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In medical terms pain in the stomach are called gastralgia. It is a condition in which a person experiences different kinds of discomfort in the left hypochondrium. The stomach is located in the area called the upper abdomen. Acute stomach pain is felt in it, above the horizontal, conditionally passing through the navel and under the arch of the ribs of the thorax.

On such unpleasant aspects of today's a common complaint. They can be characterized not only cause, but also its intensity and character. And to resolve this problem, first we need to know the cause that triggers them.

So, intensity depends on the type of disease of the stomach. Although the judgment about what is the nature of the disease proceeding only on the degree of intensity of pain in it, is quite difficult. Mainly because measure the degree of pain is significantly influenced by the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as the personal perception of discomfort by the patient.

Mostly, mild pain indicate chronic gastritis, at least – about peptic ulcer disease or stomach cancer. Often the patient does not attach importance to this feeling, thus exacerbating the disease. Severe stomach pain may signal a peptic ulcer, affecting the duodenum or the intestines, and duodenitis.

Sometimes the intensity of pain in these diseases becomes much higher. And only in those cases patients go immediately for medical help. When the pain reaches its maximum extent, the patient can sometimes be a painful shock. Such unpleasant feelings in the stomach arise when the perforated ulcer.


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It Should be noted that patients who have previously operated stomach may not feel even severe pain during exacerbation of the ulcers. However, in rare cases they can occur in such patients, only weak.

A Sharp pain in the stomach is of a certain character, which is described and confirmed not only any particular disease, and the presence of certain complications. So annoying and stinging that occurs with gastritis or peptic ulcer disease may indicate the emergence of solar plexitis. A dull aching is the most common companion of chronic gastritis with preserved secretion or ulcer disease of the stomach.

Sometimes, when ulcers are sudden, spasmodic pain. In gastritis with reduced secretory function of arises, feeling of fullness and heaviness. Cramps in the stomach may signal pancreatitis, colitis or cholecystitis.

The Causes of all these pains are different definitive in the diagnosis of a particular disease. As a rule, their occurrence is influenced by such factors:

  • Meal;
  • Quality of food consumed;
  • Neuro-psychological overload;
  • Exercise.

Sometimes the appearance of pain associated with duodenitis and duodenal ulcer, affected to a greater extent the last two factors. But for stomach cancer often causes unpleasant sensations remain is uncertain.

In chronic gastritis colic occur directly after meals, particularly rough and sour. This often causes fear of the patient before eating, which entails a rejection or, worse, starvation.

In addition, this pain occurs not only immediately after eating, but after one hour, one and a half (peptic ulcer), two hours (ulcerative defect in the duodenum), as well as “hungry” night colic appear in duodenitis and peptic ulcer disease all the same the duodenum.

When pain in the stomach, no matter what the character, intensity or frequency, be sure to immediately seek the advice of an experienced professional to begin appropriate treatment. In this case, you may need the assistance of a gastroenterologist, surgeon or oncologist.

Do Not forget that in addition to drug treatment, requires the implementation of certain rules. So, acute stomach pain should be treated by improving the diet (fractional sparing diet, eating at least 4-5 times a day, with the exception of sharp, roasted and salted), quitting Smoking and any alcohol, reduce physical and mental stress.

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