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Symmetry surrounds us from birth. First of all it manifests itself in animate and inanimate nature: the magnificent horns of a deer, the wings of butterflies, the crystalline structure of the pattern of snowflakes. All laws and rules through observation and analysis led people to create songs, was borrowed from the surrounding world. And the original picture carried information function, gradually acquiring emotional value experiences of the author. So whether it's a simple symmetrical composition, and whether it can help to convey the rich artistic image? Maybe she is a ‘thing in itself”, which the untrained viewer does not immediately see.

symmetrical composition


The Latin word compositio ("drawing") is the basis for art forms of different genres. It is the song responsible for the integrity of the work. Different compositional decisions are subject to the same strict laws. The elements assembled by the artist diverse. Main of them - the shape, color, texture, rhythm, contrast, nuance, aspect ratio. Laws are few, but obligatory for execution: balance, unity, and subordination.

For any symmetric composition is the basis for a plane of its placement. It largely determines the use of different means of expression.

composition symmetrical shapes


What you need to do to see the plane? Just look at her. Because the human eye – it is a unique receiver of the information has already been “trained” nature correct vision.

In nature there are conditions under which optically deceiving, but oddly they are legitimate and sufficiently studied to date. Therefore, the vast majority of people clearly perceive the plane. Natural differences exist between people who use the characters, and those who read and write using letters. Cultural differences play in this case not the last role.


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However, there are illusions of perception of the composition symmetrical shapes that are common to people around the world. They are based on the peculiarities of the mechanism of processing of visual impressions by the brain:

  1. A Rectangle is located on the long side to the horizon, it seems heavy, steady. At the same time the location is on the short side attaches to the figure of lightness, agility.
  2. With the Same absolute figures seem to be different because of the light: white forms on a dark background always look more black copies.
  3. The Bounding horizontal lines visually expand the space, while vertical – extend it.

The Above are only the most common illusions that should be considered when building a symmetrical composition of geometric shapes.

symmetric and asymmetric composition

Forms on plane

The Diversity of different forms can be reduced to a triangle, square, rectangle, circle, point and line. Forms of composition and the plane on which they are placed, conventionally associated concept of the image. Even a blank sheet of paper are endowed with a conditional structure. His plane can be dissected into horizontal, vertical and diagonal axis (on which is built the symmetric composition).

The vanishing Point of all lines is in the center of the plane and is always perceived by the viewer actively. Part of the plane outside of the center, felt passive. All the elements of a symmetric composition interacts with the structure of the plane and subject to the achievement of visual equilibrium form a harmonious structure.

symmetrical composition of geometric shapes


This phenomenon is found everywhere: in biology, chemistry, and geometry. Among the works of art most often used in architecture, decorative crafts, drawings.

The Word is of Greek origin, literally "proportionality" and refers to the balanced arrangement of forms with respect to the axis or point. Helical symmetry often she is the subject of the image. The more commonly used types of symmetry are:

  • Mirror;
  • Central;
  • Axis;
  • Transfer.
symmetrical decorative composition

Potential problems

Preparation balanced with the symmetry of the compositions is not such a simple task as it seems at first glance. Here the artist is required knowledge of some patterns:

  1. The Creation of memorable symmetrical composition can only happen in a perfect conformity of all components (sometimes even a small deviation can destroy the work).
  2. Such work does not carry novelty and surprises, so there is a large percentage of probability to go into the “boring trim”.

The Account of these features allows masters to create a truly masterpiece samples of symmetrical compositions, examples of which can be observed in the architecturepainting, interior design, landscape design and other art fields.

symmetrical composition examples

Closure and openness

There are pictures of centripetal and centrifugal. First designed in such a way that the viewer's gaze gradually returned to the middle of the picture. Such works are framed by fields that are a clear marking of the boundaries. Well in advance of your expected to guess the subject of the painting or drawing on already written on the canvas indicates centraliniste, or open composition. Such works quite difficult to understand and require some time for reflection.

Symmetrical decorative composition is likely to be closed, because its purpose is the decoration of the space. In this case, just getting resistance, reticence, tranquility, balance. Quite often the decorating is carried out in three-dimensional space. But the laws are on a plane and volumetric performance. Therefore, the photo symmetrical composition will not lose meaning (assuming the professionalism of the photographer) and made by a master, maybe even add some color.

symmetrical composition photo

Dynamics and statics

For the transmission of motion and rest, the artist uses all the tools available: color, rhythm, texture, lines, shapes, etc. What is statics? This is the location of the elements of the composition, which leaves an impression of immobility, of equilibrium, of stability. Characteristic features of such constructions:

  1. There is Clearly a use of structure plane in the preparation of composite groups by a specific build order.
  2. Items for making a story out of similar main parameters: shape, texture, etc.
  3. Use “soft” tonal range with the avoidance of sharp contrasts.

The Dynamics of composition is transmitted with inverse methods. Thus, the coordinated elements leave an impression of internal tensions, the desire to move or even aim a jerk.

For Example, a symmetrical arrangement of rectangles can exude unshakable calm, which is achieved through the above described methods. But enough to inject a bit of colour variety (symmetry will no longer be strict) - and the same rectangles already convey to the viewer other information: anxiety, tension, expectation. The appearance of dynamics in a song can bring it to a different organizational reality.

symmetrical compositions of rectangles

Symmetry and asymmetry

Oddly enough, but the equilibrium (or balance) – this is the basic principle of the structure of all living things in the world. Therefore, the asymmetry does not denote a lack of order in the composition – a free order (only a bit small deviation from symmetry).

It does not require a strict matching of elements of tone, texture, volume, weight. Beauty components emphasized their otherness, and location relative to each other. However, in such compositions the special attention of a skilled artist pays the balance, as it is the testimony of a competent building the integrity of the image.

Based on this, we can conclude that the value of the picture is not one the author has used one or another technique of compiling material, and is shown in the available report of the plan of the work, its emotional richness. One can argue that symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions differ only in the complexity of their performance for the artist. After all, “brevity-the sister of talent” and often “all the brilliant – just”. And the simplicity in such cases, it becomes pervasive (and in performance and in perception).

Symmetry enjoyed by contemporary artists, as well as their predecessors. It is guaranteed to provide the creation of the impression of Majesty of the depicted objects, the solemnity and pomp. Symmetry is embodied in one of the most immutable and eternal laws of nature – striving for balance.

However human life (and impressions of her stay) is often located not balanced. Therefore, there are asymmetric patterns, filled with emotions, movement, contradictions and dreams. The artist is not entitled to remain on the side of events.


Despite its apparent simplicity, symmetrical compositions are examples of a harmony of peace and nature. However, asymmetric construction is not deprived of this property. The unity of such compositions opens with eye of the viewer immediately, as it is built on certain laws not related to the axes of symmetry. The aesthetic value of both forms of images are not questioned, as has been repeatedly proven.

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