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Nonconformity is a denial of the accepted rules and principles, which are entrenched in a particular group or community. But people who are committed to this, we can say, life style, besides that just do not agree with any of the provisions, they also offer their own vision of the situation. However, everything in order.

One against all

If to speak in more simple terms, nonconformity is a choice of your own way and not following the fact, which raises the society. Such people do not accept what the crowd dictates. And examples of these individuals actually the weight they can bring science, art, politics, culture, and just from public life. For example, Giordano Bruno, rejected by society, was a nonconformist. Why? Yes, because he's in his discoveries, like Galileo Galilei, was ahead of its time. Society is not accepted, rejected that one, that second scientist.

nonconformism is

Philosophy of nonconformism

Nonconformity is a situation with a certain point of view. And, accordingly, it has its own philosophy. What is it? So, first of all it should be noted that there are two kinds of non-conformism. The first is common, and the second forced. So simple nonconformity is rejection, and disagreement with certain values and norms that are dominant in society. And second, force is exerted on the individual pressure of a particular social group. In other words, a community of people by its pressure forces people to deviate from their expectations.

Generally, to disagree and protest against something - this is normal. After all, these are the qualities that forced primitive man to develop and progress. Times have changed, but the principle of non-conformism - no. At all times, adventurers, rebels and even outlaws were the ones who stood the initiative of the revolution of all mankind.


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conformism and non-conformism

The non-Conformists more often referred to as the opposition. All because they do not follow the generally accepted rules blindly - they, on the contrary, deal with them. This is their uniqueness. A nonconformist is a person who does not waive those or other norms, it simply expresses a different opinion towards them.

Two opposites

Conformity and nonconformity are two interrelated concepts. But quite the opposite. So, conformism and non-conformism are often found in those or other social groups. And mostly people who have been advocating a particular point of view, can be found in the community rather mundane psycho-social development. In fact, the more versatile the person, the less it is a nonconformity or conformity. What is peculiar to him in this case? It is a free self-determination. That is, it is the people who decide what to do and what not. Not taking into account anybody's opinion, trusting only his own feeling. They are individuals who need to satisfy their expectations, not denied or approved established in society laws. We can say - the Golden mean.

Rogue or just a special?

nonconformism is in psychology

Nonconformity... It's in psychology still represents a protest reaction to life. "Not like everyone else" - that's how often I think some proponents of this point of view. In fact, conformists, nonconformists - all think alike. Why? Because some people think all (the first) and the rest inside out, Vice versa (the second one).

What is behavioral negativity? Perhaps, in the mind of the nonconformist. It becomes so specifically with the aim to be considered different from them. Very often it happens that such people become social outcasts. What the team is like that they were joined by a man who denies everything, what they adhere to? But there are those that behave in this manner intentionally. It's really their self-inferences. They do think differently. They have very different values, and they genuinely do not share the other more common. You can tell these people of your world.

nonconformism in art


It Should be noted that non-conformism in art quite often. Most connoisseurs regard this style highly attractive. What is wrong is that the creators (most common nonconformity in painting) bring something of their own in art? Thus it is diluted, to give him to stagnate and become commonplace, uninteresting. This is really important. After all, on the other hand, non-conformism can be seen as the eternal search of something fresh, new. So to expand the scope and their own vision on certain things. For example, the same art-house, which is due to the stereotypes rampant in society at the speed of light can be quite attractive and interesting. But the adherents of this style is also a kind of nonconformist.

Conformists and nonconformists - is it possible to co-exist?

nonconformism in painting

It's safe to say thatpossible. Although I have to work hard one way or the other. After all, both the phenomenon is associated with social contact. Even the person who does not agree with the opinion of the majority and not getting their endorsement and support can make friends with conformists. Often such persons useful to the team. Because the nonconformists are generators of new, fresh ideas. It is always important opposite opinion. First, for comparison. Second, to develop other solution to an issue, situation. That would suit everyone. To put it simply, the nonconformists help to look at things with different eyes and make you think.

And conformists, in turn, can teach these people to interact with others without jeopardizing their own interests and moral principles. The main thing - mutual desire.

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