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The Country – this is happiness for the Russian people. This is a separate phenomenon directly the whole of Russian culture, who devoted dozens of scholarly monographs, informative article in "Wikipedia" and even a separate word in the English language. Cottage – a place where great pleasure can come from three family generations. It remains only to understand how the country differs from the other buildings and why do I need man.

The Country – it is a place of rest for those who already have the Palace

The first dachas in Russia appeared during the reign of Peter I. Then the definition of this term gave the word “give”. In the XVIII century it was designated tracts of land with little homesteads – it was the place where state authorities might have to have a rest from court life, relax and feel like a simple man.

So what makes the country different from the wooden house in the village? Urban residents dream of a country house, where you can relax with the whole family, enjoy the clean fresh air and the simple pleasures of life. In turn, those who already have a country house, built so-called long country – the place where you can do unusual for normal life things. Only here, players can grow different varieties of cucumbers, and the Minister – collect the Colorado potato beetle.

giving it

The Country – is not a separate type of architectural structure

From the middle of XIX century the fashion for villas are becoming increasingly popular. At this time, the aristocrats are beginning to build and lease the site from the estates and the family estates. These places are called “lordly villas”. As the rental premises was often used and old buildings, as well as the idle part of the Imperial palaces.


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Gatchina, Peterhof and Pavlovsk-old St. Petersburg suburbs – and are now popular holiday destinations. The land in these regions is a lot, for lots of reasons. By the way, even in the city the land was worth decent money. The cost depends on several factors – it largely depends on geographical and climatic features. If Peterhof is often criticized for the adverse climate, the Gatchina Palace was a real resort for the Russian soul.

By the Way, in those days produced so-called guide for those who could not decide where to stay. The author of 1992 he was a V. Simansky, who is among the most popular destinations are identified Klyazma, Moscow, Sochi, as well as Abramtsevo and other suburbs.

giving their hands

Romance in its true face.

Good definition of the country gave Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: “Neither plow nor sow, but only to live for pleasure, live only to breathe clean air”. Photo of the cottages could not be better evidenced.

Sunday Breakfast, light dresses, wicker furniture, spacious terraces, gooseberry bushes, walking on summer evenings, the river and relaxing pastime – can there be something better than such a holiday? A real model of a Russian dacha was formed closer to the XX century. This has already happened that the garden was especially popular during the warmer time of the year. For this reason, large verandas, large Windows with stained glass Windows and many balconies are the essential attributes of country structures. Of course, for the winter holidays they were of little use, but created an incredible feeling of closeness to nature.

Suburban life in the twenty-first century

Today, the country – it is a separate life and era. Happy owner of a rural property can use it in different ways. For some it is a summer destination where you can meet the whole family and invite friends. Someone uses it for growing cucumbers and tomatoes. And for someone is the perfect place to stop in the Chekhov style. For many, the best country – this is the place where you can truly enjoy the peace and quiet, to be alone with yourself and relax from the urban bustle.

Currently, no one is limited by the size of the buildings and adjoining land. However, there is an unspoken rule – a real country can't be huge and modern. Otherwise, it will be the same flat, located outside the city limits.

In the reviews, many vacationers say that I prefer the old wooden house. With the great pleasure bought up abandoned areas and buildings.

cottage photos

A Bit of dry facts about the country

Today to build a dacha with his hands is easy. It is sufficient to find the old house still suitable to live in it, to do some repairs and bring the whole family for General cleaning of the territory, which can be finished by sitting by the fire. In order to achieve this, you must issue the ownership of specific property. This means that the country need to buy.

In the practice of law such thing as a country does not exist. But there are two other of the property: land and residential (or nonresidential) structure. To buy will have to issue the ownership of the two objects.

Currently, the suburban real estate conditionally allocated in a separate category. The cost of a cozy cabin surrounded by nature depends on its location, size, adjacent area, the condition of the structure. Oddly enough, but distance to water (river or lake) also affects the formation of the final cost. So, cottages in the fields, featuring picturesque landscapes and clean, will cost more than land located near the town.

best country

The Most famous villas

Everyone has their own concept of a suburban idyll. Someone quite comfortable to live in so-called creative chaos, someone who appreciates a lot of space and lots of light, and someone who just enjoys life away from the city.

What cottages are the most attractive? Most likely, the ones that literally breathes with comfort and coziness. So, for example, in suburban Peredelkino village is still preserved the house of Boris Pasternak – the famous poet and Nobel laureate.

The Famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya often thought cooperative the country of his family, located in the village of ZAGORYANKA. Wooden house with a toilet on the street in those days seemed “a Royal luxury”, and inconveniences did not bother the owners.

what cottages

Construction of villas

It's easy for Someone to buy the land with a small house, there to spend time with your family and enjoy a good rest. But for someone this is a great opportunity to build your own house.

Construction Material can be quite varied. Brick, wood, cinder blocks – all of it is suitable for the construction of suburban real estate. It is important to remember that the country – it is the place where most often gather in the summer. Therefore, to build thick walls is impractical.

If funds allow, the amenities the best thing to do in the house. However true Russian dacha – outdoor bathroom and a summer kitchen which is so nice to cook Sunday Breakfast.

cottages in the fields

About how well at the cottage in the summer…

With the summer months, the owners of the villas and start planning your vacation. And hardly hope be associated with Turkey or European countries. Countryside – is the best SPA-salon, and the skin will return the glow and the peace of mind.

Happy owners of suburban real estate is considered to be rich people, because they have all the possibilities for growing your own fruit and vegetables, great outdoors, and recreation.


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