The Soviet entry into the League of Nations


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The construction of the socialist system in the USSR took place in rather difficult conditions. On the one hand strengthened the position of the capitalist encirclement, and on the other – a growing threat of war. Nazi Germany violated the terms of international treaties, actively arming, preparing to start a violent remaking of the world. In the far Eastern territories such purpose was in Japan, and in Africa, the Balkans and the Mediterranean – in fascist Italy.

These powers constantly tried to expand its influence to other States. So, there was war in Ethiopia, Spain, China. Military action could spread to the whole world. In these, the difficult conditions, the emphasis was on the struggle of the Soviet government against the fascist aggressors, for the occurrence of universal peace and collective security.

The Authority of the Soviet Union grew due to the peaceful policy of the state in past periods, the pursuit of peaceful coexistence of countries with different social and economic systems. Equally important was achieved and the Soviet Union's successes in building socialism. All of this was to reckon the power of bourgeois States, particularly those whose interests were threatened by aggressive fascist policy.

In the world since 1919, started to be an international League. Of the nation, included in its composition, adopted a special Statute. Its provisions reflect the goals and objectives of the Association. The creation of the League of Nations implied the development of cooperation between the powers. The purpose of the organization was to ensure peace and security of peoples.


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After leaving the international League of Germany and Japan had the opportunity to implement their aggressive plans. Up to this point, all their impulses in one or another degree restrained. However, many other countries expressed the view that the Soviet entry into the League of Nations existed in difficult conditions is required. The Soviet Union for its part sought to use all available methods to establish peace. In this regard, the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union the decision to deploy actions to ensure collective security assumed position, which could become a possible Soviet entry into the League of Nations. Provided and signing regional agreements with a large number of European countries about the relative protection from hostile attacks.

The Entry of the USSR into the League of Nations occurred in 1934, September 18. A week before this event the Soviet Union was officially invited on behalf of the thirty-four countries. The Soviet entry into the League of Nations occurred with some reservations. So, the Soviet Union expressed a certain disagreement with a number of provisions of the Charter, defined by methods that violate the sovereignty of some Nations, in particular the lack of commitment for racial equality and also with the colonial mandate system.

The Adoption of the USSR, this Association pointed to the powerful authority of the socialist state. Thus, occurred the international legal consolidation of the situation (it is obvious) that without the participation of the Soviet Union it is impossible to solve the issues in international life.

As part of the League of Nations, the Soviet Union has led the fight for the formation of front powers, striving for peace and for the creation of a collective security structure. Along with this, the socialist government pursued their persistent struggle for peace at the international conference on disarmament, after and before the accession of the international organization of countries. While the Soviet Union offered to make this conference a permanent. However, the participants rejected the proposal. But the initiative of Soviet diplomats caused a lively reaction among the democratic international community, which rightly saw the activities of the Soviet Union as a decisive factor in the issue of strengthening security in the world.

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