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Many people would like to have a magic wand, helping to increase their savings. But, alas, it's fiction. Before you learn how to do is necessary to be able at least to preserve what is already there. About one approach in this area, namely about savings deposits in banks, and we'll talk.

General information

savingsTo Open a Deposit in a specialized financial-credit institution may any adult citizen. Even those who are under the age of 18, with the assistance of parents unable to get their account. This allows you to maintain and sometimes even increase available funds. The interest rate is usually not very big, but more or less inflation protection. There are a large number of different deposits, we will talk about one of the most ancient members of this family – about the savings Deposit.

What is it?

Savings & ndash; is a great way to save your money. As a rule, the representatives of this family can offer the highest interest rates. But, alas, under the terms of the contract, to all accrued interest will be possible only after the end of the term of the Deposit. They can not be replenished. Interest rates on these vary within a considerable range. It is possible to find a situation when one Bank will offer 6%, and the establishment in its neighbourhood - 12%. But not in a hurry to make a choice in favor of the second. May be such that it has liquidity problems. And if the Bank will burst, then the maximum that be able to win, is the principal Deposit amount. This type of attachment that attracts a lot of people affordability and simplicity. If you are interested in the possibility of withdrawing at any moment, the need is not savings, and time deposits.


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savings Deposit savings BankFinancial instruments have many attractive moments. Savings in this case is no exception. Therefore, you should pay attention to such an attractive point, as capitalization. What is it? The gist of capitalization is that after the interest once a month, they accrue not only on the principal amount but also on already earned money. Let's consider a small example. Let's say we have ten thousand rubles. We go to the Bank and put them on the year at 12%. It turns out that in a month we have to the amount will be charged one cent. In this case it is 100. Eventually people will take 11,2 thousand rubles, But what about capitalization? So, under the same conditions, we earn for the first month 100. Added to the original amount. And we already 10.1 per thousand. And now they have charged 12% per annum. In the first case, we are for the second month would get 100. And capitalization will be back to 101. And gradually the amount of interest will grow longer – the more. Is there a trick, or should without a doubt choose the option with the capitalization? Alas, a negative point there. So, in the case of capitalization of banks offer lower interest rates. For example, not 12, but 11 or even 10. It is therefore necessary to calculate benefits from each individual, and only by having accurate and reliable data to make decisions. Otherwise, chasing phantom profits, in reality you can lose.


deposits in BelarusbankIn Order not to lose the funds needed to adequately assess the situation. So, if the Bank is on the verge of bankruptcy, to invest money in it is not recommended. You should also pay attention only to those institutions that have a banking license and that are members of the Deposit guarantee Fund. In addition, it is desirable that the amount of the Deposit does not exceed the amount of 1.4 million rubles. Why? The fact that this is the boundary of guaranteed amount of compensation. Anything above this amount is not guaranteed, so get the money in case of bankruptcy will not work. It is not necessary to exclude and fraud by Bank employees, so you should always require a contract that you need to carefully study.

Now offering financial institution?

savings term depositsThere are a variety of options for the proposed savings contribution. Sberbank, for example, offers it to 2.3 percent per annum. Agree, not a lot. Why? It says minor inflationary expectations and a low level of demand for credit money. So this option is suitable for those who are interested in conservation. In this case, and suitable savings contribution. Sberbank, by the way, about a year ago offered its customers of approximately 6% per annum. As you can see, the interest rate is constantly falling. But let's draw a comparison. And look at the deposits in Belarusbank. Here the situation is much better. For example, the maximum interest rate is 10.2 per annum, almost twice the average level of charges on other deposits. Deposits in Belarusbank allow us to consider the classical scheme of savings and investments. However, it should be noted that great importance is the period for which the Deposit is enclosed. Thus, the minimum bet is three times less than the maximum.


savings Bank depositsWhen the required savings Deposit? Their services often turn for saving money on major purchase. Gaining popularity and a savings contribution by adulthood. It is considered as a tool of assistance and support at the beginning of independent life. Overall, there are many different specific contributions. There are special offers and for senior citizens, for a number of other categories. To say that they are something radically different, it is impossible. But may be granted certain bonuses, nice for these categories of the population.

Modifications, and improvements

The Original savings deposits only meant contribution of money and get them at the end of term. But gradually offers expanded and improved. So, often time and savings deposits in some banks generally do not differ. Offers relief from the financial institutions to deposits and withdrawals. But, alas, the price of this is a gradual reduction in rates. So, for example, a well-known savings Bank offers deposits of this direction in the very best way terms of service. But, as already mentioned above, the maximum obtained by this means – it is small at 2.3%. And if the choice is between, say, 6% and 2.3%, but with the service, many would choose the first option. After all, although the slowdown in inflation, yet this small percentage is not enough to cover.


Deposit savings interest rateThe overall contribution To savings, the interest rate on it is poor. Although there are many different individual aspects. So, the world is quite popular is the taxing of the profit of the Deposit. In order not to annoy customers, banks offer formally a big bet, and talk about the least, which already included the fee in favor of the state. Also gaining popularity approach, when the interest rate grows with the sum that was deposited into the account. So, Sberbank for savings first offers only 1.5%. And just as you increase the input amount rate will rise to 2.3%. It is therefore necessary to very carefully read the concluded agreement, especially that written in small print. Even if you are in a hurry, no need to hurry, after all, to read all the documentation – it is the right of every person.

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