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The History of Kievan Rus's culture spans several centuries. Eastern Slavs was political Union a little less than three hundred years. However, during this period it was formed of their spiritual community. This community today has a considerable influence on the Eastern Slavic peoples, standing apart from the other Slavs and traditionally considered to be very close to each other. The culture of medieval Kievan state came to us in tangible and intangible evidence of IX-XVI centuries: archaeological artifacts, priceless frescoes and icons of the monasteries, the architectural forms, the most important written sources of folk epics that shed light on the spiritual ancestors of the medieval Slavs, and so on. When we speak of ancient civilization, usually referring to a period that lasted from the beginning of the actual statehood in the ninth century until the final consolidation of the Moscow Kingdom in the XVI century.

the culture of Kievan Rus briefly

Culture of Kievan Rus: a brief literature

Writing itself is a great category. However, she is bound with her very closely. It is through scientific, religious, diplomatic, political and legal texts manifests itself culture. The appearance of the Eastern Slavs of writing associated primarily with the activities of the Greek Orthodox missionaries, Cyril and Methodius. And with the penetration of Christianity involves the intensive development of culture of Kievan Rus. The Slavs got the opportunity not occasionally (of course, there were some educated people here and before), and widely to enjoy books and the most progressive at that time of civilization, which is Christian Byzantium.


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What was invented by Mendeleev for the army. The history and fate of the invention

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The origin of the Slavs. The influence of different cultures

The origin of the Slavs. The influence of different cultures

Slavs (under this name), according to some researchers, appeared in the story only in 6 century ad. However, the language of nationality bears the archaic features of the Indo-European community. This, in turn, suggests that the origin of the Slavs h...

cultural history of Kievan Rus '

Not surprisingly, the most important written monuments of culture of Ancient Russia created the Glagolitic alphabet: the Izbornik of Svyatoslav, and the Ostromir gospel, and Teaching the children of Monomakh, and Russkaya Pravda of Yaroslav, and many other important documents of the time. A very important position in the literature is the art-historical tales: the Tale of bygone years, the Word of Igor's campaign, Story about the capture of Batu in Ryazan and others. However, much of the medieval Russian written art did not reach his contemporaries, being burned in the fires of the Mongol invasion.

Culture of Kievan Rus briefly about architecture

To the X century the Eastern Slavs architecture has largely been wooden buildings. Only during the reign of Vladimir the close acquaintance with the Orthodox Byzantine Empire, and as a result Russian masters adopt Greek traditions in architecture. Arise first in Russia, the monumental stone buildings. Of course, it was the monasteries and churches, which are largely inherited Greek prototypes.

Culture of Kievan Rus briefly about the visual arts

Among other things, the Orthodoxy and stimulated the development of artistic skills of local craftsmen. This is manifested first of all in the frescoes and mosaics, which was generously studded with the walls of temples. An important part of art was a painting of icons. Interestingly, the influence of the Byzantine canons in iconography is apparent in the further culture of the Russian lands even more than in architecture.

development of culture of Kievan Rus

Culture of Kievan Rus briefly about the music

The Musical culture was closely connected with the local folklore. The latter is expressed mainly through the iconic songs, poetry, epics, and so on. By the way, in this area the influence of Orthodoxy and Byzantine culture was significantly smaller. Epics and legends rooted in the pagan past of the Slavs.

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