Free dentures for pensioners. The program is free of prosthetics.


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The Lack of even one tooth has a negative impact not only on the functioning of the dental system, but also on the work of the digestive system. The result begins to suffer the entire body. In addition, in the absence of several teeth increases the load on the remaining. In the end, increases abrasion, which ultimately can cause an inflammatory process that may lead to various periodontal diseases. That is why it is so important to restore lost teeth. free dentures for pensionersOften such phenomenon affects the elderly. At the moment, in our country there is a program free of prosthetics. Because the procedures for recovery are very expensive, and the pension is often the only income, which does not allow such a luxury.


In some regions not available free dentures for seniors. In this case, all costs borne by the city administration. The disadvantage of this program is that the patient can choose the institution where it is more convenient and preferable to obtain such a service. Grace prosthetics for pensioners is available exclusively in the municipal clinic. When providing this service must be contracted. This document must be stated that the prosthesis was carried out on preferential terms. In addition, the contract should be spelled out terms of performance, warranty and cost of the procedures.

Who is entitled to free dental prosthetics

The Right to receive preferential services have:

  1. Veterans of labor.
  2. Disabled people in retirement age.
  3. Persons with Disabilities, with group, in accordance with the condition.
  4. Children with disabilities under the age of 18.
  5. Veterans.

In Addition, the program is available to people whose per capita income is several times below the subsistence minimum. Also available subsidized dental prosthetics for pensioners and for people who are in the queue as of January 2005.dentures for seniors free


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For the provision of such services free of charge can count those who is the participant of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Additional categories of people who can get a free replacement is determined by the relevant decision of the government.

Get the full list of those included in the program, social security.

Who else can take advantage of benefits

Available preferential prosthetics: veterans of labour and great Patriotic war; disabled with documentary evidence about the presence of the group; homefront workers; rehabilitated the victims of repression, retired.

How is the queue

In every region of the country have a fixed order of priority for the provision of free dental prosthetics for pensioners and other categories of citizens. Take, for example, Saint Petersburg. Here turn on rendering of preferential services is carried out according to the following principle: first of all served the veterans and invalids of world war II, then – disabled people, veterans of labour and pensioners.grace prosthetics for pensioners

In addition to these categories of beneficiaries, to use the service with 50% discount are those who was the participant of liquidation of failure on ChNPP.

In Moscow and Moscow region is available prosthetics for pensioners for free, if they don't work. Here there is a separate place for this category of citizens. Discount service is available for those who is an employee of the interior Ministry, military retirees.

How you can use the service

To obtain an opportunity on favorable terms to put in his teeth, a pensioner needs at their place of registration, contact the social security authorities. It should be remembered that each region has its own procedure for the production of all. Service prosthetics pensioners is free of charge only in public dental clinics.

If you have the appropriate documents issued by the social security bodies, some private medical institutions can help this service with a certain discount. Before you contact in a clinic, should be clarified in what conditions there is a free dentures for seniors, and how much it will cost.

To make it easier to keep records of beneficiaries, some medical institutions have created several queues:

  1. In the first part of heroes of the Soviet Union, war veterans, minor children with disabilities.
  2. The second usually are labor veterans, pensioners and disabled people for health reasons.

Some services are free

All public hospitals that have a dental Department should provide free services to patients with health insurance. In this case, there is a certain list of services:

  1. Examination of the patient, dentist consultation and recommendations.
  2. Eliminating all sorts of damage, filling the canals, and treatment of dental caries.
  3. The Sanitation of the oral cavity.
  4. Removal of various dental deposits.
  5. Treatment of inflammatoryprocesses.
  6. Prosthetics for pensioners (for free) to other categories of citizens.

prosthetics pensionersIn Addition, in the municipal clinic we are repairing dentures of any complexity, and their complete replacement if they are beyond repair.

What is not included in the program

There are certain types of services which are not included in the program free of prosthetics. These include:

  1. Implants.
  2. Ceramic Prosthetics and ceramics.
  3. Fabrication and installation of structures made of expensive metals and materials, as well as repair of such prostheses.
  4. Creation and the restoration of orthodontic appliances that are designed to prevent increased abrasion of the tissues and periodontal treatment.


At the moment the installation of structures, which are not included in the social program. This is required when the patient has allergies, and also cancer of certain organs of the digestive system. In such a situation can be set clasp dentures made of more expensive material.grace prosthetics veterans

In addition, the beneficiary has the right to pay the difference between the cost of conventional and more expensive designs. This will produce a deduction for the installation of such a prosthesis.

It is Worth noting that the service prosthetics seniors allows you to save significant amounts of money and to restore missing elements of the dental system. The patient can establish the design that he is best suited.

When free dentures for seniors out of the lineup

The Restoration of teeth can be done and out of the lineup. This is allowed in the following situations:

  1. If the result of the injury, the patient lost his teeth.
  2. The Presence of oncological diseases of the digestive system, maxillo-facial part of the head.
  3. After complicated operations on the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. The presence of malignant diseases of certain organs of hematopoiesis.

grace prosthetics for the disabled

How to receive benefits

To be eligible for preferential prosthetics for the disabled or seniors, you must contact the place of its registration in the Department of social protection. Here patient has to put in place. It is necessary to have the following documents: a certificate of residence; a passport; a certificate obtained at the clinic, which indicates that the patient needs prosthetics; statement; certificate of the pensioner and also medical insurance policy.

How the procedure

The clinic, which is free dentures for seniors and the disabled, you must first get a pass. It is necessary for the procedure. It is worth noting that the service must be provided within 30 days, and only in the dental clinic, which is specified in the received direction.

During the initial appointment contract, is examination of the patient, as well as preparation of the mouth for the installation of ready-made designs. After that, the doctor needs to remove the casts and determine the color of the tooth enamel to the future prosthesis did not stand out and look more natural. At this stage, the patient may Express wishes which will be considered in the future.

When construction is completely finished, the pensioner should come to her fitting. If patient are satisfied, the physician may set the prosthesis. The pensioner can also use other services:

  1. Removal of diseased or broken teeth.
  2. Elimination of dental caries.
  3. Gum disease Treatment.

who are entitled to free dental prosthetics

Warranty on dentures

All the designs that were delivered within the framework of social programs should be extended warranty. The warranty period is typically 12 months. If the prosthesis has worn, its repair or the production of a new carried out only on the basis of special medical reports. If it is proved that the structure had deteriorated through the fault of the dental clinic, its repair or the creation of new ones will be carried out free of charge.

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