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For a comfortable stay of citizens residential complex “Alpine Park" (Ufa) offers a brick built house with one bedroom and two bedroom apartments with an area of seventy square meters. The complex provides three to five storeys.

Alpine Park Ufa


LCD “Alpine Park" (Ufa) is being built in an ecologically clean area of the city with the most modern technology. The original appearance attracts attention. And functionality impresses with a compact, thoughtful planning.


Apartments in the complex can be found depending on their needs. However, for those seeking a big living space or wishing to expand housing tenure “Alpine Park" (Ufa) will not be able to offer constructive solutions. The largest apartments are two-bedroom. The size of some of them reaches over seventy meters. In all runs finishing trim. That is, after which when you check in you can immediately begin to wallpapering. This plastering of walls and ceilings, screed, the carrying out of electrical wiring, installing triple-pane Windows.

LCD Alpine Park Ufa

The residential complex “Alpine Park" (Ufa) according to their standards as close as possible to the majority of projects under construction across the country.

Surrounding area

None of the residential complex is being built without the adjacent territory. After all, real estate developers must take care not only about its profit, but also about how comfortable it will be to their future tenants. And the comfort of occupants depends on the availability of nearby recreational areas, Parking lots and infrastructure.


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The developer never stops and planned landscaping lawns, ornamental flower beds, flower beds.

“Alpine Park" (Ufa) offers its future residents also building a developed social infrastructure: kindergarten, school and polyclinic. And largest hypermarket, nestled next to the complex, is already in the final stages of construction.

“Alpine Park" (Ufa proud comfortable LCD) – the most optimal solution for those who value their health and want to breathe fresh air and enjoy the silence. But at the same time enjoy a truly urban infrastructure and not be cut off from real life. It is not hard to do, since the property is close to public transport.

Soon the developer will finish construction of the complex, and residents will be able to move into a purchased apartment.

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