Do we know the possibilities of man? The development of human capabilities


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Since ancient times, people attach great importance to its development and the evaluation of their own abilities. Centuries ago it was believed that the person chose the wrong vector of development. What do you mean? Instead of effort and self-development, people do not cease to work on the environment that surrounds them. Almost or absolutely are not doing yourself, the person tries to make the conditions around yourself as comfortable as possible. On the other hand, not all people have a materialistic mindset. A appreciate what you have and cherish the things that you can't buy for money. It is important to realize that the best “investment” are the efforts made to improve the spiritual, social and physical abilities of a person.


Do you have potential?

One well-known philosopher and psychologist William James, who lived in the twentieth century, came to the conclusion that most people do not realize the potential that they initially pledged. According to him, every child has such prospects, which his parents do not even think. That is why most people remain at a low level of development of their talent – they don't realize how broad the horizon of their abilities.the development of human capabilitiesLet's Consider examples of how the development of human capabilities. New social skills are formed rather quickly. If people understood that I can so soon learn, their lives would have been completely different. For example, to be able to play a musical instrument and be known as a master of his craft, the average individual will require approximately one year. A lot of it? Not at all! The ability and capacity of man is so incredible that even in such a short period of time, he may learn something truly beautiful. So the idea that you achieve a certain level of development or a specific purpose, often are based on stereotypes of lazy people. To see how striking a person's ability, just set a goal and pursue it. But what will help to achieve goals and uncover new possibilities of man?

The Importance of systematic efforts

Most people fail to succeed because they do not show enough perseverance in their aspirations.

Patience and a little effort. This proverb accurately emphasizes the importance of systematic efforts. Even if the desire to develop some kind of talent or the quality of attempts are unconvincing, and the results will not be called triumphant, it is important day-to-day to continue make a way in the intended direction and not give up.

Many people believe that special human capabilities inherent in him from birth. the ability and capacity of manSo, people celebrate talented personalities. The same many justify themselves. Do not think that talented people are those born. In most cases we do not see so many talented people as hardworking and purposeful. It is important to make every effort to engage in the development of his personality. Such efforts bring great inner satisfaction.

The Physical ability of a person developing on the same principle. In this respect, of course, much does not depend on us. For example, a person whose height-160 centimeters, can not become a professional basketball player, no matter how he tried. However, to succeed in this business he is still able, if you will persistently seek to target.


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To stimulate the development of human capabilities, it is important to make the right choices and be able to focus. Again remember the adage: “after two hares, you will catch neither". To develop individual abilities and talents, it is important not only to go its own way, no matter what, but the correct path to choose, fully focusing on it. what are the possibilities of manReturning to the example with a man short in stature, confident that human capabilities are limitless. He set himself the goal of becoming a professional basketball player. In this situation, you can note on the positive side? First, the fact that people are not afraid to set ambitious goals. Second, he is trying his best and not giving up despite the hardships he will have to face. However, to achieve his goal and become a professional basketball player to a man is not able. What's wrong? The thing into the wrong road.

People for better implementation of features you should soberly assess their abilities and circumstances, to set achievable goals. At the same time, it is important not to be distracted by extraneous tasks, a fair solution which can stop the progression and prevent the conquest of peaks.


The ability and capacity of man can be disclosed only if it can overcome the qualities of any personality, like laziness, inertia. To cope with such obstacles to the development of his personality will help awareness of the value of the goal – motivation. In sports people are motivated by the desire to be victorious, to win glory, fame, havewealth. All this helps them to continuously improve and become more confident in yourself.

Unusual potential

The Majority of others much more interesting to see the social capabilities of the person and his unusual talents and abilities of the body. This is because extraordinary mental quality is not striking, while the phenomenal capabilities of the human body everyone will notice.physical capabilitiesPeople used to think that they have a limit. According to scientists, it is partly for this reason, people often can not overcome some sort of barrier or high, but the potential he's got. The limit of human capabilities may be checked in stressful situations, when mental milestone – that keeps –ceases to operate as usual. This proves a lot of examples. Surely you have heard about the people who from fear of danger in seconds overcame a height more than two meters or showed strength beyond their normal dozens of times. All this suggests that human capabilities are much more extensive than we are accustomed to thinking. With this in mind, do not think that anything that we can't handle.

