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Robert Scott, the English polar Explorer and discoverer, a significant portion of his life devoted to the study of the Antarctic and the South pole. This material is dedicated to Robert Falcon Scott and his four companions, in the spring of 1912 returning from the South pole and perished from hunger, extreme cold and physical exhaustion.

Origin and childhood

Robert Falcon Scott was born on 6 July 1868 in the English port town of Davenport. His father, John Scott, unlike his brothers who served in the Navy, had poor health, that might have prevented him to realize their dreams. John owned a brewery and not in poverty, but he was hardly content with its existence, for many years dreaming about brighter and more vibrant life.Robert Scott

As a child, Robert, who, like his father, could not boast of good health, having heard from his uncle all sorts of stories about the sea; and smitten with the romance of distant wanderings. In his childhood play, he imagined himself a brave Admiral, confidently leading his ship towards the unknown lands. He was a stubborn small, lazy and even somewhat sloppy, but as his growing up found the strength to overcome these shortcomings.


Initially, Robert Scott was taught to read and write from a governess, and at age eight enrolled in the school. Interestingly, in a school located in a neighboring town, the boy traveled alone, moving on a pony that took his life a special place.

The Study was given to young Robert, not too easy, however, his parents soon decided to send him to the naval Academy. Perhaps his father hoped that the son is keen on sea travel, so you will take more interest in learning and will be able to get a decent education. But he still never became a good student, but that did not stop him in 1881 to be enrolled as a Midshipman in the Royal Navy.


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Young Scott enters the path of a sailor. Familiarity with Clements Markham

Two years Robert went to sea on the training ship Britannia, on which he earned the title of Midshipman. In subsequent years, he sailed on an armored Corvette Boadicea, and at the age of 19 got on the Rover, which was the ship of the training squadron of the Navy. Despite the fact that Robert Scott is a traveler from birth, lots of time spent at sea, the service is not particularly attracted him, and he still dreamed of sailing to distant lands. But among his colleagues he enjoyed a certain authority and respect, as had the reputation of a person with only good qualities.Robert Falcon Scott

And once on the ship squadron appeared Clements Markham, to a large extent influenced the future life of Robert Scott. This man was the Secretary of the Royal geographical society, he was interested in young and talented people. Meanwhile been arranged in the race on the boats, the winner of which went to Scott, and then he met Markham, who drew attention to it.

Later, Robert Scott took his studies that helped him to successfully pass the exams and obtain the rank of Lieutenant. Then he studied navigation and math, and a pilot mine it and even took courses in artillery fire control.

In 1899 his father died Scott, so the young Lieutenant had plenty of worries, which virtually left him free time. In this difficult time, he meets Barrie and finds out from him about the impending expedition to Antarctica. With the assistance of Robert soon filed a report, which expresses their desire to lead the company.

First expedition to the Antarctic

With the support of Markham in 1901 Robert Falcon Scott, who by that time already reached the rank of captain of the 2nd rank, is appointed by the head of the First British National Antarctic expedition, advanced on the ship Discovery. In 1902, the travelers manage to overcome the zone of pack-ice and to get to the coast of Victoria Land. So was the open Land of King Edward VII. Expedition, which lasted until 1904, has conducted numerous studies.Robert Scott traveler

As the results of this campaign are quite satisfactory, the name of Scott acquires some fame in certain circles. The researchers were able to collect a lot of interesting material and even find fossils of plants belonging to the so-called tertiary period (65-1.8 million years ago), which became a real scientific sensation. In short, Robert Scott gave researchers a lot of new work.

New span

Since then, the name of Robert Scott increasingly became associated with the Antarctic, while he himself, having gained experience, began to develop modern tools, designed to facilitate travel in polar conditions. In between Robert attended a dinner party, to which he very willingly invited. On one of the social events, he met Kathleen Bruce (sculptor), in 1908 became his wife. The following year, was born and named Peter Markham.

Preparing a new expedition

Almost simultaneously with the birth of a son was announced to prepare a new expedition of Scott, intending to conquer the South pole. Robert Scott speculated that in the depths of Antarctica can be detected minerals, and at the same time America was preparing for a similar venture, however, to raise the funds necessary for the organization of this trip was not so easy.Robert Scott biography

A Campaign to raise funds for the expedition Scott revived after the famous Robert Peary, in 1909, declared the conquest of the North pole, spoke about his intention to reach the South. In addition, it became known that the Germans also intend to move in this direction. The preparation of the English expedition was in full swing, worked tirelessly and Robert Scott biography which, however, talks about him as a person hardworking and purposeful. They say that in the first place, he thought, rather, on the scientific prospects than about the conquest of the South pole.

The Beginning of the expedition Terra Nova

By the autumn of 1910 Robert Scott has finally managed to prepare thoroughly for the forthcoming journey, and on 2 September the ship Terra Nova reached the swimming. The ship of the expedition went to Australia, then came to New Zealand. 3 January 1911, the Terra Nova reached McMurdo Bay, near Victoria Land. Soon the travelers found the camp of Roald Amundsen (Norwegian polar record), became the first man to reach the South pole.South pole Robert Scott

On November 2 the hardest promotion to the pole. Motor sled, on which the travellers had high hopes, had to leave as they found unfit for promotion on the hummocks. Pony also failed to live up to their expectations, so they had to be put down, and people were forced to pull a heavy cargo needed to complete a hike. Robert Scott, felt responsible for his comrades, decided to send seven of them back. Then went to five people: the Robert officers Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans, and doctor Edward Wilson.

The Achievement of a goal or losing?

The Travelers reached their goal on 17 January 1912, but imagine their disappointment when they saw that the expedition Amundsen visited here shortly before them, namely – 14 December 1911. The Norwegians left Scott a note which asked it to in the event of their death, he told the king of Norway about achieving them. It is unknown what feelings prevailed in the hearts of the British, but as you can imagine, they were exhausted not only physically but also mentally, as he wrote in his diary Robert Scott. The photo below was taken 18 January – in the day when the travelers went way back. This picture was the last.Robert Scott photo

But still had to overcome the opposite way, so the Terra Nova expedition, after completing all the necessary steps and hoisted the English flag next to Norwegian, headed North. Ahead of them waited for almost fifteen hundred kilometers arduous journey, during which was organized ten warehouses with supplies.

The death of the travellers

The Travelers were moving from warehouse to warehouse, gradually almoraima limbs and fainting. 17 Feb killed Edgar Evans, which fell into the crack and hit her head hard. The following retired from the life of Lawrence Oates, whose feet were severely frostbitten, which he simply could not continue to go on. On March 16, he told friends that he wants to go, then gone forever into the darkness, not wanting to hold others and to be a burden. His body was never found.expedition of Robert Scott

Scott, Wilson and Bowers continued on his way, but only 18 km away from the main point they were overtaken by a strong hurricane. The food was...

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