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The Company “Start-invest”, reviews of investors which are quite common, offers its clients to increase their funds by providing capital in trust management of the traders in the foreign exchange market «Forex». According to the company, the investor gets the opportunity to invest in unique in its nature, the investment portfolio of mixed type, thereby reducing risks and ensuring high returns. “Start-invest” is an investment company which gives its customers a unique opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

Main activity and the principles of partnership

start invest reviews of savers

The Company “Start-invest”, which investors disagree as present the firm in favorable light, the negative, specializiruetsya on portfolio investments. By long observation, analysis, tests, and selection of the specialists formed a unique investment portfolio, which included accounts of the best managers, having their profitable strategies, properly controlling risk. For a long time the portfolio has shown good results.

When it became available the services of the company?

After opening the “gold” insurance of accounts and development of a system risk, investment portfolio, mentioned above, became available to every client of the company. Partnership with those who wish to increase their funds began in 2011. The basic principle of the enterprise – is ensure maximum protection of depositors ' funds at a consistently high percentage. Regardless of whether the company work plus or minus within a month, all the investors will get a guaranteed profit of 5%. The partnership is made as of the loan agreement, which does not allow to shift the losses of the firm to the client.


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What they say about this offer savvy investors?

start invest reviews

Despite the fact that the partnership with some positive feedback, “Start-invest” is not considered by experienced investors as an alternative direction of investments. People who are constantly working in this direction, well aware of the fact that none of the investments in the foreign exchange market can bring a guaranteed income. That is why the promise of the company to pay 5% monthly is under a big question mark. History suggests that none of the most successful Manager will never take responsibility for the money of his client. It can introduce your strategy, can provide trade history, but to promise even a minimum level of profit it never will be. Investments in «Forex» - it is at least profitable, but very risky direction. So there is something to ponder.


About the numerous number of partnership programmes from “Start-invest» reviews tell repeatedly. Investors-beginners are deceived in the following sentences:

  1. “Partner”. For participation in the program required a payment in the amount of 16 thousand rubles. The fee will be assessed to those that bring in new customers. The fee will be 10% of the profit from the attracted investor. The offer is valid for the actual clients of the company “Start-invest" of the staff which is impeccable.
  2. “region”. For participation in the programme fee should be no less than 318 thousand rubles. Conditions of charging fees are the same as in the previous program.
  3. “Regional office". The minimum contribution must be no less than 952 thousand rubles. Terms of cooperation are maintained.
  4. “International representation”. In the framework of the legal entity or physical but with the status of an entrepreneur is an individual contract. Remain the main conditions for participation in affiliate programs, there is a need for open office.

What they say about affiliate programs.

start invest my account

According to investment specialists, offering not just marginally profitable, but also very disturbing. In world practice, the people working in the partner program are not required to invest in the company. They act as intermediaries and advertising agents. In the company “Start-invest”, reviews of investors which is highly alarming because of the suspicion of fraud, partners can only become actual investors. The company teaches a double benefit. Pay attention to the fact that, regardless of the size of the entry fee, partners will receive the same reward. The question remains, does it make sense to invest a lot to obtain the same 10%.

Interest rates the company

The‘Start-invest” is a financial company that is willing to pay to each investor 5% of the amount invested. The minimum Deposit should correspond to the amount of not less than 5 thousand rubles. The term partnership is from 3 months to a year. There are deposits under the name of “Investor”, “Funded”, “Cumulative urgent” and “Children savings”. Their difference lies in the size of the down payment and duration of cooperation. All the programs provided the charges aremore than 5% per month. The exception is the program "Funded urgent”, in which the available bonuses in the amount of 3%, 5%, 7% and 10%. Each time the input and output of funds from the customer will be charged a fee of 2%. Citizens of the Russian Federation will have to pay the tax to incomes of physical persons 13%. Tax is charged on the amount of interest received. It remains to answer the question of why, in connection with charges that the company does “Start-invest”, reviews of investors have a negative connotation.

