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Tattoo, or as they are briefly called – tattoo designs – the application is very stable picture on any part of the body through the lung local injury to the skin sections to be entered under it coloring pigment. Refers to the adornments of the human body.

back tattooUsually tattoo, its shape, kind and type are defined either by the customer or conditions of the society. Each of them has its own characteristics that distinguish it from others. And various methods of application.


The Tattoo on her back – it is an integral part of this art. Originally made them are mostly men. In Indian tribes tattoo pointed to the social situation. And only many years later they were just to decorate their body. Today, and girls make tattoos on the back. Women, of course, look prettier and sleeker than the male.

tattoo on the back femaleThe Most popular tattoos in the form of inscriptions. They do not only back, but also on the neck, arms, legs and chest. And if before various quotes and sayings used as a good addition to the drawings now, the inscriptions became an independent kind of tattoos. However, a tattoo on the back with graphic images still do not lose their popularity. Tattoo drawing remains the leader among others, depicted on the back. Recently, they were made small and not very noticeable, but now sometimes they cover the entire back of them create entire huge composition.

The Wings

The Most popular among the girls are a tattoo on the back wing. Treat them differently. If next to them to place the initials of the deceased person, it will mean that he is among the angels, and protects the owner of the tattoo. The wings represent purity, wisdom, protection, generosity and love. Some associate it with religion, and in ancient Egypt they were a symbol of sublimity, of grandeur.


Many people put a certain meaning into a tattoo on the back. Labels – the most simple expression of it. Sometimes make a pair of tattoos for a loved one or beloved.

Good choices

Pinhole on the back of the vine, you open up tremendous opportunities for the imagination. It is portrayed as a simple, existing, and unusual, imaginary flowers.

tattoo on the back the inscriptionOften depict a Hummingbird - a very small, delicate and fragile bird, every wing-beat which looks very sophisticated. Tattoo on the back in the form of barbed wire is very popular. Often it is woven of roses and vines, or something else that softens the picture and gives it elegance.

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