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French Angelina Jolie – so characterize fans and critics brilliant Parisian Marion Cotillard. Filmography of the actress, containing about 70 film projects, a surprising abundance of diverse roles. Not only where the characters live, played by French – in the present, in the past, in a fictional world. What is known about the celebrity, already had time to celebrate the 40th anniversary?

Marion Cotillard: biography of a star

The Actress, which in the future will be compared to Angelina Jolie, congratulating her appearance, came to light in 1975. The city where Marion Cotillard was born and raised, is Paris. The parents of the baby are the actors playing in one of the local theatres. The father and mother for a long time could not achieve popularity, so the family never had extra money.

Marion Cotillard filmography

The Absence of funds for expensive clothes do not interfere with Marion little to enjoy life. The girl practically grew up backstage, often accompanied her mother to rehearsals. Cotillard since childhood, fell ill with theater, reviewed many productions. Of course, she had no doubts about who you will become when you grow up, – actress.

The family's Financial situation has changed for the better when his father became famous as a Director. Parents and daughter moved to an elite mansion in new Orleans.

Early career

“Hillbilly” is the first TV show in which there was a Marion Cotillard. Filmography of French began at the age of 19 with a cameo role, which helped her to be remembered by the audience. It didn't thrust the girl, then began to actively act – almost free. In parallel, she had to earn money, creating Souvenirs for sale, as the thirst for independence would not allow her to take money from parents.


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Marion Cotillard

The Failure could not pursue such a bold and talented actress like Marion Cotillard. Filmography her in 1998 has been enriched with ribbon “Taxi”, shot by the famous Luc Besson. She played the girlfriend of the main character, honestly earning the film world the status of promising. To consolidate the progress allowed further participation in popular films “fall in love with me if you dare”, “Big fish". However, the most interesting role of a rising star, was still to come.


The Star band to the aspiring actress was “a very Long engagement", where she invited the Director to his Wife, impressed by her good looks and talent. Drama, released in 2004, changed the public's perception of Marion Cotillard. Filmography celebrity got his first picture in which she actually managed to demonstrate its ability to reincarnation.

Marion Cotillard photo

The Character played by the French in this popular drama, became a prostitute. The heroine Marion lives alone revenge, hoping to settle with the people that killed her lover. Her Tina was so alive and immediate that it seems as if the action takes place in the real world, not on the set. Some critics insist that she beat even Audrey Tautou, is also starring in the drama.

The Most striking roles

“the Life in pink”, presented to the public in 2007, has become another creative victory for Marion Cotillard. Review of the best images created by her in the movie, can not include the character of Edith Piaf. When reporters asked the Director Daan why he chose the actress, he replied that he found the similarities between the French and the iconic singer, which she perfectly played. The role of Piaf Marion gave numerous awards, among them was “Oscar”.

Two years later, fans of the movie star was waiting for another pleasant surprise – her appearance in the film “Nine”. The role, which the actress was not home, but during its presence in the frame it has managed to outshine partners on the set. The character of Marion – the wife of the famous Director who has experienced a disappointment in life. Especially vivid were the scenes where her character comes into confrontation with an unfaithful spouse.

Marion photo

The Romantic picture of the “Midnight in Paris”, released in 2011, also allowed fully develop the acting talent of Marion Cotillard. Photo French women in the image of Adrianna, consisting in a romantic relationship by Picasso, can be seen above. She perfectly succeeded to depict flirtatious intellectual living in the beginning of the last century.

More view

When talking about such a wonderful actress, it's hard to choose the most impressive of her works in the movies. Deserves watching a sci-Fi Thriller “Beginning”, appeared on screens in 2010. Perhaps this is the biggest blockbuster of all who played Marion. Photo French women in the image of the Mall, Cobb can be viewed below. From first glance, her character seems a standard Thriller heroine, but the girl managed to spice it up, keeping the suspense until the final credits.

biography filmography

Beautiful Marion looks in the picture “johnny D", taken from a year earlier, where the star got the role of the girlfriend of the legendary bandit. She created the image referred to as among the best female characters in a gangster movie. Additional advantages of the strip – unexpected plot twists, dynamism.

Biography, filmography full of stars and other highlights. For example, not like the others her role as heroine tape “the Dark knight: the legend continues”, released in 2012. If you believe the rumors, the creators even agreed to wait until the film star will be released from another contract.

Personal life

The Love of your life met a star from France on the set. It happened while working on a painting “fall in love with me if you dare” when Cotillard first met Guillaume Canet. The on-screen relationship beautiful couple turned into real. French actor and Director parted ways with his wife and since then remains the only man in your life Marion. In 2011 the couple had a child, which became for them both the first.

To the delight of fans, the actress does not stop filming. One of her latest achievements-participation in military drama “Macbeth” in which she plays the main female role. The plot of the new film echoes of the same Shakespeare play. In 2016 there will be other interesting news with her.


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