Special (defectological) education. Therapist: where and by whom work


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In higher education applicants are offered a wide range of training areas. One of the specialties, which you can see in some of the universities, academies and institutions – “Special (defectological) education”. People, after studying in this area are considered unique and in demand in the modern world. Which colleges offered this field of study? Who are the graduates who have mastered an educational program and received certificates?

Speech pathology education: essence directions

Children and adults with disabilities in need of skilled care professionals. It is given by trained teachers-speech pathologists. Do people get after completion of higher education in the direction of "Special education".

During the study, each student studies many subjects. These include and "Pedagogy” and “Psychology” and “the Medical-biological bases of defectology", and “Clinic intellectual impairment", etc. In the result of the program, she can do remedial / educational and consultative-diagnostic activities:

  • To correct violations of the development;
  • To develop an individual educational and rehabilitative programs;
  • Explore the features of psychophysical development and the needs of persons with disabilities;
  • Give advice to persons with disabilities, members of their families.

special speech pathology education

Profiles special (defectological) education

Acting on the direction of the "Special education" students usually make a choice between the profiles. Their number depends on the institution. For example, entering the baccalaureate can be offered the following profiles:


  • “goods”;
  • “Speech”;
  • ‘Pedagogical and psychological support for children with disabilities”;
  • “labour law".

To get more knowledge in many universities in the direction of "Defectology (special) education” created the master's degree. Training programmes are the following:

  • “Inclusive education";
  • ‘Pedagogical and psychological support of persons with disabilities”;
  • “Speech therapy (education of persons with a speech disorder)";
  • “Innovative technologies in special education”.

correctional program

Relevance of the specialty in the modern world

Universities, academies and institutes with the specialty "Special education" invite students to study. The members of the admissions Tutors speak about their relevance, because at the present time is quite acute problem of education of children with disabilities. About 9–11% of the child population in need of assistance of special education teachers. Assistance is also needed by some adults.

People who have studied in the direction of "Defectology special education”, are engaged in the development, education and training of children with various development problems related to the psychological sphere, and the physical. Direction of work of experts aimed at persons with acquired and congenital visual impairments, hearing impairment, pathologies of the vocal apparatus, reduction of intelligence, psihonevrologicheskij reactions.

profiles of special education defectological

The availability of the necessary personal qualities

Field of study "Special education" is interesting, but it is not for all people. If you select this profession should be aware that the therapist must possess certain personal qualities. This specialist should bit:

  • Initsiativam;
  • Energichnim;
  • Dobrozhelatelny;
  • Tacticly;
  • Sure in the successful results of his activities, used the correctional program.

The specialist of the Future should be optimistic. The optimism among already employed people is manifested in socially active with respect to the subject, with limited capacity, to the society, which will engage pupils, to himself.

Education in RPD

Almost every city has a College, which has a direction "Special education". In Moscow, there are several. One of the educational institutions – Russian new University (RNU). It is an Autonomous non-profit educational organization, which exists since 1991.

“speech pathology education” the University offers the faculty of psychology and pedagogy. Upon admission each applicant is given the opportunity to choose the most convenient form of education. Full-time classes are held 5 days a week. Pairs begin at the University at 9 o'clock. In correspondence in Russian new University students to master the educational program. Classes at the University are held 2 times a year during the sessions, the length of which is approximately 20 days.

Russian new University

Education in MPSU

Among universities,engaged in training of special education teachers, you can still cite the example of the Moscow psychological and social University (MPSU). This educational organization is also an Autonomous non-profit institution. Its activities the University carries out in 1995.

Moscow psycho-social University, formerly called the Institute implements a number of modern educational programs. Among them are "Special education" for bachelor. Offers full-time, part-time and correspondence courses. The master's program in this field at the University is not provided.

Moscow psychological and social University

Future alumni

People otuchivshis in the direction of "Defectology (special) education” in universities and received diplomas, you can work in different organizations:

  • In educational establishments of all types and levels;
  • In special (correctional) pre-school, school and medical institutions;
  • Centers for the provision of psychological-medical-pedagogical and social assistance to the population;
  • In social protection institutions;
  • Charitable and community organisations that work with people who have limited opportunities.

special speech pathology education universities

Graduates in the future will have a difficult job. Them when working with a particular person will need to assist not only him but also his family. Here is an example. So, the speech pathologist working with the child in accordance with the correctional program. Skilled care needs and he and his parents, close relatives, because the family plays an important role in the process of the correctional and pedagogical influence. The essence of helping parents is to advise on development, learning, socialization and integration of children in society. Thus, the work will be difficult, but it is interesting, therefore, specialty «Defectology (special) education” deserves attention.

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