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Marella – fashion clothing, came to us from Italy. It is distinguished by high quality, elegant tailoring, modernity and style. In this coat every woman will look luxurious and expensive.

marella coat

Introducing the brand

The firm is a subsidiary organization of the world-famous brand "Max Mara" and originally represented one of the collections. But the popularity was so high that the line has acquired the status of independent brand and was regularly replenished with new models and styles. Coat Marella – not the only piece of clothing offered by the brand name, there are also dresses, shirts, skirts, pants. To complete the look with bags and accessories present Italian quality.


Coat Marella – a sign of impeccable taste and true understanding of style for a number of reasons:

  • These things are of quality.
  • For tailoring are used mainly natural fabrics.
  • It Looks so outerwear is very expensive and noble.

Among the models you can find the perfect that fits daily. So, presented here are timeless classics, there are trendy options. As seen in the photo, coat Marella is an elegant and modern things, not burdened with unnecessary details, simply, yet catchy and memorable.

marella sport coat


Coat Marella has many variations, styles, colors, therefore make a choice and buy the right thing not working. What the model suggests an Italian manufacturer of fine ladies?

Coat straight cut with belt and lapels is the best fit elegant women. Pockets valves and fitting expensive accessories will complete the image of a successful business lady. Very stylish look of the model without a belt turn-down collar and Welt pockets, any of them perfect for walking a warm autumn evening.


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For everyday wear a good extra-long model of free cut, with belt. It is possible, tying it to emphasize the waist, or leave a silhouette free. Coat with a high and wide collar is ideal to protect from the wind. Easy knitted coat Marella sport fit and dynamic young women who value comfort and elegance. The model with the hood will allow you to elegantly protect your hairstyle from the rain and wind. Strict knitted coat suitable for early autumn.


Coat Marella is distinguished by its use mostly natural fabrics and materials:

  • Alpaca fur (cloven-hoofed with a warm lush fur);
  • Cashmere;
  • Mohair.

Lining is made of acetate, synthetic fibers. For light models use cotton, polyester, nylon.

marella coat photo

Color solutions

Coat Marella presented in various colors, but the bulk of collections are plain, without unnecessary details. The shades used are universal, so the combination outerwear with other parts of the image. So, among the popular colors otnosjatsja:

  • Tabacina-korichneviy;
  • Kremoviy;
  • Bezhevy;
  • Krasny;
  • Cerny;
  • Fuchsia;
  • Blue;
  • Sky blue.

Presented as options in a cage or "houndstooth". Some models are stated in several color variations, which greatly facilitates the selection.

coat marella online shop

How to buy

The easiest and Most modern way of acquiring coat Marella – online store. Here you can find models from the latest collection, which in ordinary boutiques will appear soon. Often clothes from past seasons are presented at a significant discount that helps to save money. The main difficulty of this shopping – right to determine the size. Help this trick: Italian size add 2 – will the Russian size. For example, if on the Italian website the model size 44, for the Russian women this corresponds to 46.

More of the difficulties there, but it is very important to decide a reliable supplier. So, conscientious sellers allow buyers to return goods are not coming up in due time (usually it ranges from 14 to 30 days), offer the track number for parcel tracking.

Also buy stylish clothes Marella can be in retail stores, which are located in Moscow and the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, and several other major cities. This is the official representatives of the Italian brand.

coat marella

Coat Marella – the choice of a confident elegant woman for whom style and comfort are equivalent. This Italian manufacturer offers high quality clothes, wearing which you will feel like a Queen.

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