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Each of us at least once in my life encountered such unpleasant situations, like poisoning poor quality or expired products, not a measure taken by alcohol, chemical substances. Especially dangerous are cases when children are hurt or pregnant woman. Then help medication “POLYSORB”. Price, reviews, dosage and method of application described in this article.

Release Form

Is “POLYSORB” in the form of dry powder. But eat it in this form can not be – the drug requires a prior dilution with water. But the external application provides for the use of undiluted product. Packed powder different dosages: convenient for one-time admission paper bags; large plastic bags of 50 grams and plastic jars.


More Economical and more practical to acquire in a home first aid kit medicine “POLYSORB” in plastic containers in the required dosage.


Active substance is silicon dioxide colloidal. He, in turn, is formed chemically from a mineral called silica, or silicon dioxide. This stone is widely used in homeopathy for various diseases.

The Powder is white with a bluish tint. It has no noticeable smell. When diluted with water to form a slurry.

In trigrammaton disposable package (which is the most popular dosage among consumers and is a one-off standard admission for an adult) contains 3 grams of silicon dioxide.


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Mechanism of action

The Mechanism of action of the drug is sorbcii and detoxification. How is the process of removing toxic substances from the body? When administered, the drug “POLYSORB” forms a film on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. The active material formed a protective barrier associated chemical processes with toxic body substances. Absorbed thus poisons along with the remnants of the active substance is safely removed from the body without spreading into the bloodstream.

Thus, “POLYSORB” fulfilling a function only locally, are not being absorbed into the body, thereby not presenting a danger to the patient. Excreted within several hours in an unmodified form.

Medication POLYSORB

In some cases, doctors advise taking this drug for headaches and muscle pains, as well as for the treatment of acute respiratory infections, as the sorbent reduces the appearance of unpleasant symptoms associated with the poisoning of the body waste products of the virus and accelerates the healing process.


The Doctor prescribes a substance-induced under different conditions in the body, the drug “POLYSORB”. The use of this sorbent can be both oral and external. The drug is used in the following pathological conditions:

  • Acute poisoning: substandard products, household cleaning products, alcohol, drugs, salts of metals;
  • Chronic intoxication of the body;
  • Intestinal infection
  • Diarrhea both communicable and non-infectious origin;
  • Violations of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract in the complex of treatment;
  • Viral hepatitis;
  • Renal failure in the chronic form;
  • Allergies of different origin.

Also that the admission of “POLYSORB” employees of hazardous industries and people living in adverse environmental areas.

“POLYSORB” is used externally:

  • When festering wounds;
  • Burns;
  • Ulcers;
  • Acne;
  • Dermatoses of various etiologies.

A Drug used for the treatment of both adults and children. He has no contraindications to the use and care of newborns, children, pregnant women and during lactation.

POLYSORB: application instructions

In addition to a wide spectrum of the sorbent attracts consumers the cost of the drug “POLYSORB”. The price of this domestic medicine is much lower compared to imported.


But there are a number of conditions in which the use of this drug is contraindicated. These include:

  • A stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer during the exacerbation of the disease;
  • Stomach bleeding;
  • Individual intolerance of silicon dioxide.

Admission “POLYSORB” during pregnancy

During pregnancy women are not advised to take any medications. But in this period, expectant mothers exposed to intoxication, which manifests itself in the form of severe toxicosis. In such a situation, the doctor, assessing all possible risks, can prescribe medication that will help safest for the fetus to excrete toxic substances and improve the General health of the pregnant woman: to decrease nausea, dizziness, weakness.

One such drugs is the “POLYSORB”. Instructions for use during pregnancy has its own characteristics.

Why is this sorbent can be used while carrying a baby? It is not absorbed into the bloodstream, effectively removing toxic substances. For pregnant women is usually assigned the standard adult daily dose (described in more detail in the relevant section). In the treatment of morning sickness your doctor may recommend taking the medication rate of 10–12 days.

Designate a medicine nevertheless it is not necessary. It is obligatory to consult with your doctor about the necessity of the drug and its possible dosage.

Caution while taking the drug during pregnancy

Taking “POLYSORB” during pregnancy, you should consider the following features:

  1. In addition to poisonous toxins, removes drug from the body and nutrients, so food and vitamin supplements should be taken after an hour after drinking the medicine.
  2. “POLYSORB” has a reinforcing effect, so the tendency to constipation should not abuse the drug.

POLYSORB: reviews

The Drug in pediatric patients

Applies a “POLYSORB” for children. This sorbent is assigned according to the testimony even infants. Most often, the reason for such drugs are diathesis and various disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. It is used in Pediatrics and for poisoning of various kinds.

But despite the relative safety of the drug, often to give the baby this medicine is impossible. Nesformirovannost microflora of the child can be easily violated, causing a number of problems and adverse reactions.

For babies, doctors recommend to dilute the dry matter of milk. Older children can dilute the medicine with a juice, juice or mineral water before taking the drug.

Dosage for children

The amount of the drug for children is determined, based on the weight of the baby. In order to calculate the maximum allowable single dose “Polisorba of MP», must adhere to the following formula: divide the child's weight by the number 10. The result determines the amount of drug in grams valid to use for 1 admission. Children can take a maximum single dose of medication as often as three times a day.

Has Become a popular tool in the home medicine Cabinet pregnant women and young mothers ‘POLYSORB”. Price, reviews of people who have tried to practice the effectiveness of this sorbent, cause the trust of new consumers.

The Dosage for adults

Adult patients depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor will prescribe the dose from 6 to 20 grams. Most often the dosage until symptoms of intoxication. In rare cases, the doctor may prescribe a full course of treatment.

POLYSORB for kids

“POLYSORB": instructions for use under different conditions

Features of application in various diseases of the following:

  1. In case of poisoning or acute intoxication of various origins, as well as severe allergic reactions, it is desirable to first perform gastric lavage one percent solution "POLYSORB”. Only after that medication be taken according to the standard scheme before the onset of clinical effect.
  2. First aid for intestinal infections with “POLYSORB” is carried out according to the following scheme: take the daily dose necessary for 5 hours, divided into several stages. The interval between use of the drug should be at least 1 hour.
  3. The presence of chronic conditions, such as food allergies or toxicity in pregnant, your doctor may prescribe a course of treatment of the sorbent with duration from 7 to 25 days.

Special instructions

Sold in pharmacies without a special medical prescription drug “POLYSORB”. Instruction is available either on the insert or on the package itself (in the case of purchase by the piece disposable...

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