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Consumer loans – this is the main source of income of each Bank. Today, almost every Russian has one or two open loans. Today we will consider banks in Perm. Consumer credit is usually issued more than thirty agencies, each of which offers their own terms. Units of the capital of financial institutions and regional banks issue money as with the income statement, and without it. Don't forget that the more loyal conditions, the higher the interest rate.banks Perm consumer credit

Great condition

Every person who believes his money, will analyze all offers available on the market to choose the best. Banks Perm consumer credit are given each day, 360 days a year. So you will never be late.

Where to get profitable? By comparing, experts recommend to pay attention to "Petrocommerce Bank". Founded in 1992, it specializiruetsya on short-term loans “purchase”. Terms up to 6 months and amounts to 500 000 rubles. You can take a loan at 9% per annum. The withdrawal is subject to Commission of 3%.home credit Bank Perm

With and without Commission

This information will be important for an inquisitive borrower who wants to really find the best conditions, therefore, carefully examines banks Perm. Consumer credit – this is not a momentary whim, but a deliberate decision. Consider to borrow money without interest from relatives, to collect the entire amount or at least part of it. If not, then begin to search for the best conditions:

  • “UniCredit Bank». Here without income certificate will issue loan to car owners as well as those who recently traveled abroad. Quite attractive rate, from 16.9 percent.
  • The Bank “Open”. Offers loans of up to 750 000 of 12.9%. However, the client is obliged to insure his life, health, and risk of loss of work. Is a financial institution on the street Monastic, 41.
  • “Bank of Moscow”. Offers to take out a loan in the amount of up to 5 years. Rate of 14%, is determined individually. Address: ulitsa Lenina, d. 26.
  • “BKS-Bank”. Offers its customers the cheapest consumer credit. Banks Perm (most of them) enter into a contract of compulsory insurance. This item no. There is also no fee for cash withdrawals. Loan amount from 0.5 to 1.5 million rubles for a period up to 13 months, the rate of 13%. Address - street Peter and Paul, 77.

As you can see, each proposal has pros and cons. Seems the most attractive lending without insurance and commissions.the Ural Bank Perm

Regional banks

This is not all the proposals that are on the market. They have their pros and cons. Therefore, be sure to examine the conditions. The credit for consumer needs is ready to provide you “Perminvestbank" (street Komsomol prospectus, 80). The program "Really need” allows you to get money under 16%, 18% or 20% for 1 year, 3years and 5 years respectively. Moreover, the Bank offers each client the choice. Don't want to take out insurance? Nothing, just the rate increased by 6%.

If a person has no income, he will also receive money, but under 30%. But if your credit history is badly tainted, then the Bank is willing to take the risk and give you a loan at 50% per annum. That's a lot. But as an option for correction of credit history is suitable, especially if the amount and the repayment term is small.

For what purpose

Quite attractive is the program «Pochtobank”, the offices which can be rented from 100 to 300 thousand rubles. Banks Perm available on the official website of the company. The Central office is located at the address: Lenin's street, 68. Credit conditions in the Bank was somewhat unique. Managers require necessarily confirm the proper use of funds. Despite the fact that are given the money for any purpose, you will have to explain why they took you and where you spent it.banks in Perm

“home Bank Loan” Perm

Today, the branches of this Bank all over Russia and even abroad. Its customers of this financial institution offers 10 programs:

  • 3 options of consumer credit;
  • 1 car loan;
  • 6 credit cards.

Central office "home Bank Loan” (Perm) is located at the address: the Komsomol prospectus, d. 7. The Bank provides loans at a 29.9% APR for up to 4 years. Money issued for any purpose. Very reasonable terms and that almost nobody denied the money, providedproviding the necessary documents. But the interest rate is very high.Bank Renaissance Perm

"the Bank of reconstruction and development"

Or “Ural Bank”. Perm – another town, where today operates 5 offices. The Central branch is located at St. Peter and Paul, 85. Loans are for any purpose, the interest rate is 13%. There is a possibility to draw it without reference, this rate was reduced to 14%. For the amount up to 200 thousand rubles to provide you need only a passport. Judging by the consumer testimonials, it offers rather attractive conditions. Among the residents of Perm many of those who regularly use the programs of the Bank.

“the Renaissance-the Bank" (Perm)

At the end of the review we will talk about one of the leading banks in the sector of consumer crediting in Russia. It works with millions of customers in Russia. Money is given without collateral, the sum to 700 thousand rubles for any urgent purpose. For reliable clients are offered different conditions, namely: flexible rates and increased the amount of loans.

Possible to receive Money the same day, the application is considered almost instantly. The interest rate from 19,9% to 29%, negotiated individually in the office. Loan term from 24 to 60 months. Do not have to come to the Bank. It is sufficient to apply through the official website and the Manager will contact you within a few hours.

In the city of Perm may apply to the Department, which is located by address Lenin street, 47. The Bank offers its customers a huge number of programs and individual approach. To find the best for you, contact the managers.

In conclusion

Proposals on the consumer credit market very much, so do not rush to make a decision. You can place an order to several offices, and then compare the terms offered. A separate recommendation – collect immediately all the necessary information: about income and jobs. This will allow the Manager more substantive conversation, selecting for you the best program. You can get the money and without references. However, the conditions are not the most attractive.

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