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All girls love shopping, but there are circumstances when this pleasure becomes unavailable. When you have a lot of work or sit with the child in almost no time, and from such fun as shopping of clothes, we have to refuse. But with the advent of Internet clothing shops, the girls can easily pick up clothes for themselves, thus continuing to update your wardrobe. But the online stores have significant negative — frequently ordered items are the wrong size or poorly structured, choose the size you want, sometimes, does not help even a table of women's outerwear sizes published on the website.table of dimensions of women's outerwear

How to measure its parameters?

If you order in the online store garment, take measurements, pre-wearing the thick sweater. When you order a coat or jacket that will perfectly fit you if you are in a t-shirt or thin sweater, then a warm jacket or sweater with you closely to wear the robe.

How to size outerwear:

  1. Chest Girth is measured at the convex points.
  2. Waist measure exactly on the waist line. Do not draw the belly. All measurements take by loosing body parts.
  3. The circumference of the hips measure at the most protruding points of buttocks.

Size according to your parameters will be indicated by the size chart women's clothing. Russia produces clothing that has your measurements. Often Russian the size chart confused with the European, because they are similar and show two-digit numbers. Please note if the Internet store are specified the sizes the manufacturer, when buying you should choose this option. For example, if the Russian size 40, and the respective manufacturer size — 34, it is necessary to specify what 34.


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Problem selection

Each country has its own scale of measurement sizes. And even some manufacturers produce clothing with their values. These differences complicate buying things that fit. If you are purchasing at Chinese online shops, consult with the seller because to buy clothes even contains the dimensional table it will be difficult.

Below are the size comparison womens outerwear Russian manufacturers.size outerwear women's table

To the table to see Russian values, it is possible not to look in the table. Just measure your options, and divide by two.

As in humans, each body part has different parameters, wear to top and bottom will have different values. So, if your bust is 80 cm, then you will be on the figure t-shirts and sweater size 40. But when the width of the waist is 90 cm, the size of your bottom will be 44 also, the girls with these hips can come size 42, depending on the fabric. Sports stretch pants are sure to be just, but jeans or pants will be tight.

Do I Need to look in a table?

Table dimensions of women's outerwear will help you make a better choice, because you can prevent errors in the measurements and calculate that with breast 90 cm your size — 45, although such does not exist. On the table you will see that it is better to choose — 44, or 46.

When you order get two sizes — one that precisely fits your parameters, and for 1 size larger. Many shops for the delivery of two similar things with a greater chance that one of them will return back to the warehouse, take a Supplement. It can be about 500 rubles to the amount of the delivery. But usually if you purchase goods at a large amount (for example, from 2500 RUB.), then do it the cost is not required.

Buy American apparel

When buying American things, be more careful when choosing. In this case, the parameters are measured in inches and not in centimeters. Their table sizes women's outerwear contains the following values (see below).size chart womens outerwear Russian

Usually to know your size in American values, from the Russian to take the number 38. For example, if you need to buy a coat size 46, American values this 8. If you want to buy men's clothes, then do not select it in the tables for women. Women's and men's sizes are slightly different in all countries. But this distinction is enough to casually enjoy the thing in three dimensions more private. Especially when choosing things American manufacturers.

It is Also worth considering the fact that sizes in the US are a bit overpriced. Choose their manufacturers less 1 size outerwear for women. The size comparison is in every online store. Most importantly — choose carefully.

Selection of Italian things

Things from Italy are considered very high quality. Sell clothes from the best Italian producers do not in such great numbers as we would like. So choose your size is as close as you can, so as not to spoil the purchase of goods that you've been looking for.

In the Italian tables, you will find values that are less than Russian 2 units. If your size is 44, you need to choose Italian 42. Carefully choose Italian size outerwear for women. Table (photo) Italian parameters of clothes in comparison with the size of othercountries is presented below. table of conformity of sizes of women's outerwear

Chinese clothing

The Chinese have little options compared to us, so often you buy them things malomeryat. The usual rule — to buy Chinese things 1 size up.

If you ask a question of the choice things in the Chinese shop to the seller, he too will be asked to choose more than 1 size. Table of common Chinese values is as follows. size outerwear women's table photo

The table is also similar to Russian, but every manufacturer and seller put up their own, so it's hard to say which one is correct. Therefore, it is important to consult with sellers. Sometimes, even table top size women's clothing does not help to make the right choice.

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