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“Road” is the Slavic word. Descended from the Indo-European noun, means “peeled in the woods space”. In modern Russian in different meanings does the word “road”. Synonyms to him a lot. In today's article will recall the main ones.

the road synonyms


Synonymous to the word “road” the first thing to look for in the dictionary. Dahl cited the following close, nouns: riding, walking, traveling, Putin. Not all of them,Of course, today used in spoken language. According to the explanatory dictionary Ozhegova, dear called the strip of land destined for the movement. It can be paved, dirt, road, country.

The Road: synonyms

In most cases, a noun used to refer to places on which to drive or walk. “Route” – this word can in some cases replace the word "road". Namely, when we are talking about the route. For example: “We took a shorter route (expensive)”. In the phrase “directions” the noun we can replace the word “route”. “Path”, “walk”, “drive” in this case, are not synonymous.

Road – as well and stay on the road. A synonym to the word the meaning of which we are considering, “journey”. Example: "he was tired of the long road".

The Word “road” and “path” is used when talking about a particular course of action, course of action. Examples:

  • Since then, their paths diverged.
  • Since they parted ways.

After the war, in the Russian language the term “Way of life”. It means the path that lay across lake Ladoga. During the siege of Leningrad on it for two years, there was a connection to the city.


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To think of other synonyms to the word “road”, and also understand in which cases their use is appropriate, it is worth Recalling a few examples from literature.

word way


The German writer E. M. Remarque in the novel “arch” noticed that "man thinks a lot in the way, but very little after return." In some translations use the word “path”. It is in the quote is the Remark about the road as time of life.

In the same value often used noun in the works of Yesenin. For example, when told about the traversed roads and made mistakes. And the quote about roads and fools, which is so often attributed to Gogol, already mentions a strip of land designed for movement.

Other synonyms - route, course, path, highway.

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