Bachelor and master - what is the difference?


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For ten years, Russia participates in the Bologna process, which focuses on the harmonious convergence of higher education systems in Europe. After signing the Bologna Declaration in Russia, there was a reform of higher education and a gradual and measured transition to two-level system. Bachelor and master are these two stages, of which now consists of the higher education system.

Bachelor and master

In Russia, bachelor and master correspond to the standard systems of education in Europe, which undoubtedly raises the value of diplomas of Russian higher educational institutions on the issue of employment on the territory of Russia and abroad. In addition, BA can apply for the master's degree in another profile at another University, in another country. It's not against the rules and it is encouraged as admission to graduate school after getting work experience.

The Wrong is the opinion that the bachelor degree in Russia is higher education. And bachelor's, and master's degree is a completed higher education, differences arise when applying for serious positions of responsibility. For example, in administrative work without much responsibility with pleasure will accept bachelor's, and master's degrees. And in the case of production work and high liability will give preference rather to master. However, the legal master's degree in Russia produces those shots, the level of skills which allows them to take on the job as a judge or Prosecutor, in contrast to the legal bachelor's, and it plays a role in the eyes of the students - now they receive education in accordance with their plans and ambitions.


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Bachelor in Russian

Of Course, this situation occurs not only when training in the law, it's common practice. The fundamental level of training without the specialization is the bachelor's, and master's degree available only to bachelors, and graduate - only master's degrees.

After the division of the higher education system on the steps employers have questions about the qualifications of the applicants, but in most cases it is all about experience and personal qualities of former students. It is important to understand the distinction between bachelor, master and specialist – everyone is professional, everyone has higher education. But the bachelor after graduation is a theorist without specialized knowledge (specialized education), master after graduation is a theorist with a decent Luggage highly specialized knowledge. Specialist out of the University good practice with the necessary sector-specific knowledge, skills and abilities.

Law graduate

It is Impossible not to mention the fact that after the adoption of the Bologna Declaration has decreased the minimum time in higher education. Be a bachelor, you should undergo four years of training, and that means training in a magistracy is possible to parallel the work on his specialty.

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