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This section will devote its attention to the analysis of the phenomenon of oxidation of metals. Here we consider the General representation about this phenomenon, take a look at some variants and study them in with steel. Also the reader learns how to do this process yourself.

Define oxidation

the oxidation of ferrous metals

To begin we will focus on the concept of oxidation. It is a process in which the generated oxide film on the surface area of the product and on the workpiece. It becomes possible thanks to the implementation of redox reactions. Most often, these measures are used in the oxidation of metals and decorations to create the dielectric layer. Among the main varieties there are the following: thermal, plasma, chemical and electrochemical form.

Species diversity

Pausing on the description of the above types, for each of them we can say that:

  • Form the Thermal oxidation may be performed during heating of a certain product or tool in atmospheres of water vapor or oxygen. If there is oxidation of metals, e.g. iron and low-alloy steels, the process is called burnishing.
  • Chemical form of the oxidation characterizes itself, as a process, through the use of melts or solutions of oxidizing agents. It can be the representatives of chromates, nitrates, etc. Often this is done to ensure product protection from corrosion processes.
  • The electrochemical Oxidation of the type characterized by the fact that flows inside the electrolyte. It is also called micro-arc oxidation.
  • Form the Plasma oxidation is really implemented only in the presence of plasma with low temperature. It should contain O2. The second condition is the presence of DC discharge and RF and/or microwave.

General concept of oxidation

To better understand what it is – oxidation of metals, preferably will also be made available and shared, a brief description of oxidation.


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Oxidation – the process of chemical nature, which is accompanied by an increase of the exponent of the atomic oxidation of a substance which undergoes this phenomenon. This takes place by transferring negatively charged particles-electrons from the atom, which is the reducing agent. It may also be called a donor. The transfer of electrons takes place towards oxidative atom electron acceptor.

Sometimes in the course of oxidation of molecules of the parent compounds can become unstable and break into smaller constituent fragments. Some of the atoms, the resulting molecular species will have a greater degree of oxidation than the same kinds of atoms, but are in original state.

For example, oxidation of steel

oxidation of metals

What it is – oxidation of metals? The answer to this question would be better to consider the example for which we will use this process with steel.

The chemical oxidation of metal-steel, understand the process of execution of work, during which the metal surface to cover the oxide film. This operation is carried out, often to the formation of a protective coating or impart new characteristics to the element of decoration; still it is done to create a dielectric layer on the steel products.

Speaking of chemical oxidation, it is important to know: first, the product is subjected to processing in any alloy or a solution of chromate, nitrate or some other oxidizers. This will give the metal protection against corrosion effect. The procedure can also be performed using the compositions of the alkaline or acidic nature.

Chemical form of oxidation that is performed through the use of alkalis, should be performed at a temperature of from 30 to 180 °C. For such procedures it is necessary to use lye mixed with small amounts of oxidizing agents. After the part is treated with an alkaline compound, it must be very carefully washed, and then dried. Sometimes the workpiece has already passed through the procedure of oxidation, can further primality.

More about acid method

To apply the acid operations, it is necessary to use several of the acids, it is often two or three. The main substances of this type are hydrochloric, phosphoric and nitric acid. They added a minor amount of manganese compounds, etc. the Variation of temperature, which can cause oxidation of metal-steel, by using the acid method is in the range from 30 to 100 °C.

Chemical oxidation described for the two methods gives a person the opportunity to obtain both in production and at home, the film, causing a strong enough protection. However, it is important to know that the protection of steel and other metals will be more reliable in the case of electrochemical treatments. It is because of the advantages elektrokhim. method over the chemical oxidation, the latter is used less often in relation to objects of steel.

oxidation of metals at home

Form Anodic oxidation

Oxidation of metals can take place with the application of the anodic process. Most often electrochemical process of oxidation is called the anode. He is in the thickness of the electrolytes of solid or liquid aggregate state. Also, the use of this method will be applied to the object film high quality

  • Thickness of thin coatings is in the range from 0.1 to 0.4 micrometers.
  • Provide electrical insulation and wear-resistant properties is possible if the thickness will range from two to three to three hundred microns.
  • Protective coating = 0.3-15 µm.
  • Can be applied layers with properties similar to enamel. Experts such film is often called amatal-coating.

Characteristics of the product, which was subjected to anodizing, is the presence of positive potential. This procedure is recommended to give protection to elements of the circuits of the integral type, and when creating a dielectric coating on the surface of semiconductors, alloys and steels.

the oxidation of metals in Moscow

The Process of oxidation of metals anodized type can, if desired, to fulfill any person in a domestic environment at home. However, it is very important to comply with all the conditions of safety, and to fulfill that need, unconditionally. This is due to the use of this method is very aggressive compounds.

One particular case I believe the anodizing method of micro-arc oxidation. It allows a person to obtain a number of unique coatings with a highly decorative, resistant, protective, insulating and anti-corrosion type. Micro-arc form of the process may be carried out only under the influence of an alternating or pulsed current in the bulk electrolyte, with a slightly alkaline character. The considered method allows to obtain a coating thickness of from two hundred to two hundred fifty microns. After the operation the surface will be similar to the ceramics.

The Process of bluing

Oxidation of ferrous metals in the professional terminology is called burnishing.

the process of oxidation of metals

If to speak about bluing steel, such as oxidation, blackening or bluing, you can tell that it is a process in which iron or low-alloy steels form a layer of iron oxide. Typically, the thickness of such film is in the range of one to ten microns. The thickness of the layer causes the presence of a certain color tint. Depending on the increasing thickness of the film layer, color can be: yellow, brown, cherry, purple, blue and gray.

Currently there are several types of bluing:

  • Alkaline type characterized by the use of corresponding solutions, with the addition of oxidants under conditions of temperature of 135 to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • Acid type bluing uses acidic solutions and chemical or electrochemical methods.
  • Heat a form of treatment characterized by the use of rather high temperatures (200 to 400 °C). The process takes place in the thick atmosphere of superheated steam of water. If you use ammonia-alcohol mixture, the temperature requirements increase to 880 °C, and in molten salts - from 400 to 600 °C. the Use of atmospheric air requires pre-coating the surface of parts by a thin layer of varnish, which should be asphalt or oil.

Introduction thermal oxidation

oxidation of metals what's this

Oxidation of metals – is a technique in which an oxide film is applied to the steel in the space of atmospheric water vapor. Also can use other oxygen-containing environment with high temperatures. To conduct heat treatment at home is quite difficult, and because, as a rule, didn't do it. Referring to the type of plasma oxidation, it is important to know what to do it at home is almost impossible.

Standalone operation

Oxidation of metal at home you can clean....

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