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What do the events of the great Patriotic war, the more we must make every effort to preserve the memory of the heroes of the past. In this article, you will learn who was Konstantin Zaslonov and for what services he was awarded the order of Lenin and given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously).

Konstantin Zaslonov


To have survived many of his letters in which he talked about his life, shared his thoughts. Therefore, even many years later you can describe his personality, to understand how he was a man. Everyone read them it becomes clear that Barriers Constantine was love and respect in the team. A reason to trust him when he ran the locomotive depot and when he became commander of a partisan detachment. People conform to his will, despite the fact that Constantine Zaslonova in the beginning of the war was only 31 years old and a senior position in the depo he took and did in 27 years. It happened because he thoroughly knew his business, tried to get into all he undertook, and then to teach others.

Konstantin Zaslonov biography

Character Preferences

Office depot Roslavl of the Smolensk region and Orsha Vitebsk region Konstantin Zaslonov was admitted after he graduated from the professional railway school, and then for five years worked on simple posts. Was a mechanic and a machinist's assistant, locomotive and master. It helped him to thoroughly master the locomotive business, especially since he loved technology, was keen for all novelties.

He had a dream that is difficult to understand nowadays, especially the youth. He wanted to become a member of the Communist party, and not just be, and to be worthy of this, so even as a commander of the guerrilla group, Konstantin Zaslonov doubt, whether he deserves the confidence of his party comrades so that they could accept him into their ranks. A candidate member of the CPSU(b) it was adopted in August 1942, two months before his death.


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On the way to your goal

Konstantin Zaslonov was born in a simple working family 07.01.1910 city This event occurred in Ostashkov in Kalinin region. He had a chance to visit a farm laborer at fist, to learn shoemaking craft.

After the revolution, he was educated, and was sent to Leningrad. There he began to study for a railway, but a year later was called to work. After working in different depots, and early in the war he was in Belarus. After the arrival of the Nazis Konstantin Zaslonov was evacuated to Moscow, but to be there could not and wrote the letter with the request to allow him to create his own guerrilla group. The request was granted, and he crossed the front line with a group of 40 people in October 1941.

Konstantin Zaslonov

Military routine

It Turned out that the Nazis on the Belarusian land, which went to Konstantin Zaslonov, a photo of which you can find in this article, it was very much. To reach its goal, namely, Orsha, as a group they could not. Therefore, it was decided to get alone, get a job at Orsha station, again to gather and engage in guerilla activities.

The Zaslonova easily recruited, because he was very good, and the Germans needed knowledgeable people to restore train movement. Soon the party began subversive activities. All its members had to hide in the woods. They did that blew up the train. The Nazis had hard times.

From the reports Zaslonova clear that his squad were sent derailed trains, blew up railway bridges, denounced the fascist garrisons, destroying the enemy, his equipment and weapons, dealing the Germans irreparable damage.


Konstantin Zaslonov was a great commander. His unit was called “Uncle Kostya" that speaks about the respect which experienced guerrillas to his young commander. Barriers led hard, clearly giving orders, seeing before itself the big purposes. Traitors, spies, provocateurs, he spared and others were advised to get rid of them at any cost.

Prohibition was a dangerous enemy for the Nazis. They were appointed over his head a reward of 50,000 marks. In addition, Constantine caught alive or killed him, they promised to give out the award — the iron cross and to make a heavenly existence in Germany. And the peasants promised to give two names.

Guards were Killed heroically fighting the executioners. And ambush them guerrilla group staged itself, having received information about the movement of Nazis. The road between the villages of Kuz'myno and Utrillo fierce battle ensued, during which he was killed by the detachment commander.

Konstantin Zaslonov photo

That was Konstantin Zaslonov, biography which may serve as an example for young people. His exploits are not forgotten. In different cities of Russia and Belarus are monuments and plaques named in honor of the street, including in St. Petersburg.

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