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The Law No. 343-FZ dated eighth December 2010 prescribes to calculate the payment on the leaves of temporary disability in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, benefits at the expense of Fund of social insurance for the care of children, based on average daily earnings in the 2 years preceding the year of commencement of the insured event.

If the employee works at the company long term (over two years), information for calculation of sick leaves are kept in the accounting Department, and he needn't worry: the calculation of average daily earnings for payment is correct.

If the employee resigns, then he will need data on earnings to calculate the payment of insurance claims in the new place of work. Certificate form 182н contains the data.

How to get help 182н

The day of dismissal the employer work records must give the employee:

  • Help 2NDFL (about accrued and withheld personal income tax).
  • Help szv-EXPERIENCE (issued from 2017, contains information on work experience in a year of dismissal).
  • Form 182н (the certificate contains data for calculation of payment of insurance claims).

The day of dismissal the employer is obliged to pay the employee the final calculation of wages and compensation for unused vacation.

All references should reflect all final charges, including compensation.

If for any reason the document was not received in case of dismissal, the employer is obliged to issue a retired employee at any time. For help you should apply.

The application Form is provided below.

help 182н

What do you need help 182н

Help in the form 182н designed to transfer to a new employer when applying for another job.

This document is confirmed by the amount of payments received during the two years preceding the year of termination and for the current year to the date of dismissal for the employer.

The certificate shall contain only those charges that are accrued, the insurance contributions to the social insurance Fund.

182н (reference) contains information about the number of days of disability due to illness or maternity, and periods of preservation of average earnings, if no assessments have been issued.

This help when the insured event will receive a benefit (it calculates the average daily earnings used to calculate benefits).

Design Rules reference 182н

Salary report 182н provides the following information:

  • Information about the employer (the policyholder).
  • Data about the worker (insured person).
  • The amount of wages and other charges included in the basis for payment of contributions to the social insurance Fund for the periods of work for the employer.
  • The Number of calendar days of illness leave to care for a child under 1.5 years of maternity leave. Indicates periods release the employee from work with preservation of average earnings, if no assessments have been issued.

Data about the insured (the employer) must contain:


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  • Full name of enterprise, organization, entrepreneur. Abbreviations are not allowed even to specify the form of ownership.
  • Full name and the branch number of FSS (territorial authority where the employer).
  • Employer identification number in the FSS, INN, KPP.
  • With the Actual address of residence of the employer, telephone.

Information about the insured person (the employee):

  • Surname, name, patronymic.
  • Information about the passport.
  • Place of residence (address).
  • Social security number.
  • The Period of work for the employer.

The certificate is signed by the enterprise Director and chief accountant. The signature is decrypted and sealed.

Structure of earnings in the form of 182н

Salary report 182н contains the total income for each year (calendar) works in the enterprise in chronological order.

The document specifies only charges included in the basis for payment of contributions to the social insurance Fund.

Based on this rule, in the reference are not specified:

  • The accrual of sick leave: by the FSS three days at the expense of the employer;
  • Holiday pay and maternity leave;
  • Benefits for child care up to 1,5 and 3 years;
  • A lump sum on a birth of the child;
  • The allowance had risen in the early stages of pregnancy on record;
  • Death grants;
  • Severance pay if the amount does not exceed three times (for employees of the far North, a six - time) average monthly earnings;
  • Financial assistance to four thousand rubles per calendar year;
  • Financial aid for burial.
  • Financial assistance for the birth of the child;
  • Payment for civil contracts and copyright agreements;
  • Some other payments.

The Base for the calculation of benefits for insurance cases is defined under section 422 of the tax code (2017), article 9 of the Federal law of 24.07.2009, № 212 - FZ (before the first of January 2017).

Note: takes into account all charges that are accrued contributions to the social insurance Fund, even if they are not spelled out in the regulations on remuneration in the enterprise.

Earnings in the form of 182н: limitations

For every year there is a limit to the amount of earnings, which paid fear. contributions to the social insurance Fund.

The maximum amount specified in the certificate 182н, if the amount of annual earnings exceed the established limit.


  • In 2015, the limit on earnings is - 670 000 rubles.
  • In 2016, the limit of 718 000 rubles.
  • In 2017 - 755 000 rubles.


Employee Ivanov P. P.:

For 2015 earned 680000 rubles, with which contributors to the social insurance Fund.

For the year 2016 - 720,000 rubles.

Help 182н will be reflected:

2015 670000 RUB 00 kopecks (Six hundred seventy thousand rubles 00 kopecks)

2016 718000 RUB 00 kopecks (seven Hundred and eighteen rubles and 00 kopecks).

Employee Melnikov N. P. earned for 2015 488155 rubles 16 kopecks,

For the year 2016 - 528000 rubles and 25 kopecks.

Help 182н is reflected as follows:

2015 488155 RUB 16 kopecks (Four hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred fifty-five rubles 16 kopecks)

2016 528000 RUB 25 kopecks (five Hundred and twenty-eight thousand rubles and 25 kopecks).

182н help

Form 182н: sample first and second section

Example: help 182н issued at dismissal Ivanova Elena Vladimirovna. She worked in organization "Alfa" C01.01.2015 28.08.2017 year.

The first section lists data about the organization of "alpha".

The second section provides information about Ivanova Elena Vladimirovna.

Help 182н (blank) is made as shown below.

help 182н blank

Form 182н: the sample third and fourth section

During the period of work in the organization Ivanova E. V. was accrued the following remuneration subject to insurance contributions to the social insurance Fund:

  • 2015 200 000,00 rubles
  • 2016 - 300 000,00 rubles
  • 2017 - 80 000,00 rubles

In 2015, from March 15 to March 31, Ivanova E. V. was sick, she was granted sick leave.

Complete reference 182н (third and fourth section) is as shown below.

certificate form 182н

Help 182 n: can you replace a W-2 form

The organization adopted an employee who is not received from the previous employer certificate 182н on the amount of wages for two years prior to the year of dismissal. However, he has help on the form W-2 for these years.

Can information about the income of this certificate to use for the calculation of sick leave?

No, impossible. In this case, sick leave will be calculated from the minimum wage.

The Employee may write a letter with a request to send a request to the Pension Fund.

182н help

The Employer paying the allowance for insurance claims, should apply to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for information about earnings and other payments of interest for the employee on the basis of personal accounting. After the response calculation for sick leave must be adjusted.

Form 182н: employer doubts

Proof of income (182н) can be checked. The employer has the right to address in territorial body of social insurance Fund for confirmation of the information specified in the provided document. For this branch of the FSS at the location of the employer that issued the certificate, it is necessary to send a request. It can be presented in person, by mail or through the communication relations with the use of electronic signatures.

income statement 182н

If false information indicated by the employer that issued the certificate, he is obliged to reimburse the amount unduly paid benefits.

If the employee has provided a false certificate, then he deducted the amount paid on sick leave.

Help 182н: "dekretnitsy"

An Employee, while on maternity leave, worked shorter working hours. Then help 182н in section 3 indicates the amount of monetary compensation that was included in taxable insurance premiums base. Section 4 specifies the number of days (calendar), during which ...

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