How to write an essay in English? How to plan an essay?


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On various competitions and examinations in English is almost always one of the assignments is writing essays, which the participant must present to the evaluation Committee or jury. In this work it is possible to accurately characterize a student because it shows not only a level of literacy and freedom of foreign language proficiency. This is a creative task, and therefore, it has a personal perception of the person, his world Outlook, view on certain things, capacity, knowledge. And to write beautiful, alive and interesting essay, requires a rich vocabulary.

essays on EnglishPerhaps that is why many students come to panic from having to write for a certain time on a given story or theme. But if in advance to understand all the rules of writing such works, read the examples and work out, nothing complicated about it.


Though the word “essay” and has no direct relationship to the English language, its historical roots go back to France, but it's an easy essay prose genre has firmly strengthened its positions and was used as a test of knowledge in almost all schools. Usually it has a loose style of presentation and small volume. Many students wonder how to write an English essay because it is included in tasks on the exam.

There is a certain standard that you must perform creative tasks. So, an English essay written in 40 minutes, its volume is 200 to 250 words. In the allotted time, the student must read and understand the task, to plan essays and to write about his creation. Since 2012 the exam in a foreign language stands out a little more time, besides, is a rough plan of the essay, which greatly simplifies the work of the student. It is important to adhere to the prescribed size composing – 200-250 words, if it is less, the work will receive 0 points if more – the examiner will read only 250 words, and the rest will be ignored.


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Main part of the work

how to write an essay for EnglishTo the result of the work exceeded all expectations and impressed the examiner must first carefully read the assignment and understand it. A brief, careless reading of the text very often leads to unsatisfactory estimates. The job mainly consists of elements “for” and “against” and represents no more than two sentences. If the plan of the essay in the English language is already specified, then you can immediately start writing your work, if not, you will have to work independently. To write an essay is problematic, because it structures thoughts, helps to concentrate. Item of the plan – it is the basis, the key idea you want to develop and to describe in more detail. An English essay should consist of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion.


The Beginning of the essay is a very important part of the job. It is important not to “water”, as clearly and intelligently to highlight the key idea of the essay, identify the main topic which more details will be revealed in the main part. Introduction mainly consists of two or three detailed proposals, which is a smooth transition to the consideration of the main question. A big plus is the presence of quotes in the English language, some Proverbs or thoughts of a famous person. It should be concise, brief, and fully comply with the topic.

Main part

essay on the English language examTopics for essays in English generally mean consideration of one issue from different points of view, the expression «for» and «against». The reader should consider both the positions and the arguments to them. Should not essay to use abstruse, book of phrases that make the text too boring and uninteresting. Regardless of the topic you need to write a competent but simple and lively English. This is the main part of the essay, so it is necessary to fully disclose the issue to make a point, give her a rebuttal or to prove its truthfulness. In any case, you should give examples. Because writing is a creative job, then it should be made of your own thoughts and attitude to the problem.


The Final part of the essay in the English language – summing up, the conclusion of reasoning, the final conclusions. It consists of three or four sentences in which the author not only summarizes all the information, but also expresses personal opinion on the matter. The final part is to find the logical end and not to end up in mid-sentence. Introduction, main part and conclusion needs to flow from one part to another and to be associated.

How to make an English essay interesting and alive?

plan an essay for EnglishEssays – this is not a scientific treatise, and easy prose composition. In it the author expresses the opinion, personal views on some problems, so this work should be written in a living language and be interesting to readers. The introduction is necessary in order to interest, usually it contains the key idea and quotewhich are continuously fed to the main part of the essay. Next, you should give specific examples to support the views expressed herein. To animate text, should make more use of adjectives, adverbs, verbs is to think of synonyms. Errors need to nullify, essay writing in English language – this is a serious test of literacy and vocabulary. To make the transition from one part to another is smooth, use a special vocabulary.

Useful phrases

topics for essays for EnglishSpecific phrases you can use in essays, they will help to tie together section of the work, to display the opposition and effectively to finish the job. The text will be more legible, if it include:

- one of the major factors in … is… (one of the main factors is);

- generally speaking, … ();

- furthermore (moreover, furthermore);

- as well as,… (like).

To contrast two opinions or characteristics use the following combinations:

- on the other hand (with other hand);

- on the contrary (Vice versa).

- but (but);

- yet (already, yet);

- however (however).

To Express the result or the cause will help the following vocabulary:

- so (therefore);

- therefore (for this reason);

- consequently (hence);

- as a result (so);

- this results in (result).

Not interfere with the presence of adverbs: lastly (finally), then (then), after (after), next (then).

Main mistakes when writing an essay

essay writing EnglishVery often students make the same mistakes when writing an essay in English. Exam, competitions, school Olympics – all these activities require a clear implementation rules of composing a creative story in which the author briefly expounds his point of view on a particular issue, talks about his personal attitude to some issue. The main problem of students is the inability to clearly, concisely and intelligently Express their thoughts on paper. In order to increase the amount of text or simply from ignorance of the set theme, the author begins “water”. It should be understood that the examiner evaluated the size of the work and its content. Therefore, this approach will not advantage and disadvantage essay.

If you essay your homework, you should ask friends or relatives to assess the work to Express a personal opinion about it. Also need to reread the essay several times, correct not very good points, to eliminate grammatical and semantic errors.

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