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The pigeon dazzling variety of species that differ in size, shape and color of plumage. Large breeds of pigeons reach the size of an adult chicken, but a small – little more than a Sparrow.

Pigeons are trusting to human and quickly become almost tame. While their wild counterparts are more cautious, and approach them at close distance is very difficult.

These birds have excellent eyesight and hearing. Voice them loud, the sounds they make deaf, cooing.

Wild pigeons, according to the research appeared in nature 35 million years ago. All current species has one common ancestor – rock pigeon, which is now widely distributed in Europe, South Asia, North Africa and the Caucasus.

Among the pigeons people have always had a special relationship. The ancient Jews this bird symbolized love and moral purity, the Palestinians brought it in sacrifice to their gods, for Christians the dove is a symbolic incarnation of the Holy spirit, and worldwide modern symbolism of the bird represents peace and friendship.

The Breeders brought a lot of decorative rocks that surprise with their unusual appearance. For example, the warty neck of a dove decorates the ‘collar-bib" among the varieties of Asian pigeons can meet the birds, reminiscent of peacocks with luxurious tail, and pigeons-Jacobi on the head crest emblazoned-crown.

Feeding the pigeons

These birds are extremely greedy. Main their diet are cereals, seeds, fruits, berries, very rarely – small insects. Even the little pigeon can fly for long distances in search of food.


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Pigeons are easy enough to adapt to the meals that it offers to people. In urban environments these birds often find their food in garbage heaps and garbage dumps. Their promiscuity in the choice of food is due to the very small number of taste receptors on the tongue, which is only about 40 (for comparison, a human has more than 10 thousand).

For pigeons is of great importance water, as it can help the grains swell in the stomach and well digested. These birds drink in a rather unusual way: they dip the beak up to the nostrils in liquid and so suck it.

And the little dove up to months of age feeds on thymus “milk” of their parents. A week after the birth the parents feed him already “milk” with the addition of softened grains, gradually increasing their number. Around the age of 20 days the little pigeon can peck small millet and gradually gets used to independent feeding. If parents have a problem with the thymus “milk”, the kids can feed the foster parents – a nanny.

Breeding pigeons

All members of the family columbidae exclusively monogamous. Most pairs remain unchanged throughout life. Since the pigeons have been domesticated much, the reproduction occur at any time of the year. With the exception of birds living in the cold climate of the Northern hemisphere. These birds mainly breed in the warm season – from March to October.

Pigeons should be done mating dance – the ritual before mating. The male hangs around the female, spreads its tail, bends to the earth his head, emits a beautiful cooing.

For vysadki eggs pigeon pair joint effort builds a nest of piles of grass, thin twigs and feathers. If the pigeons live in a quiet place, one and the same slot they can use a few times, just increasing its size.

Usually, one couple in the course of the year there are seven or eight clutches of one or two eggs. Hatch your offspring the parents in turn. Little dove appears in about twenty days.

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