member of the First world war. A huge part of the officers one way or another owned a large plot of land. To disturb those who led the army, not risk: this could result in dire consequences.

At the same time, simulation of decision was made. So, it was released two decisions. The first (“On protection of crops”), the landowners have committed to lease unoccupied areas to those who had intended to sow. The second provided for the establishment of land committees whose main responsibility was the preparation for the agrarian reform. They were created in 30% of provinces of the European part of Russia. The latter had not been satisfied with the government. However, the increasing understanding of citizenship in environment farmers were forced to make concessions, the authorities hoped to be able to use them for their own purposes. Directly the implementation of the reform was postponed. This feature sought to pass on to the Constituent Assembly, which could not convene.

the first provisional government

Peasant discordance

The Bolsheviks called their reasons why the Provisional government delayed the solution of the agrarian question, and skillfully used them, fueling the already flammable situation. The country began to shake spontaneous rallies of peasants, who demanded laws that would give them land rights. Government regulations were interpreted very widely, so that it came to the simple taking of lands and their division among the peasants. The latter demanded communal land, in which there would be individual farmers.

The Immaturity of the authorities in resolving this issue led to the fact that autumn has begun natural socialization of the land – weaning allotments from the landlords. The first Provisional government was unable to cope with the increasing like a snowball process of redistribution. In these circumstances, as it is impossible by the way were the slogans of the Bolsheviks. Experts are analyzing the reasons why the Interim government delayed the solution of the agrarian question, agree that it all comes down not only to the fear of losing control, but was present with its own “selfish” interest.

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