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The Country is Brazil located in South America and occupies almost most of it. In the local area is mainly dominated by low-lying terrain.

The State has many mineral deposits scattered almost throughout Brazil, however, most of them located in mountainous areas. In order to be able to study in detail the data fields that are required by a geological map, which can be seen in the photo.Brazil minerals


Relief of Brazil can be divided into several component segments:

  • Coastal area
  • Wetlands of the Pantanal;
  • Brazilian and Guiana highlands;
  • Amazonia.

And it's no accident we pay attention to the topography of Brazil - minerals local places are the main wealth of the country and the key to its successful economic development. And the formation of mineral deposits depends on the structure of the earth's surface.

Coastal area

The Coastal area of the country – this plain, which is located along the shoreline of the Atlantic ocean and includes part of the Brazilian highlands. In the North the transition from plains to mountainous terrain is smooth, but the southern part is characterized by a sharp transition from mountains to sand.

It is Worth noting that the coastal zone has in his Arsenal not only the sand and lakes, lagoons, but also wetlands. There are also natural Harbor and the granite outcrops, which are particularly rich in Brazil. Minerals found in the area of fuel type – oil and gas. the topography of Brazil minerals

Wetlands of the Pantanal

Swamps, the Pantanal is located in the South-West from the Paraguay river. They are close enough to the States of Mato gross and Mato gross do Sul. This area is just made for cattle, as here due to the contrast climate, grows more diverse flora than other similar stations in the country.

Brazilian and Guiana highlands

The Brazilian highlands is quite extensive. It is located in the South and in the centre, occupying about 30% of the state Brazil. Minerals, deposits of which are located in this area, are the most valuable. This rhinestone, iron ore etc.

Highlands is characterized by fertile soil. The highest point of this area is mount Bandeira (2890 m). In the South-Western part of the lava plateau, which crosses the Parana river and its tributary, the Iguazu. They form waterfalls at the end of the plateau.

Part of the Brazilian highlands Guiana is considered. They are separated by the Amazon basin. Here in the North state of Brazil minerals include uranium, manganese, gold, bauxite etc.

Mountain La Neblina, located here, is the highest point not only in the highlands, but throughout the country, and stands at 3014 m above sea level.Brazil


Amazonia presented a rather extensive area. And most of it is in Brazil. These places are rich of iron ores and gold, and in the lower reaches of the watercourse of Madeira discovered deposits of gas and oil.

Amazon is the biggest river of the world, but in the country a lot and other water bodies, particularly rivers, pools of which set the basic low-lying terrain.


In Brazil are concentrated many mineral resources: various ores, precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, oil, gas, bauxite, bituminous shale, uranium, ores of rare earth elements, tin, lead, Nickel, tungsten, barite, zinc, copper, phosphate, lead, lithium. And this is just a small list.

A Lot of land still not fully tested, so new fields are opened practically every week.

Fossil fuel

The Oil and natural gas on the local area represented by small stocks - 136 oil fields and 14 gas.

Deposits of bituminous shale located in the state of paraná. These fossils are argillite and limestone facies with inclusions of diabase and basalt.

There are no large reserves of coal. Their total number is less than 2 billion tons.

Uranium ore Deposits located in the States of Bahia, Ceara, and the Serra di Jacobin. Thorium and uranium are concentrated in the North-East of Brazil, close to the banks of the Amazon.geological map

Ore Deposits

The Amount of iron ore in the country is 17% of total world reserves. It is produced in Mato Grosso in the swimming pool of Minas Gerais. Major bauxite resources are Paired in the heart of the Amazon basin. According to research, Brazil is ranked 1st among Latin American countries in their reserves.

Tungsten ore are located in the North-East of the country. They are mainly represented by silicafume skarns. However, in the South of Rio Grande do Norte fossil data can be attributed to the quartz vein type. Nickel ore is mostly of silicate type, are concentrated at great depth in the area of goiás.

Also, there are hydrothermal deposits of polymetallic elements (there are more than 120). Note that these untold riches exist here due to the topography of Brazil.

The minerals listed above are most often found in the valley of the river Ribeira and near the industrial state of Minas Gerais. And rich deposits of tin are in the territory of Rondonia. Zirconium, tantalum, niobium and beryllium elements produced from pegmatite ores, which are concentrated in são Tomé, Seritonine and Paralyze.

Special fields

precious and semi-precious stones

The Country is also rich in precious metals. The gold mining industry is booming in the state of Minas Gerais, at the mouth of the Amazon and in Goias. Here mined precious and semi-precious stones. In Brazil there are deposits of precious opal, rock crystal, amethyst, diamond, tourmaline, jewelry, beryl, emeralds, and agate.

Incidentally, there is produced a red-orange Topaz, which are considered the most rare - their principal deposits are located near Ouro Preto. And most precious items are located in the state of Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina, Bahia, são Paulo, Mato Grosso Goias.

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