What is diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain


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It is Known that in the human brain are innumerable synaptic connections, providing our higher nervous activity. Themselves neurons - the basic cells of the brain - from 10 billion to 50 billion, depending on different reasons, a neural network is damaged, and then begin to progress various diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain.

The Bioelectric activity of the brain: basic rhythms

Bioelectrical activity — it's literally the electrical oscillations of the brain. Neurons, which create a huge network it is electrical wave. These EEG waves are recorded, and data obtained through the research, can tell a lot about the health and psyche of the person.

diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain

Biovary (or rhythms of brain activity) are divided according to amplitude and frequency:

  • Beta waves - 14-40 Hz, amplitude — up to 20 mV;
  • Alpha-8-13 Hz, amplitude of waves 5–100 µv;
  • Gamma — above 30 Hz, and occasionally up to 100 Hz, the amplitude to 15 mV;
  • Delta-1-4 Hz, amplitude 20–200 µv.

There are other, less studied waves, we listed only the main. And what happens if during the exploration of found light diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain? We turn now to the question.

Diffuse changes: symptoms

How had mild diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain? Signs of change are already noticeable at the slightest changes in the normal activity of the bio-computer. As a rule, they are as follows:

  • Dizziness;
  • Slowness, weakness.
  • With the increase changes may lead to headaches and cramps.

Changes the psyche under the influence of changes in the brain. In humans marked by severe mood swings, his behavior begins to seem around hysteroid. The circle of interests narrows, lose motivation to action. The patient becomes increasingly difficult to remember new information.


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light diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain

If these symptoms are felt for a long time, you need to go to the doctor and make a diagnosis. Diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain — a very serious disease. More precisely, its forerunner. If nothing is done, the condition worsens very quickly.

The Expressed and moderate changes

Moderate diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain do not bear any harm, at least directly. But the precise harmony of the universal system is broken, and in a short time, these changes are likely to escalate into more serious problems.

It Happens that along with the violation of the activity of the brain detected a malfunction of its main structures. This means that can be affected thalamus or hypothalamus. As a result of these violations occur in different endocrine or neurological syndromes.

moderate diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain

That starts, expressed diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain, according to incipient seizures. The person may develop convulsions, which were not previously disturbed. Or often for no reason blood pressure is unstable. Seizures — a rather alarming symptom, it can lead to the development of epilepsy.

Irritative changes

The Term “irritate” belongs to the science of neurology. Under this name lies a large number of potential damage to the structures of the brain. Irritate itself is not a syndrome and not a disease, it is an indication of the irritation of some structures of the brain.

expressed diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain.

Diffuse irritative changes in the bioelectrical activity of the brain changes the perception of one's own body or speech dysfunctions. Problems with the hypothalamus explain the psychological phenomenon of depersonalization. It is a personality disorder in which a person sees himself from the outside. However, it is difficult irritative disorders. Light deflection are characterized by only a deterioration of General health and some mood swings.

Reasons for change

Diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain are not inherited and does not arise out of nowhere. These anomalies — a consequence of violations of certain processes of the brain, and sometimes damage to neural connections. What else leads to disorders of the Central nervous system:

  1. Anemia (anemia). In the brain receives little oxygen, and there is starvation of the cells-neurons.
  2. Atherosclerosis of brain vessels.
  3. The Inflammation caused by infection (meningitis, encephalitis, arachnoiditis).
  4. Related violations. Often the fault for this state is a persistent metabolic disorder and lack of sleep.

For gross changes in brain activity during the examination are usually found:

  • Necrotic processes;
  • Scarring;
  • Swelling of the brain.

The Reasons for such severe conditions are injuries, bruises. All the changes must be strictly monitored by the neurologist. Left untreated this disease it is impossible.

Changes in the crust

Lose fieldsin the cortex, leads to various disorders of behavior and consciousness. Because this area is responsible for our higher nervous activity.

So, damaged sometimes one area, and sometimes several. Consider the examples:

  • If the occipital lobe is subject to any changes, there are bouts of hallucinations.
  • Central gyrus — present epileptic seizures which begin with jerking of the arms or legs.
  • Rear Central gyrus. The patient observed sensation of numbness or tingling in the body.
  • Adversive field — convulsions with loss of consciousness.

This is the local characteristics of irritatie crust. When to determine the localization of the various attacks are not possible in the study, and the EEG shows the deviation of the rhythms, there are diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex. The consequence of this is also a violation of hearing or vision, olfactory hallucinations. Observed and various bouts of twitching of the head or other parts of the body when the seizure threshold is significantly reduced.

Diagnosis and treatment

For diagnosis the patient has to undergo complex diagnostic procedures and to give the doctor a comprehensive history (a history of the symptoms, disturbing man). The first study — EEG, then it needs to rheoencephalography (REG). REG - the survey vessels of the brain, needed to know if there are any stagnation of blood. Also need an MRI. The CT scan will give the exact answer the doctor the question about the presence of the tumor. And if it is, what type.

EEG. Diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the brain.

With regard to the treatment of such patients, diffuse changes of biological activity of the brain are treated only in the clinic under the supervision of an expert-neurologist.

Immediate access to a neurologist increases the chances of a full recovery, even if you were to lose such departments as the pituitary gland, pineal gland, thalamus or hypothalamus (diencephalic structures). It will take almost a year. Ulterior changes are treated much faster — all within 2 or 3 months.

Decoding of EEG

If something in the brain is disturbed, it shows that EEG? Diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of a brain specialist immediately sees. After all, disturbances in the normal rhythms significant:

  • They manifest themselves in the form of asymmetry of the waves.
  • Visible irregularities in the allocation of basic rhythms (alpha, beta, gamma). Their usual frequency and amplitude go beyond the normal parameters. When, for example, the EEG recorded an increase of beta-rhythm in 2–3 times on the background of some foci of epileptic activity, there's about a 50% probability of the beginning of epileptic seizures.
  • Brain Activity polymorphic and polyrhythmic.

Requires the presence of all 3 pathologic aspects to the diagnosis was to approve.

diffuse irritative changes in the bioelectrical activity of the brain

When an EEG should be done photostimulation. Signs regulations by brain stimulation with light flashes include the appearance of the rhythm of the waves equal frequency of outbreaks. The excess in 2 times also is very normal. However, if the rhythm is lower than the original frequency of flashes or exceeded — this is a definite sign of abnormalities.

The wave Amplitude is measured from one peak to the other. Thus the isoelectric line is not taken into account. The frequency of brain waves on EEG is defined using the index of rhythm. All the normal indicators are those that characterize the waves of people with various diseases (Parkinson's, autism), is in a special database.

For professionals working with these problems of the brain important for a long time to train in “reading” carried out, using such databases. Correlating metrics of the patient with normal, the doctor makes a report.


The Most common cause of diffuse changes is poor circulation due to atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis develops on the background of malnutrition. Some drugs capable of strengthening the vascular wall, one of them is "Ginkgo Biloba". And to lower cholesterol now medication class of statins. Fibrates reduce the ability to synthesize fats, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis.

diffuse changes of bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex

And, of course, you need to protect your head, as diffuse disorders after strokes and head injuries are treated long and hard. But if you take care of a harmonious system of synaptic connections, to follow the diet and to give yourself time for proper rest, brain function will be a long time with perfect precision.

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