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Housing – this is a major problem for many young families. And it is natural! How to buy an apartment/house, when the cost of real estate is growing steadily, but wages remain practically unchanged. The answer then is only one: to acquire their homes thanks to mortgage programs of banks.

Yes, many families are afraid to get involved in this bondage. Because sometimes the interest rates on loans, break all limits. For example, some borrowers who bought a house, for example, 3 million rubles, in the end have to pay for 5-6 or even more million. Naturally, to pay such amounts “the wind” nobody wants.

The State, wanting to help young families in fulfilling their dreams – the acquisition of real estate, introduced a new product. It's called mortgage with state support. "Rosselkhozbank", not to be outdone by many of its competitors, hastened to introduce and at such an offer. What came out of it, you can learn more.

mortgage with state support of Russian

Use cases

Unlike conventional loan programs, buy an apartment in the mortgage with the state support can not in any home. So, this purchase is permissible only in new buildings (whether the completed home or not), provided the sale of the legal entity. Moreover, it is important to note that satisfying these two requirements – is not a reason to give borrowers a preferential loan. Because the mortgage loan with the state support is given only for the purchase of flats in houses built state-accredited developer.


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If it is implied that when buying an apartment will help the mortgage with the state support of Rosselkhozbank, the potential borrowers can familiarize with the list of buildings in your city where you may purchase with this discount program. They just need to visit the official website of the financial organization, download the tab “a mortgage” and study the material. The second option available for such lending apartments – appeal directly to the office of the Bank.

mortgage agricultural conditions


The mortgage with state support "Rosselkhozbank" – it's not only low interest rates on a loan for the purchase of real estate, but also:

  • Certain rate for the entire crediting period. Its size is between 11.3% per annum.
  • No commissions on the loan.
  • The Possibility of a premature debt coverage ratio at any time.
  • Accessibility confirm their income in the form of the Bank.

agricultural Bank mortgage with state support conditions

Mortgages in "Rosselhozbank": the terms

Many potential borrowers want to know, first and foremost, on the conditions for granting soft loan for the purchase of apartments. So, they are:

Interest rate

Between 11.3% per annum


Russian rubles

Loan Amount

100 thousand - 3 million roubles to the regions;

100 thousand - 8 million roubles for residents of Moscow and Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region

The crediting Period.

30 years

Availability of own funds.

20% the value of the property



Assurance mortgage

Bail purchased housing.


The Compulsory insurance: the object of the purchase, the life and health of the borrower

The Need of co-borrowers

Husband/wife in the mandatory act as co-borrower, additionally, you can bring up to 3 people. This will provide access to a larger loan amount

The Deadline of the application

5 working days

The validity period of the approved applications.

3 month

The grant funds on the loan

In a Lump sum.

This offers Rosselkhozbank! Mortgage, conditions, and reviews which are quite positive, will appeal to almost every borrower.

Interest rates

According to the program of preferential mortgage lending, loan available at interest rate size at 11.3% per annum. However, in case of failure by the borrower to certain requirements of the Bank (for example, if there is inadequate insurance), the lender has the right to raise interest value 7 points. In the end, the credit will be calculated at a rate equal to 18.3% APR. Here such conditions are provided by Rosselkhozbank!

agricultural Bank mortgage terms and reviews

Mortgage with state support-conditions to the collection of documents

To qualify for a mortgage from Rosselkhozbank, prepare and transmit to the employee of the financial institution the following documents:

  • The Completed questionnaire in the form of the Bank.
  • The Document proving the identity. This is the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or a special document performing military service.
  • For borrowers male under the age of 27 years – a military ticket or registration certificate.
  • Documents showing marital status/presence of children.
  • The Documents confirming employment and obtaining sufficient income.
  • Documents on the acquired property.

In some cases, the Bank is entitled to change the list of required documents.

agricultural Bank mortgage with state support law


So what should be the borrower to meet the requirements of companies under the name "agricultural Bank"? Mortgage with state support, the right to which is not every, there is only a certain circle of persons. So, potential borrowers must meet the following requirements:

  • The customer's Age from 21 to 65 years. The maximum age specified at the time of full cover the mortgage payments. That is, taking a mortgage in 60 years, the borrower may choose a loan period of only a duration of 5 years.
  • The Presence of Russian citizenship.
  • Some experience
  1. At least six months in last place of work and from year to year over the past 5 years.
  2. For recipients of wages on the card of "Russian agricultural Bank" or in the presence of positive credit history at this institution: from 3 months on last place of employment and 6 months total “working” period for the last 5 years.
  3. On customers receiving pension on the card of the Bank, the requirement of employment duration of 1 year does not apply.
  4. Citizens, leading private farming must provide an entry in the household book of the local government on the conduct of them smallholders in a period of 12 months at the time of application for the loan.
  • Registration on the territory of Russia at the place of residence or stay.

mortgage with state support of the agricultural Bank reviews


According to the mortgage product, the borrower will be required to pay the loan payments in equal installments throughout the loan period. If you desire to prepay the loan from him you will need to submit an application and provide the required amount in the account by the time the next monthly payment. A big plus of the proposal under consideration is that of additional fees for early debt not provided.

Now you know what constitutes mortgage with state support. "Rosselkhozbank", which reviews are mostly positive, showed his best side, suggesting the results of such a loan even to owners of personal part-time farms. And this is a certain advantage in relation to other financial institutions!


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