Zirconium (metal): medicinal properties and application


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Cubic Zirconia – a steel-gray metal with a yellowish tinge. It is obtained by melting zirconium waste and ore concentrate.cubic Zirconia metal

Cubic Zirconia: prices, GOST, description

Designation – GOST 21907-76. It is ductile and malleable (almost like gold) corrosion resistant, paramagnetic, heat-resistant metal. Zirconium is resistant to sea and chlorinated water, ammonia, alkalis, acids, their quality does not lose in low and high temperatures. Mainly used in alloy with other metals. This not only gives it unique properties, but also increases manufacturability. Cost – from 5500 rubles per kilogram depending on the brand and the manufacturer.

To date, the zirconium refers to the gems. In the middle Ages it was called the brother of diamond, but is inherent in the diamond hardness of it is missing.


Zirconia – the metal in the ore deposits literally scattered in different parts of the world. It is found in the form of salts, amorphous oxides and single crystals, as in the US (in North Carolina). In the fields of Nigeria periodically find crystals weight in kilograms. The richest deposits are located in Australia, South Africa, India and North America.

Zirconia (metal) is often found in ore along with hafnium, which is most close to it in properties. In Russia natural reserves are estimated at 10% of the global total. The metal in 1799, was first isolated in the form of dioxide Claperton (German chemist) from the mineral zircon. It is smelted from enriched ore concentrate in which the content of zirconium dioxide is 60-65%.zirconium metal properties


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Zirconium (metal): application

The Alloys of the substances in question are used in various industries: aircraft and aerospace, nuclear energy, foundry, instrumentation, military production.

Due to the increased resistance to different environments, he found use in medical prosthetics, creating surgical instruments. In this area, the Zirconia was able to overtake the Titan, since its stability is eternal.


Zirconium (metal) in jewelry has long been used. Anodized material is able to buy any shade, thereby providing ample opportunities for the realization of bold artistic designs. If you want something unusual and original, you need to pay attention to a variety of jewelry made of Zirconia. These products are elegant and interesting in its perfection. Because of this on the world market, they are valued very highly.

Healing properties

It Should be noted that its direct biological effects on the human body is not detected, but in certain areas a very important zirconium. Metal, medicinal properties of which are described in this article began to be used in medicine because of the special chemical and physical properties:

  • Used for making tools, as absolutely neutral to acids, alkalis, ammonia, water;
  • Stimulates rapid healing of wounds, while preventing the formation of pus and penetration of infections because it has antimicrobial action;
  • It is considered an excellent antiseptic;
  • Eases allergic reactions, thus he is not an allergen;
  • Radiation does not pass.

zirconium metal application

The Plasticity of this metal enables to keep the bone structure in complex fractures, they heal faster. For the manufacture of sutures have also started to use Zirconia (metal).

Products with it can have a healing effect for hypertensive diseases, skin diseases, arthritis and arthrosis, although the official medicine of the confirmations have not been received.

Cubic Zirconia is widely used in orthopaedic and prosthetic dentistry. Most metal alloys to cause side effects and allergies in the mouth. Zirconium is completely resistant to corrosion and is neutral to different environments. He on the tissues of the body is not irritating.

Daily rate

It Should be noted that daily intake of this macronutrient is not precisely defined, since our body can do without it. Every day with the food we receive 0.05 mg of this metal, but it's passive in order to enter into a chemical reaction. Substance alone is not synthesized, although it can accumulate in the bodies.

Excess zirconium in the body

Doctors still do not have data on the lethal dose of this element for the human body, although its overdose can cause negative effects. The excess is called when you work in the relevant industries, the use of personal hygiene or when staying near the sources, which pollute the environment.cubic Zirconia jewelry

It Should be noted that manifestations of overdose are the following symptoms: pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia and irritation of the skin of the skin. Cubic Zirconia – metal that can accumulate in the bodies, while settling on the fabrics. Of products to receive such a large dose of the unreal.

Deficiency in the body

The Disadvantage of thismacronutrients, as the zirconium (metal), the properties of which are described in detail in this article, will not lead to some undesirable consequences because it is not composed of cells. While studies are still underway, and the metal can still open up many of its qualities.


Zirconia – metal, which is contained in foods in very small amounts, so cause some negative effects can not. The following is a list of products that we can get this element:

  • Lamb;
  • Oatmeal, rice, wheat;
  • Nutmeg, pistachios;
  • Vegetable oil
  • Legumes;
  • Hot red pepper.

When to use?

Indications for use for the treatment of zirconium is not yet established, although an excellent material for medical instruments and implants, he is irreplaceable.zirconium metal in jewelry

The Specified metal is used in chemical engineering as a corrosion-resistant material. Its additive deoxidized steel, as well as remove sulfur and nitrogen. The powdery Zirconia used in the manufacture of ammunition and pyrotechnics. Zirconium sulfate is a tanning agent that is actively used in the leather industry.

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