Consider what human potential has been demonstrated in various fields. These real cases confirm that almost everything is achievable.

Being in a cold environment

The Time that people can spend in the water – an hour and a half. During this small period death occurs due to shock, poor respiratory function or heart failure. It would seem that the physical capability of the person simply does not allow to extend this milestone. But there are other facts.

During world war II Sergeant of the Soviet troops swam in cold water of 20 kilometers, thereby fulfilling their combat mission. To overcome this distance, the soldier was gone 9 hours! Isn't it telling that the world of human possibilities is much greater than we can imagine?!

Prove this fact and one British fisherman. Within 10 minutes after a shipwreck in cold water because hypothermia killed all his companions, but this man lasted about five hours. And after he reached the shore, it was another three hours barefoot. Indeed, with regard to the cold environment, human capabilities are much broader than is commonly believed. But what about other areas?

The Feeling of hunger, or How long can you live without food

There is a common opinion of experts that people survive without food for about two weeks. However, doctors in some countries witnessed an amazing record of helping to realize the fantastic potential of the human body.

For Example, one woman was starving for 119 days. During this period she received daily dose of vitamins to maintain the functioning of internal organs. But such 119-day hunger strike – not the limit of human capabilities.

In Scotland, two women checked into the clinic and began to starve with the purpose of getting rid of excess weight. It's hard to believe, but one of them did not use food for 236, and the second – for 249 days. The second indicator has not yet been surpassed so far. Our health resources must be very rich indeed. But if a person for so long can not eat, the question arises about how much he can drink.

Water – life?

They Say that without water man can last no more than 2–3 days. Actually this figure depends on the individual capabilities of man, his physical activity and ambient temperature. Scientists say that in the best of circumstances, without water you can only live for 9-10 days. Is it really so? Is there a limit?

In the fifties in the city of Frunze were found the man received a head injury and had lain without help for 20 days in a cold and deserted place. When he was found, he wasn't moving, and his pulse is barely detectable. However, the next day, 53-year-old man was able to speak freely.

And still the case. In England in the period after the Second world war the ship sank. The steward of this vessel that crashed in the Atlantic ocean, on the boat was rescued and stayed on it for four and a half months!

Other fantastic records

People can achieve much greater results than those that are considered to be the norm, and at times, an incredible achievement. All the matter in our brain, which subconsciously tells the person on his limit. This mechanism, of course, brings our body a favor. However, understanding how this system operates, we can achieve much greater success in that area, which decided to develop.
world of human possibilitiesDoes Not list all records, showing that human potential is incredibly high. Such achievements made in sport, including in the field of power loads. There are people who for a long time can not breathe. Extraordinary abilities show a wide opportunities and prospects.

The Fact that human potential is more than he seems, shows one category of people to which many, unfortunately, are not treated with due respect. Are people with disabilities. As such persons acknowledge that the human body has huge potential?

Manifestation strengths

people with disabilitiesApeople with disabilities are a worthy example to follow in how to pursue goals and not give up despite obstacles. Human development in such a complex environment not only produces results but builds character. Thus, among persons with disabilities is a huge number of excellent writers, poets, artists, musicians, athletes and so on. All of these talents – largely the result of heredity, but it is the character that show people with certain characteristics that makes them professionals.

History knows many great men who achieved success in different spheres of activities, although they are sometimes regarded as inferior. Here is just one example. Pauline Gorenstein was a ballet dancer. After she became ill with encephalitis, she was paralyzed. The woman lost sight. Despite all the troubles that arose in connection with a serious illness, the woman began to engage in artistic modeling. As a result of her few works are still among the exhibits of the Tretyakov gallery.

Where are the limits?

We can legitimately believe in what our capabilities are truly limitless as physically and mentally. Therefore, the level of development at which the person is in a given time depends exclusively on his desire and effort. It is important in that whatever was to strive for excellence despite the obstacles encountered.

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