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The Majority of French people knows who this Leila Bekhti. Photos of this beauty and then appear on the covers of glossy magazines, revealing to new fans of the secrets from the personal life of the actress. But for Russian people this girl remains a real mystery, because our media rarely publish news about her.

Leila bekhti

Leila Bekhti: the early dream of the stage

The aspiring actress born in a family of immigrants from Algeria. It happened on March 6, 1984 in the small town of Issy-Les-Moulineaux, near Ile-de-France. In addition to the Layla, the parents raised three more children. This girl was the youngest in the family, and therefore received the greatest amount of attention.

On the big stage Bekhti Leila dreamed of since middle school. That's when she started to look for announcements about auditions for star projects and television shows, along the way, checking how it meets the stated requirements. However, at an early age to go on auditions she didn't dare.

Leila bekhti


Let's Start with the fact that the school in which he studied Leila Bekhti, was with a theatrical leaning. It helped her to learn the basics of acting before she became an adult. While acting on the school stage, the girl is fully aware of the fact that in the future sees himself only as an actress.

Therefore, immediately after school, Layla was recorded on theater courses to Stefan Gildo. Here it passes a six-month training, which allows her to get closer to his dream. However, for a complete triumph it is necessary to graduate from art Studio Berenzher Busty. After all, the name of this school allows young Actresses to get a significant bonus when passing of star casting.


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However, the cost of education at this institution was simply prohibitive. At that time, the family Bekhti did not possess such funds, and so Layla decided to take care of your future. She had often sneak out to catch the next part.

Leila bekhti movies

Early career

In 2005, French Director Vincent Cassel did the casting for the film “Satan”. Leila Bekhti knew about it, but he did not dare to go. Good friends of the girl still forced her to sign up to audition for what became a turning point in the life of a Frenchwoman. Seeing the young actress, the Director immediately established it on one of the main roles.

In the film Leila Bekhti played the girl Jasmine, who became the victim of a maniac. In the French rental this film has caused mixed emotions, but our heroine still managed to light a star of fame. And shortly after filming, she began to receive proposals from other Directors.

Leila Bekhti: the films that defined the future actress

In 2006 the French saw an amazing piece of cinema called "Paris, I love you”. It was a feature-length film, divided in eighteen intriguing stories that are not related to each other. Every single episode was no longer than five minutes, but it was time to reveal the whole story of love.

In this work, Leila Bekhti played a Muslim woman, whose beauty at first sight captured the heart of a young man, resting with friends on the river Seine. Despite the fact that this was a fairly short role, she helped the girl in all the beauty to Shine at the Cannes film festival.

Here she was noticed by the famous French Director Geraldine Nakache. Impressed by the beauty of the young actress he invites her to one of the main roles in a Comedy called “All that glitters". This film ultimately strengthen the position of the actress on the scene, making it a welcome guest in French cinema.

Leila bekhti photo

Recent work

In 2011, at the Cannes film festival presented the film “Source”. In the center of the story is one African village, which since ancient times there is an unbreakable tradition for water must go to only women. The main problem is that the source is too far away, girls from-for it suffer.

At one point the protagonist (Leila Bekhti) decides to eradicate this outdated custom. Subsequently, she has to fight not only with silly prejudices, and aggression from local men. Through this film, Leila Bekhti was nominated for "Cesar" for best actress.

Another main character the actress played in the movie ‘the Adventure of the French in new York”, released at the end of 2012. This teen Comedy has become popular not only at home Bekhti, but also gathered a lot of fans among the spectators of other countries. As for more current information, then 2016 will be another picture with the participation of Leyla called "Astragalus".

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