What did you calculate the investors?

start invest invests

Professional investors, considering the company's offer, made for very interesting insights. They calculated the likely returns from investments in the amount of $ 1,000. The result of their very surprised. So, for example, the person enters into the account $ 1000 and loses 2%. In his account of the company is 980 dollars. There is still allowed and minus 1% of the Bank, which charges for its services. In the end, the primary amount is 1 thousand dollars, and $ 970. A month later, the account would be $ 1018. When the decision to bring them again the customer pays 2%, and it comes at the expense of the company out of $ 998. Income tax is nowhere to remove. When you consider that the minimum term of the partnership equal to 3 months, about 15% can be forgotten. The yield will be just over 10%, taking into account all charges and deductions. To consider a partnership with the company is only in the long term, the other option cannot be called rational. That is why professional participants of investment market about the company “Start-invest” feedback warning of nature, with the expectation that beginners details evaluated the offer before accepting it, weighed the pros and cons.

The Positive side of the project: investors on the other hand

start invest investment company

As opposed To negative statements about the company “Start-invest" feedback with a positive tone. Investors pay attention that similar projects do not exist. Draws attention to a number of advantages. It is fully responsible for trading risks and fixed interest. The important point is the loan agreement which is signed on paper. Documentation mailed to the partner of the company. In accordance with a written agreement, “Start-invest" (investment company) undertakes the obligation to return the funds and the percentage of later time. Despite the skepticism to the monthly returns of 5% a year the increase will amount to 79.5%, much more than offer the best financial institutions. As you consider the possibility of replenishment in the process of partnerships and the ability to withdraw your funds from it if necessary.


The Company “Start-invest”, a personal account which can register each interested investor, offers its services throughout Russia. Online projects are accompanied by real offices and branches in different cities of Russia. The main office is located in Cheboksary. The company itself is positioning itself as an international organization. On the pages of the official website provides a list of certificates for the implementation of activities in the field of investments. The company's clients repeatedly talked about the fact that I can count on help anytime. Professional support is provided not only online but also in offices.

What encourages the formation of no confidence?

start invest Finansovaya Kompaniya

Sophisticated investors, despite several advantages, the company warns those who “Start-invest» investing. This is due to the fact that there is no reporting within the company is not available. As you know, the firm invests in currency markets, which requires the presence of information about committed transactions. After the treatment of one of the investors with the issue of access to reports the company's representatives replied that this is confidential. In the future, the company plans to activate MyFXBook to provide data about transactions and as evidence of real action in the currency market. While this information is closed, there will be doubts about the actual work, there will always be a probability that the “Start-invest”, which is impeccable, pays a percentage of the expense of attracting new investors. To put it simply, it is an ordinary pyramid.

Openness and respect

start invest financial pyramid

Even If you consider that the company “Start-invest” is a financial pyramid, to make a complaint to the quality customer service will not succeed. Anyone can seek help at any time. As one of the company's customers, he even managed to successfully communicate with the management of the organization, which patiently and calmly answered questions. There was even the experience of communicating by telephone with the Director and his deputies. Loyal and attentive to potential partners is expensive. Everyone gets as much time as required by each individual situation.When dealing with provocative issues veselosti and respect do not disappear. One can even speak of a European level of service.

Summing up

Universal proposals and innovative partnership scheme – these are the moments that attract attention to the company “Start-invest». Reviews and facts are completely different direction. You can meet as a feedback, which tells about your company as a reliable and trusted company, and those who are forced to think about the reality of the existence of the direction of investment. Today is very difficult to tell whether OOO is a really effective enterprise for investing in the Forex market or it is nothing more typical of the monetary pyramid. The statements of both opponents and fans of the company can be put under a big question mark. But the fact remains that the company has been running for over 4 years, and the Internet is not littered with complaints about non-repayment of funds. You can consider the negative as black PR. In any situation each person considering the company as a potential partner, needs to examine its activities and history. A rational look at the possible income and the existing risks. The double-digit so that to depart from them does not make sense.

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