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Fill your life with bright impressions, meet new people and buy interesting profession, which was another dream with a happy childhood, – maybe.

St. Petersburg school of television

The St. Petersburg school of television in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Saratov, Arkhangelsk and other cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus regularly conducts groups for training courses on a variety of areas (television, photography, style, music, psychology, design and more) for adults and children.


School of television, whose main office is located in Saint Petersburg – network of educational centers at the Federal level. To date, it consists of 28 branches in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the cities of Voronezh, Nizhniy Novgorod, Krasnodar, Ufa, Minsk, Moscow, Astana and others.

A Wide range of areas and courses for adults and for children aged 8 to 16 years. Flexible schedule, convenient location (usually schools are located in the Central part of the city), great teaching staff, a certificate of the state sample at the end – all this is possible with the St. Petersburg school of television.

St. Petersburg school of television reviews

Here you can learn the specialty to which to safely develop professionally or to apply their knowledge and skills in everyday life. Also to improve skills in the familiar direction.

For children courses will be a great opportunity to expand horizons, to master the basic level of the chosen direction (one or more), to reveal creative potential, to find new acquaintances.

Teachers in every branch of the St. Petersburg school of television – it is the practitioners-the teachers, the real masters in their field who have extensive experience and have reached certain heights in its field. Every teacher is himself a strong personality and a unique identity, which is constantly improving and working on himself.


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The Training center was 7 years old. It has an enrollment of over 52 thousand students (from different cities: Voronezh, Perm, Moscow, Ryazan, Ekaterinburg).

At the St. Petersburg school of television presents 7 lines and more than 100 specialties. On the selected course of study the student receives the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The period of study, if necessary, any student provided materials, equipment and other important for learning props.

At the St. Petersburg school of television, a flexible system of discounts, constantly held various promotions, through which you can receive education in several areas and at minimal cost, or purchase the unlimited package «All inclusive" at affordable price and to study for a year at any rate.

In a television school there are 7 areas of learning:

  1. School TV.
  2. School.
  3. School of design
  4. School style.
  5. Theater.
  6. School of music or psychology (depending on city).
  7. Courses for kids

Read more about each category in more detail.

School TV

In this area of study the student learns all about how to create television programs, receives information and skills in the segment of TV production and producing, knows (theoretically and practically), what is the scope of the reporter and much more.

St. Petersburg school of television Ekaterinburg

School TV includes the following courses in the field of:

  • Videographer, video editing, videographer (1, 2 step, full rate);
  • Video recording on the camera;
  • Advertising & marketing (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Journalism (level 1 and level 2, full year);
  • Broadcaster;
  • Sound (1 and 2 stages, a full course of specialist);
  • Direction;
  • Make-up and spetseffekty;
  • Scenarist;
  • Radiojournalists;
  • Doctor;
  • Producer;
  • A wedding videographer.


This area helps students to learn the basics of acting: to speak beautifully, to feel confident during public appearances and to discover the wonderful world of rhetoric, speed reading.

St. Petersburg school of television in Moscow

Specialty theatre Studio of the St. Petersburg school of television:

  • The basics;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Oratory;
  • Acting (1, 2, 3 degree, full course);
  • The course lead events (1, 2, 3 steps);
  • Presenter-entertainer (full course);
  • Courses of speed reading and memory development.

School design

In this direction it is possible to obtain skills in creating animated films, graphic and three-dimensional images, drawing, watercolor, oil, ink and so on. And master landscape design, floral design and other creative, exciting and relevant in this time of specialization.

St. Petersburg school of television Voronezh


  • Design (full course);
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Vector graphics;
  • Draw (graphics, chromatics, painting);
  • Flowers;
  • Animation,
  • Interior design (1, 2, 3 stages, fullrate);
  • Landscape design;
  • Photoshop;
  • Site creation;
  • Calligraphy;
  • Fashion design;
  • Sketching;

School of music

To Realize his dream – learn to play a musical instrument, learn musical instrument or to sing favorite songs professionally delivered voice – perhaps by studying in the school of music at the St. Petersburg school of television in Krasnodar, Ryazan, Samara and some other cities, since this area has only a few branches.

Thanks to the music, adult learners discover the amazing world of harmony, purity of sound, composition, vocals.


  • Acoustic guitars
  • Bass guitar;
  • Guitar;
  • Drum set;
  • Synth;
  • The piano
  • Vocal;
  • Playing the drum.

School of psychology

And in the other branches of the St. Petersburg school of television (in Nizhny Novgorod, for example) is the direction of a “Psychology”, in which you can learn the following specialties:

  • The psychology of couple relationships;
  • General psychology;
  • Course of sales managers;
  • Psychology of communication;
  • A course in child psychology;
  • Manage stress.

St. Petersburg school of television Ufa

This direction will help not only to master the basic skills new skills, but also learn how to build proper family relationships, with colleagues, to understand themselves and the world on a more profound level.

School style

This area allows students to attain knowledge and skills about what style do how to find your and also to help others in this issue, learn how to combine things. And as additional knowledge that will help to make the final touch to the image, learning the makeup and hair.St. Petersburg school of television Nizhniy Novgorod


  • Makeup artist (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Model (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Stylist courses (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Makeup;
  • Hair (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Visual merchandising (level 1 and level 2);
  • Style for men.

Also as part of the School of style in many cities, including in Ufa, from St. Petersburg school of television held special workshops on aeromega.

The School

This course allows both the novice and professional photographer to learn new skills in this direction. Here students are taught how to properly operate a camera, finding beautiful angles, colors, communication with the models (clients).

St. Petersburg school of television Krasnodar

The Specialty of photography at the St. Petersburg school of television:

  • Photography (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Photo editing (1, 2, 3 stages, full course);
  • Portrait photography;
  • Wedding photographer;
  • Family and children's photography.


For younger students-aged 8 to 16 years of age – St. Petersburg television school is the direction of a “startup”, which will help any child to discover his inner potential, to find your calling and may determine the future profession. And develop as a unique personality, to gain confidence to find friends of like-minded, professional to develop one or more directions.


  • School of television;
  • School of cinema and theatre;
  • Videoblogging;
  • Create version;
  • Courses video;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Editing;
  • Oratory;
  • Acting;
  • Journalism (speech technology, the creation of transfer);
  • "Instagram"blogger;
  • Film directing;
  • Studio;
  • Sports kommentirovannyi;
  • Animacija;
  • Still;
  • Visa;
  • Model;
  • Risovanie;
  • Skorochtenie;
  • Fotografia;
  • Speaker and radio host;
  • Etiquette;
  • International videoblogging.


The St. Petersburg school of television graduates speak with special gratitude and warmth:

  1. Courses help to improve the skills (advertising and marketing, and other areas).
  2. A Lot of positive emotions from the learning process.
  3. Excellent course speakers – variety of learning techniques help in the implementation of a long-standing creative desires.
  4. Courses help to obtain education at any age.
  5. Sociable and friendly classmates, good teachers (maximum of practical skills, less theory).
  6. Presenters Interesting courses, exciting activities (speech, acting, energy, and so on), individual approach to every student.
  7. Interesting teachers (sociable and with a great sense of humor) in the course of advertising and marketing that promotes better assimilation of new knowledge.
  8. Obtained in the course of radio journalism knowledge helps to apply them not only in work but in everyday life.
  9. School is children's dreams.
  10. Simple and easy to understand explanations from instructors – a very great value for students.

And even geographically, each branch of the St. Petersburg school of television – in Voronezh, Moscow, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan – located in the city center.

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