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  Aspirin  say different. Someone thinks it the best cure for a hangover, someone uses as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory agent, as a mild analgesic. All these properties really has aspirin, indications for this  point.

Aspirin was invented and put into mass production, doctor Felix Hoffmann 120 years ago. Gradually it came to be used almost as a panacea for all diseases, and even common household (not medical) application. Many people know that in the water with the Aspirin, better and longer, there are flowers. The contaminated soil growers also watered with this medication  (1 tablet per liter of water). Even motorists have adapted to use Aspirin is to start the car with the dead battery. The action is brief, but enough, the car started up.

Equally widely used drug in medicine. And  constantly opening new properties, some good, some not so. In 1971, a revolutionary discovery was made by John vane, a British pharmacologist. He proved the use of the drug aspirin (indications for use that do not contradict) for the prevention of thrombosis and cardiovascular diseases. The constant use of small doses of aspirin reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. For this discovery, vane received in 1982 the Nobel prize, and raversijde effect of Aspirin became more popular than its anti-inflammatory properties. Even recommend at the first signs of myocardial infarction, chew one tablet, which greatly improves the chances of patient recovery.

There are contraindications, which is acetylsalicylic acid, indications for use note the likelihood of recurrence of gastric ulcer, hemorrhage of upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, the likelihood of side effects increases according to some 40% with regular use. It is because of this effect, Aspirin stopped to write  as an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent, offering to replace it with Paracetamol, for example.

A few companies producing medicines, taking advantage of the situation, began to produce Aspirin in a protective shell that dissolves only in the intestine. This drug is  expensive, but, unfortunately, the negative impact did not decrease. Actually care buy cheap Aspirin and to divide it into small parts or to buy an expensive – for the body there is no difference.

Antiplatelet effect of Aspirin is still in demand and justified. Importantly, to withstand the dosage, and a little to protect themselves, for example, drinking a quarter of a pill at night a glass of milk and take medicine only after eating.

One can not forget about some of the tips for the particular use of aspirin. It is believed that is very good at helping aspirin for a hangover, especially washed down with a Cup of coffee. Actually, probably not helping (though the caffeine and aspirin help to break down remnants of alcohol), as relieves pain. But it has the same damage on the stomach and increases the likelihood of stomach bleeding.

There are also people advice on how can still be applied acetylsalicylic acid indications for use the instructions which are silent. For example, the popular cosmetic masks for the face, as a chemical peel. Such masks need to be careful for those who have dry skin, and the owner of bold “brilliant” skin, and even acne will surely be satisfied with the result. To prepare the mask 1 or 2 tablets to mix with sour cream or honey, first dissolved in a small amount of water. To keep five minutes, maximum ten. Also helps this mask, which is used acetylsalicylic acid, acne, removing inflammation, making the skin smooth, white and clean.

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