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If you read the tabloids, which makes that delivers the consumer the newest and hottest gossip, the person will definitely stumble upon the word “passion”. The reader, quite naturally, asks himself: ‘What is passion?”. This is an interesting question. The answer is we going to do today.

“Between sweetness and pain breaks the soul”

what is passion

Now it becomes clear why we chose the title line of the song group the ‘outing”. And we examine the etymology of “passion”, the meaning of the word will be considered later.

In the Russian language definition migrated from French, where it meant “passion”, “passion” or “love”. This information is unlikely to surprise someone. Much more interesting: in the Latin language, from which the French word passio means simultaneously and “suffering” and “passion”. The etymology can be extracted, if desired, a moral compass, like this: like sweet nor was a love of passion, redundancy leads to suffering. Anyway, if you think about it, no passion for good causes, whether it be the love of a woman or any other object of adoration. In fact, and in another case, when a person gets failure, faced with the inability to possess something that inevitably come suffering.

As you can see, the question, what is passion, not simple, but there's more.


what is passion

After we have discovered the secret of the etymology of the object of study, just want to reflect here over what: if passion – passion, love, or their object, why are all those press be named, be nothing more than a butterfly is ephemeral. Yes, it happens not always, but often.

Let's Stop here and give the definition of the word, which is recorded in the dictionary - "the subject of love, passion”. In the source there is a note that at the moment the concept is outdated. Of course, now they say “girlfriend”. If I had to choose, “passion” sounds nobler.


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Sentence of the language

Interesting, but from the language practice that passion seldom become wives, girls. Thus, the word not only defines the nature of the relationship, but puts them a diagnosis that assigns the tag “short-lived”. The reader may say that all this is just fantasy. Yes, the statistics on hand we have, so it is impossible to say how the language manages the relationships between a man and a woman. But the famous story about the yacht “Trouble”. Perhaps when someone is called “passion”, tolerate her (or him) a sentence that is not subject to appeal.

Question sex

After the question, what is the passion, left behind, I want to find out some details, for example, is it possible to apply such a definition to the man? And again turn to the language practice that convinces us that passion – it is the object of adoration, only women. If we say: “yesterday, She met Rudolph, he was once her passion”, the ear will feel to offer some kind of absurdity. All about conflict: passion – it's a feminine word, and apply it to the man somehow awkward. But from the point of view of language and linguistic rules can be absolutely quiet, because this option is valid.

Ironic tone

passion meaning

Passion has to die to give birth to love, otherwise long-lasting relationship is not worth waiting. Yes, still it is well known that such passion, although journalists use the definition of mostly in an ironic way, when we are talking about another novel of a Hollywood star. For example, rumor has it that Jack Nicholson was the guy not a miss. At least it says so in open source, and he never hid that he was fascinated by nature.

It is Not necessary to say that such novels – this is not a very serious enterprise, especially in an artistic environment where people do not need concrete support from the family and children. They have a luxury – not counting the money to pay and not to save for a rainy day. Yes, there are examples of tragic fates, when people this holiday literally devoured, but who can resist the temptation of lives of ease?

The Reader already knows the meaning of passion, so he may even put a thought experiment. To present next to the average Russian not a girl, and passion. Difficult, Yes? The word does not want to integrate into the everyday, casual, grey space. And rightly so, because it's part of some other world, a more light and airy, playful, albeit short-lived.

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