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Today the number of smokers is growing rapidly. To combat this bad and harmful habit of many different countries each year allocate large sums of money. Of course, every smoker is aware that Smoking is harmful and it is not the best way affects his body, but to quit Smoking is not all.

Therefore, many are looking for unconventional alternative ways of replacement paper cigarettes. But have you ever thought about electronic cigarettes harmful or not? In this article you will learn about doctors, where to buy the cigarettes, etc.Disadvantages of electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette – competitor of traditional cigarettes

As you could already understand, the most or one of the alternative ways are electronic cigarette. You ask: and how do they work? Everything is simple: if normal cigarettes nicotine is drawn through the tobacco in the form of smoke, electronic — goes through the solution, which is converted to ready-to-retraction pairs. It should be noted that you may wish to determine the amount of nicotine in the solution, which later it is possible to reduce or remove altogether. So, let's also understand: Electronic cigarette harmful or not? In this article we will give some opinions and reviews that will help you make the right choice.

Electronic cigarette reviews doctors

The Most competent doctors and experts to treat electronic cigarettes controversial since it was new and not properly understood. For the reason that we keep openness on this issue, and list all the views, arranged on different axes.Where to buy electronic cigarette


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For Example, a doctor from Portugal believes e-cigarettes are helpful as they are an effective way to combat traditional cigarette, and moreover, their efficiency demonstrated by the increase in popularity and sales in Portugal.

American scientists believe that e-cigarettes have exceeded the allowable level of harmful and dangerous substances.

As you can see, about electronic cigarette reviews doctors was divided into positive and negative. The positive opinions include: electronic cigarettes, no bad smell; with the help of them people successfully quit Smoking traditional cigarettes; no content of harmful product of combustion, thus less light polluting. The disadvantages included: the regular cigarettes have banned Smoking in public places, but it does not affected electronic (non-smokers can be annoying artificial smoke); the possibility of dependence on such cigarettes; an increase in the Smoking process due to the fact that a person begins to think — they are not as harmful and more safe; no certificates gives the probability of the emergence of counterfeits that can pose a risk to human health.Electronic cigarettes harmful or not

Positive reviews

For Example, a public organization of great Britain for the fight against Smoking believes that electronic cigarettes are available to all smokers who have no desire or can't quit Smoking.

According to the organization-a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, it is betting on innovation, as in this case, discovered the possibility of using nicotine is almost safe: no harmful toxins. Also, another advantage is the absence of smoke, which usually comes from smokers while Smoking regular cigarettes.

According to the study, which was conducted in South Africa found that 45% involved people switched to electronic cigarettes stopped Smoking tobacco within 8 weeks. The doctors had to admit that these cigarettes are doing a great job both from a physical and psychological field of addiction. And yet 52% of participants were more energetic and felt that their physical form is improving.

About those who waits

This type can be attributed to the world Health Organization, as it is skeptical to all the new products before the end of the clinical test and laboratory tests. Besides, in their opinion, electronic cigarettes have not been studied thoroughly. It remains unknown how the impact of glycerol and propylene glycol on the human body at a constant inhalation of generated steam. These elements have nothing to do with the carcinogens, but the experts have a difficult task to dispel all doubts.

Those who are against innovative developments

The Negative reviews on electronic cigarette was launched by American organization the FDA, which after holding and testing of this product revealed the presence of carcinogenic components. Thanks to these tests it was found that the concentration of found elements is present, but it is 1000 times less in comparison with tobacco. It's a small amount contains only e-liquid for electronic cigarettes based on the nicotine. As a rule, this solution made of tobacco, held different reusable purification procedures, therefore, the residual element of these carcinogens, anyway, remains and is considered quite normal. If you're going to use a liquid fragrance which is made of 100% natural component, by the way, she got the necessary certification and is often used in the food industry, listed above carcinogens it contains will not.

As for Russian scientists, they don't advise to switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic to final results of all studies of this product.Electronic cigarette instructions

Controversy interests

As is known, electronic cigarette manufacturer is China. Because of the categorical recommendations of the American FDA, which is not recommended to switch to electronic cigarettes, in the management bodies of being proactive in preventing the supply of this product from China. Controversial results in the studies of American scholars who made a comparative laboratory analysis on the results to assess differences of specific hazardous substances in a conventional cigarette and electronic.

There is an obvious and logical question: why the American company was silent about the fact that when Smoking regular cigarettes in the human body gets 68 a variety of carcinogens, but when using e cigarette is saturated with the same nicotine, but without all sorts of harmful impurities. No one argues about the hazards and harmfulness of the use of nicotine, but nowadays, one should choose an alternative method to obtain it.

As it turns out, the us FDA is funded by companies that manufacture goods to replace the nicotine like nicotine patches and chewing gum. However effective these tools are not called. And so it turns out that the us company incurs huge losses because of the emergence of electronic cigarettes as they are more popular and preferred. It should be noted that most smokers already know where to buy electronic cigarette.

Reviews smokers

As shown by statistics to the numerous forums about the electronic cigarette, it is considered to be the salvation for the majority of smokers. Agree that a regular smoker considers himself an unwitting hostage of tobacco and often he has to experience the discomfort, trying to avoid the company of non-smokers to maintain their self-esteem. Therefore, the transition to electronic cigarettes became more comfortable with the use of nicotine, as they no longer need search for the Smoking room, no more bad smells.Electronic cigarette reviews doctors

It was Also noted that by using the very strong solution, or as it is called cartridge, and nicotine in the lungs gets three times less than when Smoking regular cigarettes, but the saturation occurs instantly, some can be quite a 2–3 puffs.

Already, there is no question about where to buy electronic cigarette. After all, the Internet stores selling this item, to date, a huge amount.

Cons of electronic cigarettes

Of Course, in electronic cigarette, as mentioned before, is much less harmful impurities, but still contains nicotine. It is the main component of addiction of the smoker.

For anybody not a secret will be that nicotine-is a poison that inhibits adrenal function and leads to the destruction of the cardiovascular system. First and foremost it is dangerous for men, as it has a negative effect on the blood vessels which can lead to impotence at an early age. Nicotine is also not the best way affects the nervous system. Often from the ordinary smoker sounds “we have to go on a smoke break”, but this excuse of a smoke break to relax from work, leads to the emergence of an even greater sense of fatigue, he quickly taxed.

Summing up, it can be noted that e-cigarettes may not be 100% safe. On the one hand, it decreases the chance of cancer and other dangerous diseases, but on the other – you still consume nicotine, which is very dangerous for your body. Of course, many can say in defense of electronic cigarettes: why not eliminate the nicotine? Soglasites...

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