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Before you move on to what is a 925 hallmark, is to answer the question – what is meant by the General notion of a “sample”?

Overall it – established by GOST digital value, which is determined by the amount of the contained precious metal in 1000 parts of gold alloy. Therefore, arises the most important question: stamp 925 is gold or silver? Answer it can only be understood in the varieties of gold.

Gold – how did it happen?

The simplest example can be found in any nearby jewelry boutique. If you go to the jewelry store, hard to miss gold jewelry with low cost and marked “gold 925”. Doubts creep in, why such a low cost product. And so low that even the most simple and low quality gold marked “375 proof” is more expensive? But there is no trick in this, since gold 925 in the CIS countries, and in many other countries is not available. However, the fact remains. In the jewelry forums connoisseurs discuss about gold 925 even gave him a name – white gold.

gold jewelry

What is a white gold?

This metal Consists of an alloy of gold with palladium, Nickel, and manganese. Colors of jewelry can be pale brown, and pinkish.

If the sample is white gold 925 means it is a mixture of metals, which may have different properties, and even cause allergies, if there is Nickel. It all depends on metallic impurities. To meet pure gold 925 virtually impossible. According to the established standards of the low fineness of gold – 375, the highest – 958. In between there are values of 583, 585 and 750.


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But what if accompanying the product documents clearly stated – 925? How much is gold 925? This is a question that interests many.

gold bars

925 silver – gold or silver?

On the territory of the CIS 925 silver refers to the silver, and of sufficient quality. Until recently, this metal was used for ornaments, in which are inserted the real diamonds, because the white Shine of this silver is very beneficial to reflect all the luxury of stone. Now the silver is all forgotten and often the gems are mainly used in gold alloys with palladium. The most common for gold 750, which includes in addition to gold are still silver and copper, which gives the decoration a stunning color that varies from white to reddish. Price per gram gold 925 equals the value of silver.

Most popular sample

No less popular, the so-called red gold of 585 tests. It can be found most often, as it is the most affordable. 585 gold lends itself perfectly to high temperatures, so if you have to reduce a ring or a bracelet, this problem will not arise.

The low-quality is considered the metal of 375 samples, which has a reddish hue, and over time can do to poseret. Unlike the 958 samples in that it contains the maximum amount of precious metal that is distinguished by its bright yellow color, which in our view and is called the gold.

silver jewelry

Gold silver

This metal as the silver is known since ancient times. In nature it can be found in copper, iron, platinum ores. In the future, after processing, the silver is free to enter into compounds with other metals. Due to this ability of silver jewelry enjoyed great popularity among jewelers and consumers.

Due to the fact that the metal with high chemical reactivity that is not true of gold, in its natural form in nature, it is not found. Another difference is that silver is the melting point of gold is much higher as the density. But in the solid state characteristics of the metal are not inferior and even superior to the opposite at times.

best gold

What is the advantage of silver?

Silver – a noble metal, however, over time in high moisture products may darken. Therefore, such decorations do not forget to clean. To carry out the procedure independently in advance by preparing a solution in which will need to be lowered product or to carry on the cleaning to a professional.

In Addition to the jewelry industry, silver is used even medicine, chemistry and electrical engineering. In the manufacture of jewelry made of this metal uses only the highest grade, since the luster and Shine of silver jewelry in perfect harmony with precious stones.

Silver, like gold, has several types of samples. The low-quality – 720-I. In such alloy contains 72% silver. Jewelry made from it would look quite ugly because of the yellowish hue. But actively this precious metal is used in industry and the manufacture of Cutlery.

With regard to silver 875 samples – it is already used not only in industry but also in the jewelry industry. Decoration of this kindare low cost and are very popular among young people.

Silver 916, 925, 960 samples – noble silver used for manufacturing jewelry and fine art products. Its cost is slightly higher, and the appearance is much more refined.

But whatever the quality was not silver, over time from humidity, it fades and loses its natural Shine. The higher the fineness of the metal, the longer it will remain presentable. But do not despair, jewelers have long thought of many ways to bring back the tarnished silver natural brightness.

Disputes about which precious metal to choose not subside until now. And if earlier the gold jewelry was afforded only the rich, now it all depends on fashion and personal preferences.

silver bullion

What about gold?

As we have seen, pure gold 925 does not exist, most often it is the alloy. What are these precious metals in tandem? Gold since ancient times a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Jewelers also fell in love with this precious metal for his obedience in the handling, stunning color and quality. Products serve their masters tens and even hundreds of years. Gold is a metal of the sun and gives cheerfulness, positivity and positive energy. It is a symbol of love and happiness, because gold rings couples exchange when married. Although there is a sign that young people wear this kind of jewelry is not worth it, better to give preference to other metals.

Gold boasts healing properties that help to cope with diseases of the joints. In addition, this precious metal is a great investment. However, be careful, the gold price 925 is low enough, the products do not have high values.

gold jewelry

What about silver?

In the back of the most popular precious metal breathes another precious metal – silver, which is in demand all over the world no less than the gold jewelry. Recently, however, has become quite popular to use gold 925 sterling silver, with a touch of silver.

This frame is perfect pearls and amber. An interesting fact is that this metal is capable of purifying water, releasing silver ions. It is considered that this precious metal is able to get rid of the disease and to protect from negative influence of the surrounding world. That is why the Christian amulets in the form of rings with inscriptions of doing it from silver. The products from this metal is recommended to wear short-tempered and expressive people, as it can calm the nervous system.

Silver Jewelry never look vulgar and went, so will perfectly complement any image.

Gold Plated 925 sterling silver in recent years enjoyed unprecedented popularity, as it is a great opportunity to purchase with a gold decoration at a low cost. Price per gram is significantly below even the very low-quality gold 375 samples.

investing in gold

How to distinguish silver from gold?

In order to once and for all to dot the “i” should apply to jewelry standards for precious metals, which are actually all over the world: stamp 925 is solely on the silver products. If the store you noticed a gold ring with 925 breakdown with probability 100% - this gold-plated silver. Answers to this question can even the shape of the mark with the sample. On the silver jewelry, this stamp is circular in shape, and gold – rectangular. Everything is simple, even a child will understand. The more the price per gram of gold .925 much lower than any other.

If you are looking for easy ways, then to find out that the metal in front of you, fit this way. It is known that these metals have different density. In order to determine what kind of precious metal emblazoned in front of you, you just need to weigh the product and the formula to calculate density. The numbers correlate with the density table, and voila – a response is received.

table of densities of gold

Only work this experience is exclusively with the pure gold, if the product has inserts in the form of stones, the method is not effective.

If none of the methods is not suitable, one thing remains – to go to the jeweler or appraiser to conduct a laboratory test.

How much is a gram of gold 925? Estimated price – 25 rubles. For such a ridiculous price you can get a nice and presentable looking “Golden” decoration.

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