How to study on "5"? How to study on "perfectly"?


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Of Course, people attending schools, colleges, universities primarily for the sake of knowledge. However, good grades are the most obvious proof that the people this knowledge is acquired. How to study for “5”, not bringing himself to a state of chronic fatigue and getting pleasure from the process? Below are simple recipes, using which you can instantly forget about “twos”.

How to study for “5”: develop intelligence

The higher brain activity of the learner, the faster and easier it absorbs knowledge. How to study for “5”? There is a wide range of games that have a positive impact on intelligence. The absolute champion among them without hesitation called chess. The game can seem simple at first glance, but perfectly trains your logic. Also useful puzzles, stimulating spatial thinking.

how to study 5

How to study for “5”, if chess and puzzles seem boring? There are creative ways to develop intelligence. For example, useful for the brain activity is considered to be drawing. It is not necessary to have the talents of Leonardo da Vinci, as it is allowed to draw everything from funny faces and ending with landscapes. Welcome and lesson in ballroom dancing, as they develop the ability to analyze, because the dancer must simultaneously remember the music, the posture, the rhythm.

To Strengthen the intelligence is easy, doing daily chores. It's enough to just “to break the pattern”. For example, if, during brushing, the brush is always at the right hand of the disciple, is to move it to the left. Faced with an unusual situation, the brain begins to work.


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A Few words about motivation

How to study for “5”? Pupils and students will not get a good score without having a clear idea about why they need them. Standard motivation appropriate for each individual, do not exist, as all people differ from each other.

how to learn perfectly

For some students a great motivation is the prospect of admission to the UNIVERSITY or obtain high-paying positions. Others dream to get the approval of teachers and relatives, gain authority in the classroom. Are you afraid to stay for a second year in high school, to be expelled from the University. Fourth parents promise you a gift for good grades. Any motivation, if it is effective.

Schedule of classes

How to study for good? “Five” in most cases remain inaccessible to those who are accustomed to do from time to time, often giving herself “holidays”. Therefore, work on the acquisition of new knowledge will have daily, evenly distributing the load. A simple solution – the allocation of a certain amount of time on homework, tutoring – for example, 3 hours a day. Definitely should be scheduled and minutes of rest, for example, making a ten-minute break every 45 minutes.

how to study for some 5

Many standouts on their own experience have an idea of what is stress. Not to be among such workaholic should not be taken for homework immediately upon return from school. The best holiday options – walking, reading, watching TV. It is advisable not to rest more than 1.5 hours, because then it would be difficult to force yourself to start doing lessons.

How to study perfectly, doing homework “to occasion” or even forgetting about him? Unfortunately, this is impossible, since the implementation of the lessons given at home, it is necessary to consolidate the material covered in class.


Many students complain that they cannot concentrate on studies, once home. In most cases, the cause is the numerous distractions. As a student on one 5 particular classmate? Probably, nothing prevents him to do. Therefore, to achieve this goal it is enough to remove from the desktop all the laptops, tablets, smartphones. It is advisable to leave only what is necessary for work, in other words, notebooks, textbooks and stationery. Every item should have its own place, as any hint of chaos has a relaxing effect.

how to study only five

How to study only five without tiring prematurely during the lessons? Large role played by the chair, on which sits the student, is required of him convenience, according to the height of the table. Learn to sit is also important, it is desirable that the spine was straight, which prevents excessive load on the spine.

The Accumulation of "knowledge base”

We are Talking about all kinds of notes, examinations, textbooks. It is not necessary to throw away the materials that were used in the past academic year. Often the topics of the lessons are duplicated, have a close relationship.

how to easily learn in school

How easy it is to learn in school? Useful from time to time to return to the studied material, for example, to solve problems that have already ever been performed, even if they seem simpleto read the notes. This will help the knowledge is firmly deposited in the memory. You first need to repeat topics, the development of which is given to the student difficult.


Most students do not think about the impact of appearance on the mark. In the view of teachers about responsible student is always neat, strict clothes. Elegant costumes can be worn not only during examinations but also in everyday life. Special attention should be paid to the hairstyle and make-up (this applies to girls). It is advisable to abandon extreme options frills, to give preference to the classics.

An interesting experiment showed that it is enough for the disciple or the student to change the ripped jeans to a tailored pants suit to the attitude on the part of teachers has improved. Subconsciously, seeing such a transformation, the teacher decides that the student come to his senses.

Take an interest

Teachers are people too, most of them want to see students interested in their subjects, listened carefully, asked clarifying questions, perhaps even beyond the program. However, excessive discussion, especially if it gets away from the current theme are not welcome, better to listen more and talk less. Of course, this does not apply to a situation in which the teacher asks the student a question that requires a detailed answer.

how to start a cattle farm

How to start a cattle farm? Less than a student cuts classes, the best turn out to be his final mark. It is not only that you can not understand the topics that were studied in the absence of the student. Many teachers see in the absenteeism disregard for the subject to himself, which automatically provokes the conflict. Even if occupation is omitted in connection with the disease is to study a new subject and do homework.

After all of the above becomes clear, as one will only learn five or that person. Following these simple rules, you can quickly forget about that time when the journal was dominated by the bad ratings.

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